There are some known problems which might cause the F3 recovery failed.

1. WinRE is not compatible with Windows RS3 (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update)
After the system upgrade from preinstalled Windows RS2 to RS3, F3 factory recovery function would fail to work and can’t enter the system.
 Please provide the FAQ for the customer for troubleshooting the problem

2. Specific old Windows hotfix might cause related problem.
In Microsoft website, they mentioned that the notebook would become an unbootable state after installing the February 13, 2018 security update.
(Because the February 13, 2018 security update has been updated on Mar 14, 2018, the problem might not be able to replicated)

Microsoft also provides a solution for this problem.
 Please refer to the “Resolution” > “Scenario 1: Resolving INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE”
a. Start the Windows 10 Recovery Environment.
b. Uninstall the update using Command Prompt: KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) or KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248)
i. At the repair screen in the Recovery Environment, select Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, and then Command Prompt.
ii. Type the command listed below for your version of Windows and press ENTER.

KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192)
dism.exe /image:c:\ /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_RollupFix~31bf3856ad364e35 ~amd64~~16299.192.1.9

KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248)
dism.exe /image:c:\ /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_RollupFix~31bf3856ad364e35 ~amd64~~16299.248.1.17

c. Close the Command Prompt and click Continue to exit the Recovery Environment.
d. Restart to enter Windows.