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Thread: Just bought/currently playing/recently completed

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    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - Yang came out last week and I've been having a blast playing with her, just a hype character to play and when she enters semblance **** gets real. Only issue is the lack of local players.

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    Trying to hunt chievos in Doom currently. I'm having an issue - I can't seem to get back to the WAY beginning of the game, since I start on Mars already and can't seem to go back. Problem is there's a collectible back there. Anyone have an idea on how to get it?

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    Isn't there a chapter select in DOOM? I think you might need to load that chapter to get it. I forgot how I did it but there's no way I got all the collectibles on my first playthrough.

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    There's a chapter select, yes, but the first one you select pops you on Mars. Not at the start, where I think the first collectible is :(

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    COD 1 ! what a game !

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    Far Cry Primal is a first person action adventure game by Ubisoft that puts you in the shoes of Takkar, a prehistoric human who lives in the land of Oros as part of the Wenja tribe. After an attack by the rival tribes in the area it is up to Takkar to reunite the Wenja and seek revenge.

    The story in Far Cry Primal suffers from one massive problem in that it has no structure. Most of the missions exist in a vacuum and have very little effect on the narrative or on character growth. This is due to the fact that most of them can be done in basically any order so none of them can have too much story or they would mess up the narrative. A result of this poor structuring of the narrative means that Far Cry Primal suffers from a real lack of characters. Takkar has basically no personality and while some of the other characters are quirky they donít really do or add much. This is a real pity because I hold Far Cry 3 up as a great example of character development in gaming. Jason Brody has a wonderful arc that synergises well with the gameplay while Vaas acts as a perfect foil. In contrast Takkar starts the game as a boring caveman and ends the game as basically the same boring caveman. It just feels like unfulfilled potential.

    Far Cry Primal plays like Ubisoft game: The Game. You explore Oros climbing the prehistoric version of radio towers to open up the map and taking down outposts to liberate areas. The prehistoric setting doesnít add much as without guns you are basically forced to use melee weapons in an engine that is definitely not designed for it. The melee weapons with gun aiming means that hitting moving enemies is incredibly difficult but the first person camera is an even bigger problem since you can never tell what is going on behind and around you. I was constantly taking hits from enemies I couldnít see because they were not directly in front of me. The first person perspective also makes combat rather disorientating as you have to be close to enemies to kill them meaning you canít effectively keep the whole fight within your perspective most of the time. A new combat addition to the Far Cry games is that you are able to tame beasts but they are not much of a help most of the time other than as a distraction as even the biggest and baddest beasts still go down far too quickly resulting in them having to be revived.

    There are also lots of little annoyances in Far Cry Primal. It has a strong focus on crafting but all the items you can craft are so resource heavy and you pack is so small (even fully upgraded) that you have to constantly be scavenging for resources. The game also has an inverse difficulty curve because thanks to the skills and improved weapons you can kill anything almost instantly later on. The game enjoys making you climb up mountains and has many good ways to help you get up the mountain but has no good ways to let you get down and probably half of my deaths in the game were due to trying to take a shortcut down the side of a mountain that was not a shortcut.

    Graphically the game looks pretty average. I donít know what the problem is because the Far Cry engine is pretty good. I think part of the problem is that the time period doesnít really lend itself to interesting visuals since a hut is a hut is a hut. Even the scenery porn that Far Cry tends to be great at isnít too impressive by modern standards. I donít know why but for the first time in a quite a while I have not been impressed with a AAA PS4 gameís graphics.

    Overall Far Cry Primal is an average game but if you like Unisoft games then it is probably exactly what you want.

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    I'm going to be playing UT2004 online tonight. Join!

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    Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai - Cool little fighting game, feels like a mix of SamSho and SF2. Very neutral and footsie heaving game, relies on good fundamentals.

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    Yeah, I picked up Koihime RRR as well. I'm enjoying it. I think I needed something like this to take a break from all the faster and more chaotic anime fighters.

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    Got myself a 2nd hand Limited edition Pokemon 2DS non-foldable console with 5 games(Pokemon:Moon;Pokemon:X;Super Mario Kart 7;Super Mario 3D Lands and Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater)

    Atm been playing Super Mario Kart 7,Super Mario 3D Lands and Pokemon:X..Been having a blast!!!

