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Thread: Just bought/currently playing/recently completed

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    Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is one of those pseudo-expansions along the lines of Far Cry Blood Dragon and Undead Nightmare. It once again plays as an over the top third person shooter with superpowers focused on creating anarchy and completing various skill challenges. The story starts with The Boss from Saint Row 4, if you have a Saints Row 4 save game then it loads your character, being kidnapped by Satan. Satan wants the Boss to marry his daughter and lead his armies in a war against heaven and Jonny Gat and Kinsey Kensington go after him to rescue The Boss.

    Starting with the story it feels like waste to be able to import your Saints Row 4 character and then be required to play as Jonny Gat and Kinsey. Neither of them is that interesting and they donít have that same connection as The Boss. Gat Out of Hell was always going to struggle to stand out from Saints Row 4 since that game is literally about being an over the top swan song to an already wacky and zany series. The shift to Hell was a smart solution to the problem since it gets to be just as over the top as Saints Row 4 without seeming to similar. The biggest problem with the story is that it is incredibly short with only one big beat in the middle reaching the heights of Saints Row 4, even the ending feels subdued when it should just be a massive crazy blowout. The support cast also feels lacking with the new characters not really getting a chance to shine.

    Gameplay has not changed much from Saint Row 4, there are still silly weapons and the superpowers return but it feels like a pale imitation of Saints Row 4. The powers are basically just reskins and the weapons try to be silly but there is nothing close to rivalling the silliness of the Dunstep gun. The only big change is the movement where they have replaced the glide power with wings. The new flight power works well because it is more skill based than the glide, you have to try and manage your speed to extend your flight and gain altitude and the game takes advantage of this by basing new activities around it. These were the best parts of the game for me.

    Saints Row Gat Out of Hell is a fun wacky spin-off from the Saints Row series but in a series that is as over the top Saints Row it still struggles to stand out. It is a fun little distraction but should only be picked up if you can get it for cheap.

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    Killer 7 is on PC. I never did finish the GameCube version so I thought I'd give it a try. It's still a quirky and charming game. It supports 16:9 now and still has that slick, minimalist, cel-shaded look. Controls were always weird and the mouse and keyboard ones are stranger still. The in-game button prompts for the tutorials will use controller buttons regardless. For R100 it's still worth it if you want more Suda weirdness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazyDemoni View Post
    Killer 7 is on PC. I never did finish the GameCube version so I thought I'd give it a try. It's still a quirky and charming game. It supports 16:9 now and still has that slick, minimalist, cel-shaded look. Controls were always weird and the mouse and keyboard ones are stranger still. The in-game button prompts for the tutorials will use controller buttons regardless. For R100 it's still worth it if you want more Suda weirdness.
    Thank you for this information. I have been looking for a PS2 copy of Killer 7 for a while but they are either really rare or massively over priced.

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    Vikings Wolves of Midgard - Having quite a bit of fun with this, it's a mindless game where you don't have to think about anything and just kill whatever is on screen while exploring the map for resources and loot. Great looking environments and art direction as well.

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    Vikings Wolves of Midgard - Up to level 16 now, killing Gods, Giants and small fry all in a days work, really enjoying this title.

    I am the Hero - Amazing little game, awesome combat system and pixel art is fantastic with some great music, highly recommended.

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    Killzone: Shadow Fall is a first-person shooter by Guerrilla Games and the fourth game in the Killzone series. Killzone: Shadow Fall is set after the end of Killzone 3 in which a huge bomb is set of on the Helghast home world rendering it uninhabitable and killing a huge portion of the Helghast population. An uneasy peace is reached and the Helghast are given half of the ISA home planet Vekta as a new home. However tensions still run high between the two former enemies and thus they enter into a Cold War style espionage conflict. You play as Lucas Kellan, an ISA shadow marshal who with the help of a Helghast agent named Echo is trying to prevent the Cold War from turning into a hot one as the ISA and Helghast look to be preparing for another round of conflict.

