What is the NAG BYOC LAN?
BYOC is “Bring Your Own Computer/Console”, which basically means that you need to bring your own gaming rig to the LAN. You will be able to play any of the games that you own, plug into our network and internet connection, and enjoy 53 hours of uninterrupted gaming fun with your friends. We supply two dedicated plug outlets per player that you may use to power your PC/console and monitor. Monitors should not be bigger than 27”, so please do not bring your HD flat screen TV to the LAN. Network infrastructure including the cable to each desk is provided. Please read the rest of this FAQ for all the important information you will need to know before arriving at the NAG LAN.

May I bring a console or laptop instead of a PC?
Yes you may, but you may not bring more than one gaming device per ticket. Each additional device you bring will require its own ticket. Thus if you want to bring your laptop/PC and Xbox/PS4, you require two LAN tickets.

What is this red plug and why must I have it?
The LAN power requires the use of dedicated power outlets, “red plug”, to conform to legal requirements for the event. Therefore please ensure that each gaming device you bring to the LAN conforms to our standard power requirements. Please see the picture here with the red plug that has a flattened earth pin. Without this red plug type you will not be able to plug into the power grid. These plugs can be purchased from most large hardware stores for about R20 if you fit the plug yourself or R70/R80 for the complete dedicated PC power cord. Please do not work on electricity if you are not competent to do so.

Is there reserved parking?
Parking is not reserved but all NAG LAN ticket holders can purchase a parking ticket online from Computicket when you purchase your LAN ticket. The cost will be R50.00 and will be valid from Friday – Sunday (FOR ONE ENTRY ONLY!) This price is only for NAG LAN ticket holders, and it is valid for the whole weekend.
Please note that if you leave the parking during this time and use your parking ticket, you will need to either buy more than one parking ticket or pay per hour rate based on the information below.
There will be a dedicated drop off zone for you to offload your computers, then after drop-off you can go and park your car in the parking lot. When you check in at the NAG LAN registration, you will need to hand in your Computicket parking ticket in exchange for a valid stamped and dated parking ticket.

Parking for Rush and the NAG LAN is available at Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton Convention Centre. DO NOT PARK AT MICHAELANGELO AS YOUR PARKING TICKET IS NOT VALID THERE.

Parking tickets are issued at the entry to parking and payment is via parking payment stations at the various centres.

Should you choose not to buy the parking ticket option at Computicket when you purchase your LAN ticket, the following parking rates are applicable:
Full day: Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square parking costs
Friday - R50 per vehicle
Saturday - R10 per vehicle
Sunday - R10 per vehicle
*Please note there is a 30 minute drop off / drive through grace period

Full day: Sandton Convention Centre parking costs
Friday - Sunday - R50 per vehicle

Hourly parking rates at Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton Convention Centre are as follows:
0 - 3 Hours - R10
3 - 4 Hours - R15
4 - 5 Hours - R20
5 - 6 Hours - R25
6 - 7 Hours - R50

Lost ticket R80,00, which needs to be redeemed at the Sandton City parking area only.

Where is the NAG LAN Drop off Zone?
The drop off zone is located on Alice Lane. This is the same entrance as the Convention Centre deliveries. You will need a valid NAG LAN BYOC @ Rush ticket from Computicket to gain access to this area to drop off your PC. Once you have offloaded your PC and received a number, you will need to move your car to the parking areas as indicated above.

Will my PC be safe while I go and park my car?
Yes, when you drop off your PC it will be allocated to a 1mx1m fenced area with a specific number, you will then be given a ticket with the corresponding number. Please make sure you only leave large items here that are difficult to carry such as your PC and monitor. Any small peripherals and bags must be kept with you. When you return from parking your car, you will hand back the ticket and we will hand back your PC/monitor. You will then take your place in the line to go through the Power Test Station and Registration Desk.

Is there an age restriction for the LAN?
No, unless you feel as though you are at an age where you no longer have a sense of fun or you are too young/old to enjoy an awesome gaming event. We do recommend though that very young gamers are supervised by a responsible adult/parent, since Rush is not a daycare center.

Must I bring my own games to the LAN?
Yes, any game that you want to play will need to be installed on your computer/console. We only provide the infrastructure for you to play your own legal games - we do not support piracy and therefore cannot supply gamers with games. Free to play games that are available can obviously be obtained from the Internet, it is however suggested that you have all your games fully installed and updated before arriving at the LAN.

What games will be played in the LAN?
Basically any game that you and your LAN buddies would like to play that does not cause a non-willing participant any harm. Any communities that want to organize their own competitions for a specific game, please feel free to create a thread in this forum with all the info included so that the community can sign up and get involved. Do keep in mind though that there will be no trips to Sun City, Okavango Swamps or Zanzibar to be won. We will try and assist where possible. If a formal competition is held in the LAN, news and information is usually published on the NAG website or NAG Facebook page.