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    Shining Resonance Refrain - pretty average game, will most likely stop playing so I can move onto YS VIII

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    Doom 2016

    Doom 2016 is a reboot of the original Doom games from the 90ís. You play as the Doom Slayer a supernatural space marine who battles the forces of Hell after they are unleashed on a Martian base. The game is a fast paced first person shooter with open ended levels and intense combat.

    The first thing that stood out to me about the game was the pacing, everything moves quickly and it took a while for me to get back into the circle strafing, aggressive style of combat having been lulled into a more relaxed style of shooter over the years. Once I did get into the groove then the areas and combat tended to flow beautifully together.

    Doomís weapons are some of the most fun and visceral that I have ever experienced in gaming with the Super Shotgun in particular have this gloriously satisfying action. The enemies help sell the weapons being blown into chunks, having limbs torn off or rag-dolling spectacularly after being hit. I also like the shift of the BFG and chainsaw to special limited use weapons. They both have small ammo counts but are great for helping you out of trouble. The BFG basically kills anything remotely near you while the chainsaw instantly kills one enemy and showers you with ammo. The only weapon in the game that is disappointing are the grenades that have a woe little bang although they seem relatively effective. While I did enjoy the combat towards the end it does become a bit predictable as you start to spot combat arenas from far off and the game feels like it looking to surprise but rarely does.

    A new addition to the combat is the glory kill system where weakened enemies can be killed with a button prompt to disgorge health. I am not a fan of the game cutting to animation for this because it feels in contest with the rest of the gameplay. The glory kills also become a problem later on when the combat starts becoming more chaotic as the 2 seconds of being in an animation and not being able to move often resulted in me being hit by enemy projectiles as soon as the animation stopped. Fortunately by that point I would usually instead kill the enemies normally as I could often get away with not needing the health.

    The open ended levels were a nice touch but there was often the problem on no signposting on a point of no return. The combat areas are all nicely designed with lots of picks and few hiding places to naturally encourage movement. The levels also have a nice sense of verticality as most areas have multiple levels with ways to move up and down at will. I did not like the games fondness for precision platforming because in first person there is no real way of accurately jumping and 80% of my death were caused by missing jumps or by landing then running over the next platform because I maintained my momentum. I was also not a massive fan of the climbing animation as you often have to climb things in the middle of combat and it ust kind of hurt the pacing that the game was going for. The open-ended levels did encourage exploration and the game had lots of thing worth exploring for such as secrets, Easter eggs and upgrades.

    The game also has several upgrade systems going on and while most of the time they feel token and only mildly useful I did find enough and in the right combinations to basically break the game. The ruin for infinite ammo so long as your armour is high enough combined with fully upgraded armour and the rune for making enemies drop armour and the maxed out Minigun was a great way to reduce most fights to nothing. The suit upgrades and many of the weapon upgrades also seemed sort of pointless.
    The story is surprisingly good. While the Doom Slayer never speaks he still has lots of personality and while the game never ties you down to shout exposition to you there is lots of information on the world and the characters if you want to look for it. It is kind of Dark Souls like in that you can choose your level of involvement in the plot but the game still works even if you want nothing to do with the plot.

    The sound and visual design in the game is great. The music has great energy to it, the guns and explosions give nice pops and it is so easy to tell what is happening just by listening. I also love the enemy design in the game as everything has a distinctive silhouette and all of their attacks can be spotted at a glance. The artstyle for the hell based levels is also great and has this great should-be-on-the-side-of-a-van quality.

    Overall Doom 2016 is one of the best FPSs that I have played in years and I love the pacing and intensity. I highly recommend it.

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    Doom 2016 was fun, but I wasn't a huge fan of the whole combat arena thing. After a while it got a bit annoying to walk into a room, knowing you're about to get locked in with no way out until you kill wave after wave of enemies. It got very repetitive and is the reason I never went back for a second playthrough.

    I hope they opt for more open combat encounters in the sequel, a la Dooms 1 - 3.

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    Saints Row 4 is the culmination of the Saints Row series that started last generation as a sub-par GTA clone and somehow naturally progressed into a superpower comedy sandbox. You play as the leader of the Saints, a street gang that through the games have progressed into being pop culture celebrities and after saving the world in the beginning of Saints Row 4 you are elected as president of the United States. The celebration however is cut short as aliens soon invade and you and the rest of the Saints are plugged into a Matrix style simulation and it is up to you to help them escape the simulation and save the planet.

