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Thread: PS4 update 4.50 external hdd

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    So the PS4 is getting a firmware update today that adds support for backing up games to an external hard drive. I'm looking to buy one big HDD for general use as well as backing up PS4 games, but I want to know if this is possible? I've seen in a couple of place that the beta version of this update locked out the hard drive for other applications. Can someone with a PS4 and an external please test this out for me? I'd at least like to know if I have to buy more than one hard drive.

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    Downloaded the update just now, less than 400mb. Tried putting in an old usb 2.0 external 3.5", didn't work which is understandable it's like 5 years old. But at least the console was nice enough to let me know it's not supported :)

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    @NecroWolf Not sure if you have seen yet, but looks like you can't use an external for backup per se. When you copy games to the drive from the internal, it moves them, no option for copying. Also, it makes the external the default storage drive so it downloads directly to the drive too. I guess you can use it for backup in the sense that if your PS4 dies from natural causes the downloads should be safe, just as long as its not lightninged etc. But I have seen that the external is portable and not linked (DRM like) to the PS4 its connected to.

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