What do I need to bring with me?
You will need a PC/console, monitor (27” is the largest we allow), keyboard/gamepad, mouse, headphones, power cord for pc/console and monitor. Please note that your power cord for any of your gaming devices must have a red plug with the flattened earth pin. Without this red plug type you will not be able to plug into the power grid. Also note that you may not charge your cellphone from a normal power outlet, so bring the phone fully charged with a spare battery or allow for a USB charger that can be plugged into your gaming device.

What am I NOT allowed to bring?
No speakers. No UPS’s. No multiplugs. No double adaptors or two-pin adaptors. No switches or hubs. No additional devices requiring power for example fans, etc. No drugs. No alcohol. No attitude that prevents you and everybody else from having fun. Not more than one device for gaming such as a laptop plus a PC/console. No cellphone chargers that require mains power. No smoking in the venue. No monitors larger than 27”.

My clan is sponsored by XYZ Company, so are we allowed to wear t-shirts/caps with their logo on?
Yes of course. The only thing we do not allow is sponsor banners and advertising to be erected anywhere in the LAN. The LAN is sponsored by our partners [HP, Intel, IS] and they reserve full and exclusive rights to all branding within the LAN area.

Is there a sleeping area at the LAN?
There isn't an official sleep/chill area so no tents or gazebos or Sealy Posturepedic mattresses will be allowed. If you need to collect your thoughts and happen to think better with your eyes closed, we suggest you bring a pillow and a sleeping bag and find some space under your table where we are sure nobody will disturb your deep thoughts.

Can I pre-book seating in the LAN?
You will not be able to reserve specific seating when you purchase your ticket at Computicket. First come, first served. When at the event, please choose your seating in such a way as to allow other gamers to sit with their buddies too.

Does my PC need antivirus software?
The likelihood of viruses is very high. Therefore patch your systems, get firewalls, and get anti-virus software before you leave home, or get a free version at the very least. We might have trial versions available on the servers, but that might be too late to avoid a problem.

Do I need to bring a network cable/lead?
No, all network related equipment is supplied up to your PC/laptop/console. We will thus provide a network lead to your seat.

Will there be patch servers?
We are connected to the internet and most of the newer games patch themselves automatically. So if you plan to play a game that has accumulated some dust, start it up at home in the weeks leading up to the LAN and update it to the latest version. This will ensure that you have time to fix issues that may arise due to updates, and ultimately ensure maximum gaming fun/time at the LAN.

How do I know what servers are up and running?
Most of the games that are being played these days require connection to servers being managed by the developers and hosted on the Internet. They control piracy, updates and cheating through this mechanism. Due to this strategy very few games have dedicated servers available for local hosting. Since our Internet connection is awesome (thanks Internet Solutions!), we no longer focus on hosting local servers. So use the normal in-game browser or similar utilities that you would at home to monitor game server availability. Please do not use scanning software since this is a big no no. You are obviously welcome to host any game servers on your PC.

Can I bring food and drinks to the LAN?
Food and drinks will be for sale inside the venue during the day and the night. There are take-out food vendors as well as restaurants in Sandton City and Sandton Square, and both areas are easily accessed from the LAN venue via the sky walk bridge.

Will my PC/console/laptop be secure if I go and have a bite to eat?
There are security guards posted around the venue for the entire weekend, both day and night. The safety of your equipment is however still your responsibility. So don’t leave your cell phone, iPod or camera lying on the table while you go for lunch or to the restroom. This will lead to unnecessary temptation. Take your mouse, headphones etc. with you when you leave, or ask a buddy to keep an eye on your stuff, or pack your loose items and peripherals into your bag. No PC’s/laptops/consoles or monitors will be allowed to enter or leave the venue between 22h00 and 08h00 every day. This is for the safety of everyone's equipment inside the venue.

Can I smoke inside the venue?
No smoking inside the venue is permitted even if you make use of electronic cigarettes. If you are smoking hot, you will be allowed. If you have a smoking hot sister, you will definitely be allowed. Should you just wish to line your lungs with tar, dedicated smoking areas are made available outside of the venue. Please note that smoking inside the venue, including sneaking a few puffs in the toilets, will result in dire consequences.

How can I secure the data on my PC?
Please ensure that your PC has the latest service packs installed BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. Please ensure that the virus pattern file is up to date BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME. Do not share anything if you do not want it to be copied. Make sure your Shares are Read-only if you need to share. Remember to bring any software and serial numbers that you may require. We do not have drivers available at the event. Before you arrive at the LAN make a backup of your most precious memories and data onto CD, DVD or external storage device that you can safely store at home in the event that your data at the LAN is corrupted or lost. This is a normal procedure that you should be following anyway even if you do not go to LAN events regularly.