    The plot of Saints Row 4 is really silly but it works as a means to get to superpower sandbox part of the game. Most of the story revolves around rescuing the rest of the Saints and causing havoc in the simulation. Most of the side missions are just completing the side content but it does kind of work. The story missions are almost always a contrived way to take away your powers but they are usually interesting enough. My biggest problem with the story is that it suffers from the same problem that most modern open world games have in that it lacks structure so the difficulty curve is all over the place and you sometimes unlock things long after you needed them or long after they would have been useful. The story also has lots of genuinely funny moments with some good parody and references but it never feels in your face.

    The biggest change to the gameplay is the addition of the superpowers. The movement powers are lots of fun and once they are fully upgraded moving around the map is so much fun and really easy. They do eliminate the need for ever using other vehicles which have been a fixture in the series past. The game plays kind of like the love child of Prototype and Crackdown. The superpowers also mean that they can mess around with the combat because you are expected to be bouncing off of everything like a coked up bunny and causing massive destruction everywhere you go so most of the missions just lean into the chaos. The powers are all useful even though some are more contextual than others. The shooting mechanics are a bit numb and only some of the weapons have that real visceral fun feel to them. Being a comedy game means that there are going to be silly weapons and while some of the silly weapons are pretty garbage some are utterly game breaking like the fully upgraded singularity launcher and fully upgraded Dubstep gun.

    Visually the game doesnít look spectacular and the framerate does chug when there is a lot happening on screen. The level design can also be a bit haphazard and I would often wonder if the way that I did something was the way the game designer intended but with the superpower gameplay that is always going to be a problem. Saints Row 4 does take spectacular advantage of some amazing licenced songs throughout the game but because you are rarely in a car it also means that you never listen to the radio so I have no idea how go the radio stations are in the game.

    Saints Row 4 is a great addition to a great series and if you are looking for something silly and fun then it is definitely worth a try.

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    Transistor is a stylish isometric hack and slash game from Super Giant games the team behind Bastion and Pyre. You play as Red a mysterious woman wielding the Transistor, an over-sized talking sword. Red and the transistor are under attack by an unknown threat called the process and it is up to you to figure out where they came from and what happened.

    I feel like I say this too often these days but **** me Transistor is a gorgeous game. The art design is insane and I love the colour design and choices. Red and the Transistor stand out wonderfully against the background but there is never a dull or uninteresting environment. The cutscenes are equally stylish with this great pulpy feel to them. Just everything in this game is stunning.
    I was kind of disappointed in the story after the quality of the presentation. A game this beautiful should have an equally wonderful story but the story is merely good. The first problem is that I think they overreached and tried to make it too philosophical, perhaps to match up to Bastionís excellent story but it just doesnít get there for me. Secondly the story is very heavily backloaded so for a large part of the story I had no idea what my motivation was other than the Transistor telling me to do things. Many of the gameís story documents are hidden behind using Functions which means that they can be a bit scattered although it is also a very clever way to encourage using as many Functions as possible.

    Speaking of the Transistor telling me to do things its voice acting (provided by Logan Cunningham) is some of the best I have experienced in a game. All the voice acting in Transistor is great now that I think about it. What I find fascinating is that a small studio like Super Giant can consistently have such amazing voice acting while some massive studios seem to use who ever wondered into the recording studio that day. The music in the game is also absolutely amazing with a great mix of relaxing and soothing music all the way up to high energy combat music. The sound design is great in general and it has been a long time since I played something where I noticed these kinds of things so much.

    Much like the music the combat in Transistor is incredibly deep. The combat works like this, you get various Functions. Each Function has 3 different uses, the first is an active use where you assign it to one of the face buttons and when you press that face button Red performs the action. The second use is as a modifier so you assign a Function to another Function as a modifier and it modifies the first Function in a specific way. The third use is as a passive buff to Red. So letís take the Function Bounce, as an active it shoots a projectile that bounces between all the enemies in range, as a modifier it lets your primary Function bounce between enemies and as a passive it gives Red a shield that will reflect incoming projectiles. Every Function in the game can be used like this and it allows for some crazy combinations such as modifying an AOE with Bounce so that they create massive roving explosions. Functions are limited by the amount of memory individual Functions use as well as Redís overall memory. With the amount of Functions in the game there are so many ways to experiment. Red also has a power called Turn that lets you pause the combat and queue up a bunch of actions to be executed quickly. It is great for getting you out of a jam or quickly taking out a dangerous enemy. The only problem is that after you activate it you cannot perform any actions until it comes off cooldown. All this does also mean that once you get a feel for it and you unlock a bunch of useful Function then the combat is easy to break. To balance this out every time you run out of life your highest cost Function breaks and takes a few save points to restore. This is incredibly annoying because losing a Function when you are struggling just handicaps you more and you most expensive Function is usually your most important so you might lose the thing that would fix the situation. These last two points can work together to make the difficulty curve incredibly wonky as you might lose an important function right when you need it most or you might not have unlocked the one that you need yet. On my New Game+ playthrough I flew through the game even though the enemies were tougher because I had access to more functions and even doubles for if I lost any.

