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Thread: 2018's Best Games

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    Default 2018's Best Games

    2018 is almost done and it's been another great one for gaming, with some truly spectacular releases. Which ones were your favourite? Mine in alphabetical order:

    God of War
    A pretty clever reboot of the franchise, which is also a sequel. I think those who played the first 3 games (and spinoffs) will like that they didn't cast aside the original plotline. They gently worked it in to a new setting and story. Gameplay has changed to something more tactical but it retains the sense of bloodlust from the earlier games. It's not perfect but it is damn good. This combined with solid narrative, interesting characters and a great musical score makes this one of my favourite games of 2018.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    The crowdfunded game that could. Massively ambitious but KCD mostly pulls it off. A traditional RPG game with no magic. Clever mechanics for gameplay elements like stealth, speech and lockpicking. Innovative melee combat. Great attention to detail. It might take itself too seriously at times, and it is still buggy, but this is one of the better WRPGs in recent times.

    Soul Calibur VI
    Soul Calibur is back with a stunning and more traditional entry than SCV. Some of the new mechanics like Reversal Edge, Crit Edge and Lethal Hits may initially not be to everyone's tastes but the essence of Soul Calibur is still here. I love the visuals and the character customisation is fun.

    Valkyria Chronicles 4
    The sequel I always wanted. VC2 was not that bad but the smaller form factor of the PSP led to significant gameplay changes. VC4 feels startlingly familiar and has the bigger and more strategic maps I always wanted.

    Honourable Mentions

    Ghost of a Tale: cute, Redwall-esque, stealth game. Gorgeous visuals but gameplay is a bit basic.
    Overload: Indie 6DOF game like Descent. I need to play this more.
    Spiderman: Loads of fun, lots of content, sweet controls.
    RDR2: Insanely detailed, clever narrative elements. I need to play it more. Gunplay seems a bit basic.
    Monster Hunter World: Not quite my cup of tea but it's more accessible than MH has ever been.
    Dragon's Crown Pro: It's the same game as before but even better looking. Supports crossplay with older versions.

    Games I Have Not Played but look good
    AC Odyssey
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    Forza Horizon 4
    DQ XI
    Ni No Kuni 2
    Yakuza 6
    The Messanger
    Far Cry 5
    BF V
    Dead Cells
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    Default Re: 2018's Best Games

    Kingdom Come Deliverance is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine lol. But I do miss most of the weird ass bugs in the game after the MANY updates. Still fun though.

    Right then (cracks knuckles) My picks for the year:

    Megaman Legacy Collection 1 and 2 PS4
    While having the entire collection is nifty I bought it for the X Challenge, and by god I was not disappointed. Fighting some of the series most famous and infamous bosses (so much hate for Air Skiver/Spiral Pegasus), with some wonderfully remastered sound and music brought back that childhood version of me that could finish an X game without taking damage. Also the nice surprise at the end when you do finish the X challenge on Hard, which I still have to beat.

    Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA Steam
    There are a lot of JRPGs on steam atm, and ever since I finished Tales of Berseria last year what I thought was a fantastic experience, I have been trying many other action hack n slash japanese games, which many disappointed. Until I played Ys 8. Yes it really had a very rocky start on PC but after MANY updates the game was playable and it was just an absolute treat imo. Also fantastic soundtrack. Thinking about checking out the other Ys games after this one. And still have to play Dragon Quest XI.

    Mega Man 11 PS4
    I loved it. Nuff said. I don't caaaaaaaaaaare if the music is bland. The gameplay and level design was awesome and I liked the saturday morning cartoon look of the game.

    Soul Calibur 6 PS4
    This game is super fun. Probably my favorite fighter of the year. Fast and chaotic, smooth as silk, supers, and create a soul are all awesome. Already created all the Fire Emblem waifus and husbandos lol.

    Fighting EX Layer PS4
    My japanese Killer Instinct. Also cancelling a super into a super and cancelling that super into another super will never be not fun. Well...... except for the poor sap on the receiving end I suppose....

    Monster Hunter World PS4 and Steam
    I don't think it's any big secret by now to anyone here that I adore Monster Hunter. I love the steam version so much I'm even working on a mod myself atm.