What exactly does the NAG LAN entry ticket include?
Free access to the LAN all weekend (24/7) as well as access to Rush for three days during official show hours. The use of a chair, table, power outlet, network point and awesome internet connection for the entire weekend. Access to an abundance of fast food. Pwning the noobs sitting at the table opposite you. Many odd like-minded individuals. Fun, awesomeness and a pinch of gaming. Oh yeah, and a beautifully printed ticket that will be torn apart. Bragging rights go without saying.

Can my mom or dad come with to help me carry my stuff when I arrive for registration?
Yes, they will be given a Parent Pass which will allow them access into the LAN to assist you.

Can my girlfriend/boyfriend come and visit me in the LAN?
Yes, they will need to purchase a Weekend Pass Ticket to Rush at the main entrance or from Computicket directly. You must then accompany them to the LAN Registration Desk and they will be issued a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Pass wristband which will give them access all weekend.

Will there be an extra seat for my girlfriend/boyfriend to sit on?
No additional seating is available in the LAN.

Are there shower/changing facilities?
No, there are only public restrooms at the venue.

Are there ATM’s at Rush/NAG LAN?
No but there are ATM’s in Sandton City which is easily accessed via the sky walk bridge which is on level 3.

If we do pop out to go and get food or whatever, how do we get back to the LAN?
Street access is from Maude Street. If you’re coming from Sandton City or Nelson Mandela Square you will use the sky walk bridge which is on level 3. The NAG LAN as well as Rush is on the lower level (level 2) of the Sandton Convention Centre in Exhibition Hall 2.

Is the venue easily accessible from the airport and Pretoria?
The Sandton Gautrain Station is located a short 5 minute walk from the venue. Operating hours for the Gautrain are from 05h00-21h00 daily.

What Internet connection will there be at the LAN?
IS are supplying the epic internet bandwidth so get ready for some lightning-fast online gaming! The connection performance per user is way better than anything you are used to at home, except if you happen to maybe live with Bill Gates. Having pings of 5 or less to servers are not uncommon in the LAN.

What networking equipment will be running the LAN?
Aruba are supplying the necessary network switches to run the ultra-slick and super-fast network. We like to keep the network specs under wraps to avoid undue stress of the eyes being exposed to too much awesomeness. If the question is whether you will have a gigabit connection at your table, the answer is no since no game that we have come across exceeds the need of a 100Mbps connection.

What servers will be used for the LAN?
Intel is supplying the mighty servers needed to host the games and services required by the LAN, so you will be assured of their usual high-performance and reliability. Since most game servers are Internet-based these days, very limited local game servers will be hosted and only in the case where a need is identified.

Who will be running the LAN?
The same core VC staff that have been running the annual NAG LAN at rAge for the past 15 years, will be running the LAN day and night. This means your LAN will always be powered, always be connected and always be fun. Please speak to us at the event if things aren’t what you expected so that we may have the opportunity to address and fix any issues you may be having

Is there an off-loading area when I arrive at the LAN?
Yes there is, please refer to the point somewhere above on the NAG LAN drop off point.

What if it’s raining when I arrive?
The venue is a closed indoor building with a covered drop off area, so once you're inside the drop off you shouldn't get wet. However, if you arrive and it’s raining we suggest bringing large black bags to cover your stuff just to be on the safe side.

What is the Power Test Station?
All PC’s, laptops and consoles will be tested for power upon arrival at the Registration Desk. We will ask you to plug your PC/laptop/console and monitor into the supplied power cords and start to boot. If both your monitor and PC start without tripping the power, you can switch them off and carry on through to Registration. LED/LCDs are not tested, just their power supplies if they require it. This necessary procedure is to alert us of potential problems before you arrive at your LAN seat and cause your entire row to trip. Travelling may affect perfectly working PCs.

If I have bought a LAN ticket and am unable to attend, can I get a refund?
Computicket will only offer refunds on LAN tickets in accordance with their standard terms and conditions: If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to the event a 15% cancellation fee will apply; If the cancellation occurs less than 30 but more than 7 days prior to the event a 50% cancellation fee will apply; If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the event a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

Is there anything else that I should bring with me to the LAN?
This handy checklist might serve as a useful list to go through before you leave home:
- Drivers for all your hardware
- All the serial numbers that you require in case of re-installing
- Screwdriver
- Eye drops
- Headache pills
- Something warm to keep the bones comfy (it will get very cold at night inside and outside the venue)
- Charged cell phone and a USB charger if the battery does not last a weekend
- Emergency contact numbers
- Computicket ticket
- Money for sustenance
- Medical cards and information in case of a medical emergency
- Reservations if you booked a place to stay
- Enough money for petrol to get back home
- Mouse
- Keyboard/gamepad
- Monitor (27” is the largest we allow)
- PC/console/laptop
- Headphones
- Power cord from PC/console/laptop and Monitor to supplied Multiplug (Red flat earth pin plug required)
- Contact details of buddies that you are planning on meeting at the LAN
- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY a good spirit to come and have fun and enjoy the weekend!