    Overall Transistor is one of the best games that I have ever played. I love the style and the sounds and the gameplay. It is something truly special and I will be thinking about it for a while to come.

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    I've been playing Two Point Hospital since this weekend and really enjoying it. Theme Hospital was one of my favourite games growing up, so getting to play a game that can be considered the "sequel" to it is very nostalgic.

    I'm still in the early levels where each level new mechanics are introduced, so still learning how to play or how to do things better. It's definitely more in depth than Theme Hospital, with more rooms to be built, items to be placed, training to do and research to be done to ensure your hospital is running as best as it can. This can get quite daunting, but I'm slowly getting used to how to run things.

    Definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys management games or for people looking for a newer version of Theme Hospital.

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    I want it so bad, but all I have is a crappy Macbook Pro and I'm not sure it will run nicely on it. I've seen some people say it plays nicely while others complain that it's barely playable.

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    Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition

    Final Fantasy XV focuses on the story of Noctis, a young prince from the kingdom of Lucis. Lucis is the last remaining holdout against the conquest of an oppressive empire and Noctis is engaged to marry the princess of another kingdom in order to seal a peace treaty. Noctis is joined on his adventure by three friends and protectors as they go on a road trip to get him to his princess and save his kingdom.

    The first most noticeable change in Final Fantasy XV is the gameplay. Both the combat and exploration have been completely overhauled. Starting with the combat Final Fantasy XV throws out the turn-based combat in favour of a real-time combat system. It is not fully real-time so anybody expecting Dark Souls levels of combat will be disappointed but I quite like it. Basically you hold attack to attack and defend to defend and the most important part of the combat is knowing when to do what. Noctis can also teleport in and out of battle to do bonus damage and also let you survey what is happening and allowing you to decide what to do next. You are only ever in charge of Noctis (although an update has changed it so that you can play as the other characters later if you get the right skills) while the other characters are controlled by A.I which can sometimes be a little on the dim-witted side but it is okay otherwise. Each party member also has a different specialty in weapons covering pretty much everything and Noctis being the only character that can use what he wants. I quite like this design decision as it makes each character feel slightly different but also useful. As you battle a tech bar gets filled up which allows you to execute special attacks with your party members and more powerful techniques require more tech bars to execute. The tech bars add a nice bit of extra synergy to the combat and often allow you to do a good extra chunk of damage. The biggest problem with the combat system for me is against tanky enemies with lots of health where you run into the problem of there is not much to do but slowly chip away at them. Other than that the difficulty curve is wonky as hell. Firstly it is way too easy to accidently over level the party early on and knock all of the difficulty out of the combat. Individual encounters also have a habit of being easier as they go on as you whittle down their health or numbers. In older games bosses would get more dangerous as you killed their adds and damaged them whereas in Final Fantasy XV they get easier as you have fewer enemies to deal with/distract you partners and enemies get weaker as you break their appendages and defences.

    The magic system has also been reworked so that instead of just being able to use magic you absorb magic found around the world and combine it with other elements and catalysts to create limited numbers of spells of varying power and effect. It works okay but there are so many problems with the system. Firstly magic does friendly fire damage over a huge AOE so you generally donít want to use it since you will probably end up wiping out your party, there is an item that negates this problem but that feels like they are fixing a problem they created. Magic also leaves an irritating damage over time effect that you cannot protect your party from so for most boss fights you end up doing more damage to yourself than anything. Secondly you can boost the power of your magic by combining the various elements together but when you start modifying the spell with catalysts you create unintentional combinations. I just want to make a bunch of Tundaga spells but now I have a bunch of Unicast spells and canít choose the element that I want. I feel like if the game is going to insist on having a magic crafting system that the system should then have the depth to make what I want otherwise just give me pre-selected options to choose from.

