I recently discovered this bloke's website, he is an indie developer that love the old school games of yesteryear and enjoys making his own takes on it. The first time I heard of him is through the game Curse of Issyos, which is an old school Castlevania clone with greek mythology that looks absolutely amazing!

For those wondering, yes you can download that game right now for free on his website:


But I see he's also broken out onto the next gen consoles and steam with 2 titles now:

Maldita Castilla EX a Ghosts and Goblins clone

And on steam greenlight at the moment, a Gradius clone, but with co-op, called Super Hydorah:

So as the thread title suggests, yes this guy makes games that play very similar to their more popular counterparts. But damn it you can really feel the love in these games for everything old school. I just thought I'd share this as I played Curse of Issyos and was having a blast!