First time attending the NAG LAN and you’re not sure how the Registration Desk works?
Step 1 – We will ask you to plug a power cord into your monitor. If the ready light lights up, it is fine. CRTs are tested, LCDs are not tested.
Step 2 - We will ask you to plug a power cord into your PC/console and switch it on. If it starts to boot without tripping the power, you may switch it off. For laptops we will only test the PSU. The reason for testing is to ensure that nothing went wrong with your PC or monitor whilst travelling. We request that you power your devices yourself; to ensure that we do not stray from your diligent proven sequence that reduces hardware failures.
Step 3 – You will be issued with a “I tested my PC” mark.
Step 4 - Take your gaming rig and equipment to the next station and present your NAG LAN Computicket ticket.
Step 5 - You will then be given a NAG LAN wrist band as well as an access card and five numbered stickers. The stickers must go on every item of your gaming rig (instructions are on the bottom of the sticker). Do not lose, drop or throw your access card away as this will allow someone to leave the venue with your equipment. If you do lose or misplace your access card you will need to stay until 15h00 on Sunday 15h00 before you and your equipment will be checked out of the LAN. Do not remove your wrist band as without it you will not be given access to either the LAN or Rush.
Step 6 - Find a seat, first come first serve. You may hold an open seat next to you for your friend that might be arriving a little later, but do take note that as the LAN fills up, someone might come and take the seat that you are keeping. We do ask that you try and resolve this in an amicable and friendly manner. Should they not wish to comply with your request, its first come first serve.
Step 7 - Plug in your PC/console/laptop and monitor and peripherals. Each multiplug only supports two PC’s/console’s/laptops so ensure that you keep to this so that you do not cause a power failure. Remember only half the table is yours, so plan accordingly. Should you be sitting at the end of a row it is recommended that your PC case goes on the floor underneath your table. The smaller center tables are off limits as they are used for running cables and for switches so please don’t put anything on them.
Step 8 - DHCP addresses are assigned and you should be good to go.
Step 9 - Have fun and remember that you can ask an admin for assistance at any time.

Some simple rules to ensure we all have fun:
1. No PC’s will be allowed to check in between 22h00 – 08h00, so please plan accordingly
2. No PC’s will be allowed to leave between 22h00 – 08h00, so please plan accordingly
3. We will not allow Port Scanning and Hacking into machines, if you do, you will be asked to leave the LAN. If you are unsure whether your software is legal/allowed, please ask
4. Please ensure that you do not loose your access card, since you will need to wait till the end of the event (3pm on Sunday) before you can leave so that we can verify your equipment
5. Opening time: 10h00 Friday
6. Closing time: 15h00 Sunday
7. Have your PC and monitor tested at the Power Test Station.
8. Only two PC's per multiplug are allowed. Thus you have only two plug points at your desk
9. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited
10. IP Addresses: DHCP
11. Red dedicated plugs are required - don’t unplug power, don’t force your plug
12. No speakers
13. No UPS’s
14. No use of your own multiplugs or network equipment is allowed, if unsure ask ShadowOrphan (head admin of VC)
15. No double adaptors
16. No switches or hubs
17. No additional devices requiring power for e.g. fans, cellphone chargers, etc allowed to be plugged in
18. No smoking inside the venue will be permitted
19. Do not share anything if you do not want it to be copied
20. Make sure your Shares are “Read only” if you need to share
21. Please take your keyboard, mouse, headphones, cellphone and wallet with you when you are leaving the venue, or ensure they are stored away safely in a sealed bag under your table
22. Please ensure that your PC has the latest service packs installed
23. Please ensure that you have some anti-virus software installed on your PC. A free virus program will be available from the VC website
24. Please don’t leave open seats between gamers. They are going to fill up anyway and it might mean you will need to move a couple of seats during the event
25. If you find anything wrong with the event, please let someone from the VC crew know so that we can try and rectify it. If you do not give us the opportunity to rectify the problem when it happens, do not complain afterwards
26. Please do bring a sporting attitude with a desire to have fun
27. Should you buy new accessories or hardware at Rush or Sandton City, please check it in through our registration desk with your receipt to ensure we give you additional stickers. Without these stickers it will be difficult to leave
28. Right of admission is reserved.