    In the same way that the combat has been massively reworked so has the exploration gameplay. The game has gone open world which is a great modern change to the game and probably something that it needed. The developers were smart to give you the Regalia (your car) from the start as the world is massive and would take you forever to walk anywhere. The massive world and the car encourage exploration and I was always looking forward to a quest sending me somewhere I have never been before so I can see what else the world has to offer. Final Fantasy XV does take the more Japanese approach to open world design so it is closer to something like Yakuza or Xenoblade rather than GTA so donít expect to ramp the Regalia off a cliff and onto someoneís grandma. The Regalia can only drive on the roads and you canít even drive on the wrong side of the road but it never really bothered me, I enjoyed setting the driving to auto and just watching the countryside go by. The world has enough variety to always keep it interesting There is a problem that the world can sometimes be incredibly restrictive with large parts of the world being fenced off from exploration and some parts of the map being little more than a town and the road to it. Another problem with an open world like this is that you need content to fill it and while Final Fantasy XV does make an admirable attempt to do this with a number of side quests, hunts and dungeons unfortunately it never really evolves past either go here and kill this thing, go here and fetch this thing or if the game is feeling spicy go here and kill a thing so that you can fetch another thing. I feel like just a little more variation to the side quests could actually make a huge difference.

    Unlike the shake-up in gameplay and exploration, the story of Final Fantasy XV is about as Final Fantasy as you can get. There is an evil empire that has dominated the world through evil technology and your kingdom is the last holdout that thanks to your magic. Noctis is the chosen one and only he can save his kingdom. I like the story but it suffers from a huge albatross around its neck in the form of Noctis and his non-existent character early in the game. It does improve later but much like my complaints about Final Fantasy XIII-2 you canít backload the protagonistís motivation and character development because a lot of people are not going to be motivated to keep playing. This is an especially big problem with Noctis because he starts off whiny, angsty and spoilt and you have to suffer through Noctis for hours before he starts actually becoming interesting. The storyís saving grace though is the rest of the party in the form of Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. They are all so well characterised, dripping with personality and they all have such good chemistry that you canít help but want to see what they do next. There is just so much character between them and every now and then even Noctis manages to seem like he is enjoying himself and I feel like this part of the game is where the real heart of the story comes from. Yes you are saving the world and fighting monsters but at the end of the day it is about a bunch of friends who are willing to do anything for each other. The exploration gameplay takes full advantage of this because this is where you will grow attached to your friends and it helps set-up the big emotional story beats that come later. Speaking of the big emotional beats Final Fantasy XV has one of the best endings I have experienced in a Final Fantasy game ever. Unlike other Final Fantasy the game doesnít go window licking crazy by the end, instead playing up the whole power of friendship theme and I have to be honest it hit me right in the feels like a ****ing train. The other big problem with the story is that you can see that it has been chopped down quite a bit at the end. Prompto has a weird sudden revelation that comes out of nowhere and is then resolved immediately so it amounts to nothing, most of the villains get killed off screen so there is very little pay-off for many plot points and it feels like a lot of the final act is happening at break neck speeds with so much happening that most people are bound to miss something.

    There are many positives to be found on the technical side of things in Final Fantasy XV. The game is unbelievably beautiful. In fact I had several people walk into the room while I was playing and ask what movie I was watching? It is not just the raw graphical power that is impressive but the world of Eos is really well designed to just have some stunning moments. There are so many unique geological features and stunning vistas that you will accidently stumble upon multiple jaw dropping visual moments. The art design has also improved massively since the XIII games with no more angles upon angle and things onto of things so it is very easy to tell at a glance what is going on. My only complaint about the visual design is that for some reason they decided the entire party should wear black which can turn battle into a bit of a cluster ****. The animations are also really top notch with the entire party giving so much character through how they move like Gladiolusí slow confident strides to Promptoís energetic bouncing around the place. You can just tell that a lot of work has gone into these characters. To compliment the great animations the voice work is great as well for the entire cast. The party likes to chat and tease each other throughout the game so if the voice acting was terrible it would have really hurt that emotional core. The game is wonderfully scored as most Final Fantasy games are but I like the touch that you can buy music from older games to listen to in the car so I get to drive around looking at the pretty scenery while having some of my series favourites playing in the background. There are some technical niggles here are there. The game likes to pull weird loading screens out of ****ing nowhere. It also likes to mess around with control schemes between walking, driving and chocobo riding so if you spend a while doing one you are going to do something retarded when you switch between them. The one that annoyed me the most was that the game can sometimes be very picky about accepting prompts for actions so instead of talking to people or picking up objects Noctis will instead jump flailing into the air like a crazy person and this will have the added effect of now shifting the prompt selection making me repeat the process.

