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Thread: NAG LAN 2018 Feedback Thread for next year

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    Default NAG LAN 2018 Feedback Thread for next year

    Howzit, maybe a thread for everyone to give feedback?

    1. Que/Line ticket system. Worked great, and was enforced!
    2. Bathrooms up in green area by me where kept clean 24/7
    3. bins by green area kept empty
    4. Music from expo was turn off during the night
    5. couple network and power issues by me but resolved very quickly and word flawlessly for the rest of the LAN
    6. Having the lan in the 3 areas created more space for the Expo which was nice, didnt feel like the stand where on top of each other

    1. Showers (big negative). One trailer for both females and males with no privacy or space to change. I saw 1 young female standing in line very awkwardly waiting to shower not knowing where to look. And another 2 came and saw there was one trailer and then left.
    2. On the first night my friends and our beds where in a corner out the way and not near a path or area that says clutter free zone but we were woken up at 5am and told to move by security. i explained we not near a clutter free zone and they didnt care.
    3. Also being forced to wake up on the second morning (in a area that security allowed) because they said its time to wake up?? we where not told to move anything just to wake up?

    1. Friday morning after Lan doors are open open the expo 30min before the public for the lanners to go in see everything buy what they want and get back to gaming before the hordes of people come in
    2. Offer 50% or something off to the expo for people who come in full cosplay costumes
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