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Thread: Soul Calibur VI

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    This is too important not to have its own thread!

    The game was revealed at PSX by showing a fight between a young looking Mitsurugi and Sophitia. This is a promising start and it looks like the game might be a 'soft reboot'.

    Then we have an extended fight between the two characters and some commentary by the producer on the games development and some of its mechanics, including the new Reversal Edge. It's really shaping up well already and I'm hyped for it!

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    Sophitia was killed in 5 right? So my guess is this is a prequel story maybe?

    But damn this game looks amazing! Only thing that worries me is that Tekken 7 took YEARS to refine, multiple arcade events etc etc before they released it 2 years later. This is coming out next year already? Hope they aren't biting off more than they can chew. But then again, SOUL CALIBUR ON PC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hopefully Natsu makes the character roster otherwise with them going back to the origins it probably mans Taki will be back.

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    Here's hoping Li-Long is back.

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    Confirmed, the game's keyword is "reboot". Will have a story mode like Tekken 7, along with many mechanics from that game along with new ones called Soul Charge.

    Will have guest character(s), with many speculating it might be a Killer Instinct character on Xbox and Windows due to tweets from KI devs. Here's hoping for Jago/Thunder/Fulgore/Hisako :D

    Fans of the Sony version speculating everything from Aloy to hunter from Bloodborne. There is quite a big roster of possibilities for PS4 version.

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