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Thread: Just bought/currently playing/recently completed

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    That's true I suppose, Also, yea I don't have the shader cache seeing as the ones I have downloaded never bloody seem to work.

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    Finished Ether One

    Ether One has you playing the role of a Restorer, who works for an Institute that helps restore the memories of people with Dementia, and you are tasked with running around their memories putting them back together adventure game style. By exploring and solving puzzles you slowly start to piece together the events of both the past on the present.

    The game looks and runs okay and once again the puzzles play to the strengths of the game design rather than against it. It has a run button which is always a godsend in a genre like this. The exterior locations are well designed and fun to explore. The game manages to keep all the plot plates spinning relatively well throughout the game only really faltering towards the end. Solid score and voice acting round out the game nicely.

    Unfortunately any game with a memory manipulation mechanic and a mysterious player character basically spends the whole game screaming "BIG PLOT TWIST COMING". The puzzle design can be unintuitive like most other adventure games. The mine and industrial levels are pretty poor and visually weak. The game has no way of telling you whether a building is one you can go into or a cereal box with a door painted on it other than going up to the door and trying it.

    A decent adventure game but unfortunately the more the plot tries to be clever the more predictable it becomes.

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    Fate/Extella The Umbral Star - Runs better than I thought it would, action is very quick feels much faster than the usual musou style games. Still loads of generic enemies but for fans of the franchise this seems like a good one so far.

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    I eyed that new Fate game only because the Koei team has nothing to do with it. Want to give it a try sometime as the action in it looks far more satisfying than any boring Warriors clone.

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    I finished Fran Bow last weekend. It was an immensely heavy and dark adventure game, exploring the themes of mental illness and trauma.

    The artwork and music are exceptional! It is also one of the most disturbing and unsettling games I've played in a while. I'm undecided about the storyline - it's one of those ones where everyone interprets it differently.

    Overall though I can recommend it to point-and-click fans who want an excellent, psychological horror game.

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    Got Syphon Filter:Logan's Shadow for my psp and enjoying it since I had played and finished Syphon Filer:Dark Mirror.Just started the first mission but I haven't gotten to the underwater parts yet which take some getting used to so I will go back and train more in the underwater training mission.Otherwise fun!

    [edit]I forgot the terrible addition of QTE's have ruined the game even they are few and far between.Seriously? :(
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    Borrowed a friend's copy of Mass Effect Andromeda for PS4. I am amazed how this game teaches you a million things at once and yet teaches you nothing at all. Also, the menus are complete garbage. They had it down to a streamlined delight in ME3 why did they have to create a menu system that just gives me a headache.

    And the less I say about me needing to google almost an hour as where the **** you changed your loadout the better... as the game and most the internet are more obsessed over the "favorites" part in the weapon wheel.

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    Finished TellTales Game of Thrones Season 1

    The game has you playing as various characters from a minor Northern House following the Red Wedding. In typical Telltales fashion you have to try and make difficult decisions to try and ensure the survival of your house.

    I personally really like the Telltale Games style of games so I was always going to enjoy GoT. The decision making aspect of the game works well with having to make your decisions in a hurry and also not always knowing which decision is going to work out the best for you since they often have unintended and unforseen consequences. The voice acting is top notch and the game is wonderfully paced and keeps a solid tone throughout. The characters are all well characterised which helps the story blows really land.

    There are a few problems that put it fairly low down on my list of Telltales Games. The engine doesn't work as well with the realistic art style as it does with the more defined styles of things like The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands resulting in very potato looking characters. There are way too many player characters, I suspect so that they can parade all the big people from the show in front of us. One of the biggest bug bears people have with the Telltale Games is that it feels like your choices don't matter and this is very obvious in GoT where you always feel like you are being railroaded into where the plot wants to go rather than having any agency. While this is a very personal problem I find that the Telltale games work best when they are about people who are in way over their head and are forced to use their cunning to get out of situations rather than their brawn but GoT constantly feels like it wants to be moving in a more action orientated direction creating this disconnect for me.

    If you like Telltales other games then this will be right up your alley but if you don't I doubt it will be the one to convert you.

