Had the 50Meg (capped) line from MTN for about two months now. Here is what I have learnt in that time.

Casual user:

- Great speeds for streaming
- Youtube videos load quickly
- Great download speeds for things like emails and updates
- Decent upload speeds
- Gets the job done

Intermediate users:

- Might notice drops during peak hours, speed can drop by as much as 2/mbps
- Router might require some tweaking as far as the 2.4g & 5g is concerned- older tech might require two sets of settings to run on the router at the same time
- Beware the installation- they might charge if they have to use more than 15 metres of fibre cable
- Boosters work well- Signal strength can still carry up to 3 mbps
- Sitting on a cap of 200Gigs anytime data with 200Gigs night time (12:01am - 06:00am)


Jumpy local pings (BF3, BF4, TF2)

When the speed is stable, you can expect pings of 5ms and closer to 1ms if you are close to the local server. Definitely impacted the experience playing BF. Packet loss reduced (Used Teamspeak as a reference point).

- Jumpy international Speeds

Titles like World of Warcraft may benefit if the line is stable- ping is almost always in the green.
People playing titles like Overwatch will be disappointed (Averaged a speed of 190 -220ms(No VPN used))
- Other tested titles - Paladins, BF4 (Stable - +- 80 - 125ms Euro)

No game tests on consoles

For the hardcore downloader:

General downloading (Pictures, songs, Youtube, E-mail & updates)
- Great all round

Torrenting & P2P
- You can expect some throttling up to +-85% at times

Fastest download times (Steam, Origin, Chrome, Itunes songs)
- Steam (1 gig update) - less than Five minutes
- Origin (1 gig update) - closer to Eight minutes
- Chrome (Video 100mb) - less than Thirty seconds
- Itunes (Song 15mb) - less than Ten seconds

For the streamers:

Youtube - HD videos never got close to the grey bar
FB - Almost instant seamless high quality playback
Vimeo - Basically the same as YT

Netflix - Jumpy quality when multiple devices are active - Would recommend setting maximums on the router for connected devices -> HD Ready (720p) works well with a 2meg hierarchy (+- 200kbps)- HD should do fine with a 5 - 8 Mbps hierarchy (500kbps)! Without setting maximums, quality may drop drastically if phones, PC's and laptops come into range of the router.

Not tested - Showmax or DSTV Extended bouquet

Pricing & Misc:

Currently paying R799 for the above option (Ex installation). Took up to 2 weeks to install, operators will normally say within 2 weeks- we were sorted at the end of this period. Install ended up being around R1300, we also bought the router through the company at around R 700

Capped 200 DAY + 200 NIGHT (Night time cap was an added promotion)

We opted for the Month-to-Month. Big reason for this is the stability and pricing. Going to swap when a better offer comes along and for some reason, areas in Lonehill are firmly in the grasp of MTN and they are not allowing competing ISP's in- despite promises made as far back as 2015!

Final thoughts:

If you need to download and update fast- this is for you. As a gamer, pretty disappointed with some of the international pings where barely any ms drops were achieved- many of the speeds were the same as my previous 2meg...considering this is a 50 meg line it is pretty disastrous. More frustrated with the local spikes in games such as BF- when it is stable it is beyond amazing.

(Org posted on Mybroadband)