    A new technical aspect that I wanted to discuss on its own is the day-night cycle. So in Final Fantasy XV there is a day and night cycle where as you explore the world the time changes from dawn, to midday, to dusk and finally night. Certain things can only happen at certain times and some monsters only come out at certain times. Night time is also much more dangerous as very powerful monsters can spawn at night and attack you. To help with this you can rest at hotels or set-up camp at havens scattered throughout the world. Hotels give you experience boost and if you camp then Ignis can cook the party some amazing looking food that gives various temporary boosts such as increased stats or immunity to various things. I really like this system, firstly because it feeds into the story. Secondly it creates a nice routine for you to get into where you wake up, plan out a day worth of questing and hunting and then at the end of the day you relax and set-up for the next day and reflect on the previous day. Rest points also restore your maximum HP and level up your characters and skills so you will want to set-up camp at some point anyway. I think that it is a fun little system that gives some structure to the open world so that you donít just wonder into the wilderness for hours on end.

    One big problem with the game is the infamous Chapter 13. Basically after getting the player used to the party, combat and huge open environments for most of the game the developers decide to shove you down endless boring corridors alone with no weapons for a few hours. The massive gameplay shift is incredibly jarring because they have spent the whole game getting you used to the combat system and then taking that away feels unfair. It is the same problem with the level design; even though most story missions are a lot more structured they at least put in the effort to make them visually interesting the rest of the time. Here it is just identical grey industrial hallways as far as the eye can see. Leaving Noctis alone for the whole level is also a big shift from what we are used to as players so while he is going through his most important character moments we donít even other characters to react off of. Then weirdly all the other characters show up at the end and nobody thinks that any of this was weird. Now I understand the narrative importance of these gameplay decisions because they needed to explore the idea of Noctis needing to learn to survive without his friends and accept his destiny but I feel like the chapter could have been shorter and packed the content more tightly since it is so late in the game that keeping the story beats coming fast would help build towards to the climax.

    Personally speaking Final Fantasy XV feels like the most Final Fantasy-y Final Fantasy ever to me. It feels like a love letter to the entire series, borrowing ideas and themes from multiple games in the series while often putting a new and interesting spin on them. The Prince saving his kingdom, the warrior of light, the four friends, the music, small flourishes and references all over the place just always bring back memories of other games in the series. I like how the game mixes fantasy with modernity in the game where people have swords and ride chocobos but they also have cellphones and televisions and that just combines with the mixing of classic Final Fantasy with new ideas. I think that it is a very well done concept.

    Overall I loved Final Fantasy XV and it has managed to worm its way into my heart as one of my favourites despite its many flaws. It is worth a try but probably not for everyone.

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    I'm in awe of your excellent gaming reviews, as usual! I want to try FF XV but I've got a backlog of JRPG games to through and will probably play Persona 5 first.

    Overwatch is still my daily-ish MP game. The latest Halloween event is on so there's lots of incentive to unlock the new cosmetics.
    Several characters have been reworked, including my main, Pharah. I'm not sure how I feel about it. She shoots faster but has less splash damage. Direct hit dmg is up.

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 is everything I wanted it to be. It's the sequel that should have been. I tried VC2 but the changes to the gameplay did not do it for me, so I didn't bother with the hassle of the patched version of VC3.

    VC4 will immediately be comfortingly familiar to fans of the first game. It looks, plays and feels the same. I've only just started so I'll have to see how the missions go but they've been fun so far. The new characters are likeable too.

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    Thanks for the compliments on my writing. Final Fantasy XV was very interesting so I enjoyed writing about it and I am glad that someone enjoyed it.

    I know what you mean by a JRPG backlog, I have 6 sitting on my shelf right now. I can't really play them in a row either so I might need a palette cleanser or 2 first before I dive into my next JRPG.

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