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    Finished Life is Strange

    Life of Strange is an adventure game where you play as high school student named Max Caulfield, a student at the fancy Blackwell Academy, who discovers she has time travel powers and uses them to try solve the mysteries and save the people of the town. It is kind of a cross between Butterfly Effect and Donnie Darko

    The time travel mechanics are a great addition to the adventure game formula since not only does it let you have fun puzzles but it also lets you change your decisions if you are unhappy with your choice. The game is well paced and hits all the right story beats. All the characters are well characterised and interesting. Max in particular works well as a character and an adventure game protagonist. The music is great and really captures the tone of the scene almost every time.

    The art style sits sort of in between realism and stylised but I think it would fit better going one way or the other instead because as it stands it gives a bit of an uncanny valley vibe most of the time. The dialogue can be disgustingly cringe-worthy and often feels like it was written by middle-aged people. The game can also be very reference-y and the subtle ones work well but some of the others really break immersion. While the plot is solid it is still pretty predictable and the characters seem oblivious when obvious things start happening.

    Life is Strange is a good and fun adventure game. The time travel mechanic helps it stand out in a popular genre.

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    Anyone playing Hellblade:Senuas sacrifice?Here's a tip the voices are your friend.

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    I picked it up yesterday when I saw it on PSN. I have heard nothing but amazing things of this game. Like a Silent Hill/Dark Souls lite with a viking theme apparently. And if you die too much the game erases your saves? I see they are promoting the hell out of the fact that they hired psychologists to assist with the main character's psychosis too. That's dedication right there.

    Also see Ninja Theory made it. I loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. DmC's combat was fun, but that universe of Dante can **** right off :)

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    Well Warner Bros and Monolith you've done gone screwed the pooch now. Shadow of War is now a pay to win mp game? And you felt the need only to announce that now so close to release? ****ing scum.

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    @Incgnito one more reason not to preorder games

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    Hellblade - Game is ok, it's something different but couldn't see myself playing it for longer than it's actual game length, so they made a good decision to keep it short and release it at a budget price. Not something I will ever go back to though.

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    Matterfall - Reviewed the game

    About to start Sonic Mania.

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    I'm looking forward to Sonic Mania, I've heard good things about it.

    On the MP side, it's still just OW. I've been trying to get back to some fighting games too and Tekken 7 has been something I've been trying to learn.

    SP: I've been trying to finish some games from early on this year. Yakuza 0 has been eating a lot of my time but I love it. I'm still finishing NiOh, another great game. I rediscovered Outland which is a 2D platformer with Ikaruga like polarity mechanics.

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    I have been sinking a lot of hours into either Diablo 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn this last few weeks. Other than that I am busy downloading Nioh as well since it went on special. Have to finish that download some time I suppose.

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    Finished Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment.

    An adventure game set in the 1800's where you play as Sherlock Holmes investigating various crimes throughout England. It plays in a pretty straight forward adventure game style like Telltales games crossed with something like L.A. Noir. You investigate the crimes interviewing suspects and finding evidence to make deductions that let you advance or solve the case.

    There are a couple of things that I did enjoy like the more traditional portrayal of Holmes and Watson's relationship basically consists of Sherlock trolling Watson. The voice acting is solid but can sometimes be a bit dodgy. Some of the puzzles are clever and I enjoy when the game makes you investigate them rather than having Sherlock just instantly figure them out. The deductions and conclusions system is a nice touch and I like how you can actually reasonably get to the wrong conclusion if you are not careful.

    The game runs like arse. It had terrible screen tearing, texture pop in, freezing but worst of all honestly pathetic load times. The load times would be bearable if the game didn't insist on making you travel all over the place sometimes for a single clue which means often having to sit through multiple overly long load screens. The game also feels like it was cut down at some point since there is a bunch of stuff that is seemingly pointless. Watson spends the whole game not doing anything and Sherlock is generally unlikable. The controls are unresponsive which combined with the game's habit of throwing insane unexpected QTEs at you means that you will likely miss them the first time.

    An average at best adventure investigation game but there are better games in either genre.

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