Right, so I have been getting this error recently (See image).

What happens is, usually during play, the game will freeze and then show this error. It will then automatically close the game. I have been getting this error ever since the latest Doomfist patch for the game. Research has revealed that this has been an ongoing issue since the open Beta of 2016- so this is not a new problem.

From what I can tell, this seems to affect a lot of AMD GPU's, but it does not exclude others like Nvidia.

I have tried a ton of fixes and I will list as many of them as I can, since Youtubers seem to focus on one or two potential quick fixes.

Let me get through all the no brainers first:

- Run Windows Update and make sure all elements of your windows is up to date
- Make sure B.Net is not being affected by any antivirus or Firewall protocols
- Run a repair game through B.Net
- Reinstall the Game
- Make sure your GPU Drivers are updated*
- Go to the OW webpage and make sure your GPU is on the list of supported cards, check out the non supported page- just in case
- Be honest with yourself- if you are using integrated graphics- its only a matter of time

*Special note on this below

That should be all the basic ones, now for the more complicated stuff. These are some fixes I tried with varying levels of success. Please just take note that some of these may affect your system in different ways to mine.

OPTION 1: Rollback your GPU drivers*

I did mention updating them above, and in some cases that is all it takes. Make sure you have your Nvidia software or the AMD Crimson/Catalyst programs.

In my case here is what I did:

- Reinstall the drivers completely (Including Software)
- Go to Device Menu -> Select Display adapters -> Right click on GPU -> Select Update Drivers -> Browse My Computer for Driver Software -> Let me pick from a list -> Under 'Show Compatible Hardware'- there should be two (sometimes more) drivers that show up, check the dates and version numbers. Sometimes a newer version was installed on an earlier date and the most recent one is older.
-> Select the highest version Driver update and update.

This is probably the best fix so far for me personally. I have gone from crashing almost every game to playing non stop for hours without a crash. Look at any profiles that the software has made for the game and review to make sure nothing is out of order. Sometimes its best to delete any and leave it Global.

OPTION 2: Underclock

I had some success here, but it really falls down to how current your card is. For this you will need to get MSI Afterburner, it is free.

Once you have it, it should allow you to literally slow your card down. I cannot give you specifics as this really is trial and error. I do not recommend decreasing Fan speeds or Pushing the GPU up unless you have Overclocked GPUs in the past.

OPTION 3: Review Cooling

I have had some notable success with monitoring the temps of the CPU and GPU. Higher temps tend to increase the frequency of crashes- especially with the GPU.

For this, I used my GPU software to adjust the fan speeds (CPU & GPU). I also searched for my case model and checked the ideal fan setup. If you have a side panel where a fan can be placed, make sure the flow is inverted so it flows directly onto the GPU and motherboard. Increasing the speed of this particular fan has helped. Programs like Speedfan and others can help you make this change, just make sure your have programmable fans (Might differ from fan to fan).

It also would not hurt to replace your thermal paste if it's been awhile, or even looking at a new CPU cooler instead of the stock.

OPTION 4: Sound

Crazy I know.

Some people have reported that this helped them. It did seem like a reasonable fix.

- Right Click your sound icon on your desktop (Out of game)
- Playback devices -> make sure all of these are disabled (Apart from the one you are actually using)
- On your IN USE device -> Right click -> advanced -> Deselect 'Allow Applications to take exclusive control of this device' -> apply -> OK

OPTION 5: Power

This requires you to stare at your system like a stalker on occasion. If you have LED's in the unit or fans, watch them during high intensity sessions. Take note if any of them Dim slightly, almost as if they are breathing.

In this case, consider disconnecting any LED light strips- this is a bit of a reach since they don't use much.

Consider your PSU, check the total 'W' it produces and its age. I would recommend at least having a 500W that is not older than three years (Model and Brand depending).

Other things to consider here are hardware changes. If you have made a physical change to your unit, just double check to make sure it is installed correctly. RAM can sometimes not be seated properly, although this would have come to light.

For anyone with two screens, make sure this is not the cause of your problems. Two monitors running on one GPU really won't take up to much more, but it is worth checking. Many who have this issue seem to have two monitors as well, but this is in no way confirmed as a major contributing factor. I currently have a 24" 60 Refresh rate IPS & 144hz 24" monitor running next to each other. I have had no issues with other games or programs. This issue occurs when I try using a single monitor with the other disconnected.

So, don't panic just yet if this is the case with you. Make sure to play around with DVI-D & HDMI, see which gives you the best results. Also, make sure you get the right quality cords, this can make a difference.

OPTION 6: In game settings

Had some performance improvements here, just to lighten the hardware load. My game Defaults to ULTRA settings, but I have set it to LOW and tweaked some of the graphics settings to keep it looking crisp. I also limited it to my Monitors Refresh rate under Custom settings (144FPS).

OPTION 7: B.Net Settings

This app actually uses up a lot of processing power. Under the Launcher settings, you can tell it to close once your game has been launched. It won't minimize, it will close completely.

OPTION 8: Check your system

Head over to www.canyourunit.com and double check that your system, as a whole, is up to the task of running the game. At the very least, it will give you an idea of where your system may be struggling.


This is the last resort. You can find any number of places with guides on how to create the best system to run this title.

I hope that there is something here, or combination, that has managed to help. There are plenty of videos out there that address this and tons of threads on the Blizzard Support page. Again, this is an issue that has been around for over a year and has remained unfixed.