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Thread: Favourite Anime Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
    Watched the Death Note film......

    Let me get this out of the way first: I loved the anime, one of my all time favorites but I don't consider myself to be a biased person. I also LOVED Kenshin and Ghost in the Shell and I actually really enjoyed the films.

    But holy ****...... just..... no. I cannot recommend this absolute butchering of an anime classic. Good god, too much final destination american teenage angst horse****. Just go watch Final Destination. It was better, and yes the Death Note film, for me, was really that god awful.

    Just...... what the ****... I knew it was going to be bad day 1 but not THIS bad.
    I simply don't understand why people insist on making live action adaptations of anime, it is at best a lateral move.

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    Some of them are quite campy fun to watch and are in some ways enjoyable. But Death Note...... it's like they deliberately tried to be hated. I might die a little on the inside for saying this but....... I enjoyed Dragon Ball Evolution more (AAAAAAAAARGH MY SOUL!!!!)

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    So we started watching Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid...

    I am struggling to find a spot in my top 20 for this anime. I love it!

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    That looks great! I've not been watching too much anime, I need to get back to Made in Abyss and am finishing off Konosuba. It's a fun parody of the "otaku in a fantasy world" theme.

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    Death Note. Hands down. Without a doubt.

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    Dragon maid is sweet,I enjoyed it alot.Its family oriented and maybe more grown up than other monster girl animes.Another show I really enjoyed was Alice and Zoroku.Its like a supernatural Usagi Drop.
    @Incognito if you had a choice to watch either Death Note,Dragon ball Evolution or The last Airbender live action movies , Wich method of suicide would you choose?

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    Dragon Ball Evolution. For reasons because DBZ is already a ridiculous franchise that the film sort of got. Death Note was just a slap in the face to fans and Last Airbender just showed Shamalan's complete lack of imagination (nostalgia critic put it best).

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    Wow you actually answered!I was trying to make a joke but anyways thanks for that.Seriously it's WORSE than Dragon Ball?!

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    If you're a fan and truly understand what Death Note was about, then yes, Dragon Ball Evolution was better. Again, I die a little inside every time I have to compliment DB Evo.

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    The legends were true........ (and legends aren't always a good thing...)

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    You know I might just watch it,like with school days all that hate got me curious.
    But dam they got some talent to do the voice acting,and Production I.G!

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    Been a while since I watched an anime from start to finish. So I decided to buckle down with one. And I can recommend to watch it. If you are a fan of WW1/2, Fullmetal Alchemist and/or Last Exile, I highly recommend Saga of Tanya the Evil

    The dub is fantastic as it stars the majority of the casts of FMA and Black Butler. Animation is also stunning at times to watch. And the story is quite a doozy.

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    Hell yeah Youjo Senki!One of the best I seen all year

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    Sweet thought Ruby Rose was the only RWBY character that will appear in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Can't wait to see when they reveal Yang and Blake :)

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    Decided to catch up on the latest Berserk. Guts finally has his Berserker armor, and good lord, he is ****ing terrifying to behold!

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    So what's everyone been watching? I have been watching this lately, and it's pretty damn good.

    Animation is pretty damn amazing throughout the series. Also has one of those intros you can watch every time.

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    Ohh the Toyota anime. Yeah I enjoyed it! I haven't been watching any anime lately, the last was Made in Abyss but I've not finished that yet.

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    I want to hear the thoughts of everyone here, as me and my friends are having an argument over the latest "form" of Goku, simply known as "Ultra Instinct"

    People are bitching about the form just being something that they can market and that they pulled it out of their assess. But in all honesty isn't that what the entire franchise was marketed behind? Breaking limits and achieving new forms???

    People are moaning that they are revealing too many forms too quickly, like SS Blue and Rose for Goku.
    First off: woah there, Goku Black (Zamasu) was the one that went Rose. Also, they might have jumped the shark with Ultra instinct as he got it by being pulled into a black hole.

    Let's not forget, SS3 and SS4 also just came right the **** out of nowhere

    Still though, it's Dragonball. I don't know why people are trying to make "sense" out of a series about BREAKING LIMITS. I will love it from now until the end of time. And the people who wanted to quit the series if Kefla had won against Goku needs to grow the **** up lol I thought Kefla was awesome

    Think about this: the Team Fourstar crew likes the new changes. And I consider them the true fans of the series so far. Masako X even says he ****ing adores the instinct form. These are the same guys who thought SS3 and 4 was total ass

    Me? I love the new forms, the power increases, the insane amount of new characters everything. We weren't bitching about it decades ago when we started watching it, nothing's changed so far, so why do people complain about something they have been doing since the beginning of the Z series??? When Goku pulled of a Kayo Ken times 4 against Vegeta out of nowhere and survived the move that was supposed to kill him, we weren't "urgh, **** story, deus ex machina horse ****" we were all ****ing losing our minds at how awesome the moment was! Discussing it at school, drawing the moment as best we could (which was ****ty most of the time). People need to relax and take the series for what it is: entertainment. But nowadays everyone feels entitled to the story THEY want, apparently knowing better than the creators themselves. If you don't like it, then **** off so the rest who does can enjoy it.

    And as soon as Goku vs Superman Death Battle part 3 comes (if it does) and superman wins a third time, then they will all be on the same bandwagon again defending the forms they were bitching about

    Anyway, defense rant over. I noticed people ranting about the series are the same people who havent' even watched it yet :P
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