    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle PS4
    Blazblue, RWBY, Persona 3/4 and Under:Night all in one fighting game. And it's damn satisfying with the sound design. And with another franchise confirmed to enter the fray in an update soon (hoping it's Guilty Gear) this game shows no sign of slowing down.

    Project WARLOCK GOG
    This was a pleasant surprise I didn't even know about until it released. I love me some classic doom style fps with paper sprites all over the place, and with the insane amount of challenge, levels and weapons, and possibilities to upgrade said weapons and use spells? this is my retro style game of the year.

    The Messenger GOG
    Self aware NES style Ninja Gaiden style game with some funny humor and bosses along with a Ocean Software style NES soundtrack. This game was fun to pla, although a little too easy for what it was obviously aspiring to be. Fun nonetheless.

    Unavowed GOG
    If you like point and clicks of yesteryear with memorable characters and a semi realistic modern fantasy setting and some wonderful sierra style graphics: just get this game. I was invested throughout the entire experience and loved the characters, music and atmosphere to bits.

    And my personal favorite game of the year might seem a bit weird and all but it's the only game I finished like 10 times now:

    Bloodstained Curse of the Moon PC/3DS
    Just..... go play it. Seriously. If you like Castlevania, if you like retro style platformers, just go. Get it. Like right now.

    Games that I want to play but didn't have the time/money for it or haven't bought it yet:

    Smash Ultimate: because duh
    Dragon Spear: I just love games with this art style
    Octopath Traveler: Far as I understand the same devs as the Bravely Default team.
    A Way Out: The only EA game I will eye this year. Well that and teh announcement of the CnC remasters....
    Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition: Have to admit, G and Urien looks like hella fun to play
    Shining Resonance Refrain: I have always loved SEGA's Shining series.
    R-Type Remaster: I play a lot of shmups, but never even tried this series. Need to correct that sometime.
    Spyro Re-Ignited: Confession time, I have never played a Spyro game in my life. Apparently I need to castrate myself for not doing so....

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    Default Re: 2018's Best Games

    A lot of the games I enjoyed this year were from last year but released this year on Switch so there may be some older games here:

    SoulCalibur VI - Best fighting game out at the moment, first fighter were I could also play online without the worry of lag ringing every match, to the point that I think I am over 6k points in rank, so have had a good amount of matches, reviewed the game earlier last month,

    Battle Chasers: Nightwar - This was probably the most fun i had with a game this year, I really enjoyed the game and the characters were great, Red Monika forever. Review here -

    Bloodstained Curse of the Moon - Awesome game that dropped out of nowhere, loved every moment of it and that it's 3 play throughs could be done so differently, also reviewed -

    The Messenger - Another great one that should be played by all, I love how what seemed to be a side scroller eventually evolved into a proper metroidvania style game, for some reason I have not reviewed this and should rectify.

    YS VIII Lacrimosa of DANA - I'm actually busy with this at the moment and I am loving every second of it, great characters, nice world to explore and fun combat, I can see it only getting better and better as I progress.

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    Default Re: 2018's Best Games

    Oh yeah I forgot a bit about Battle Chasers. Man I am glad that other people are willing to pick after Joe Mad's laziness lol

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    Default Re: 2018's Best Games

    Some great choices guys. Guess I need to add Battle Chasers and Ys to my wishlist!

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    Default Re: 2018's Best Games

    I haven't played many games this year. Been way too busy with life. I have been playing Return of the Obra Dinn lately though and gotta say it's pretty great. It's basically one big puzzle ghost ship mystery game, and it's all done with 1-bit graphics which is pretty unique these days.

    You have to find out what happened to each and every one of the 60 crew and passengers on board. And you do that with the help of a magical pocketwatch that can turn back time to the exact moment of someone's death. It's there in that moment where you have to listen and look for clues that could help you determine the cause of someone's death, who they were and also to progress to other parts of the ship.

    It's all done brilliantly. Def my game of the year but that's only because I haven't played much else. And it's still a long wait until I can play RDR2 on pc :p

    Still a few games released this year I want to play like Tomb Raider and Far Cry but no idea when I'll get to that..

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