    The story in Killzone: Shadow Fall tries to be more morally grey than the previous gamesí ďkill the guys with glowing red eyes and Nazi hatsĒ approach however it didnít work for me personally. Firstly the way that the factions behave after the war makes no logical sense. The Helghast lose the war and are essentially on the verge of extinction yet they show up on the Vektan home world and immediately start acting like dicks; gunning down civilians, blowing up buildings and generally bring down the tone of the place. Why the ISA donít immediately respond to this behaviour is beyond me. Then when you go to the Helghast side of the planet later in the game it doesnít seem like a particularly nice place to live, full of shanty towns, pollution and an oppressive government. This is in stark contrast to the ISA side of the planet where everyone seems super happy and everything is pretty and clean. How does the Helgan government stay in power and get all these people volunteering for their huge army while being so obviously ****ty? It made sense on Helgan because it was a harsh, ****ty world but Vekta is obviously a pleasant place to live so why turn it into a ****hole. The Vektan government also comes across as grossly incompetent because they always seem to be on the receiving end even though they won the damn war. The result of this flawed premise is that the villains come across as comical *******s because they have to be so over the top evil to make sense as villains. They feel like they belong in a Saturday morning cartoon like Captain Planet or Biker Mice from Mars rather than a game that is trying to be as serious as Killzone: Shadow Fall.

    Lucas doesnít seem to have much personality other than an overwhelming sense of duty. You would think with his past that his natural arc would be that he starts off hating the Helghast and being overly patriotic but seeing how they are forced to live and how ****ty their government is would allow him to find common ground and drive his character but nope, Lucas just comes across as a really chill dude who doesnít want war because war is bad. Echo suffers from the same problem, she has a naturally interesting arc built into her backstory but instead of exploring that she basically says ďYeah my whole complicated and interesting past sucks, letís get into some exciting set piecesĒ. They had these perfect characters to anchor the narrative on and somehow missed and ****ed the whole thing up.

    In terms of gameplay Killzone: Shadow Fall is solid but unexciting. The shooting is fine however most of the weapons lack impact. The only gun I really enjoyed was the one shotgun which always hit enemies with a juicy thud and sent their ragdolls flying across the room. You have one primary weapon that canít be swapped out and one open weapon slot that you can fill with whatever you need. This works fine most of the time except when the game fills your primary with garbage so you are forced to use whatever happens to be lying around. I always felt like I had too little ammo on each of the weapons and even though there was usually some lying around I tended to run out during particularly heavy firefights. There has also been a shift in the level design that tries to distance itself from the previous generationís narrow linear chest high wall approach to a more semi-open world that kind of reminds of Doom (2016). It isnít bad but the game tends to not make the most of it, only some of the levels have the semi-open design and the rest tend to consist of narrow corridors.

    Since Killzone: Shadow Fall was a launch title so it relies a bit too much on gimmicks for the combat. Lucas has a drone that is a contextual use button for some things while also having some use in combat. The drone can fly around shooting enemies, drop a shield for you to hide behind, zap an enemy to bring down their shields or create a zip line. You choose its function using the touchpad but because of the lack of feedback from the touchpad I could never change the function to what I wanted first time. What I would usually do is leave it on a single function that worked well for the level and then ignore the drone until I needed it which resulted in it feeling superfluous. There is also a single level where instead of controlling the drone you can hijack enemy robots that work completely differently and you only really use them for that segment so it feels very jarring and pointless.

    There is an attempt at more of a stealth focus in Killzone: Shadow Fall but the game lacks proper stealth mechanics. There is no way to tell how visible you are and the second that an enemy spots you all the rest immediately know where you are. Generally it isnít too much of a problem because you basically use stealth for a free kill then proceeds with the normal gun battles but the few parts that actually require stealth can get frustrating very quickly. There is one part right at the end that took me about 40 tries because I would get randomly spotted by a civilian I had no way to keep track of or avoid and then 300 enemies would show up and blow me to pieces. I donít mind games adding a stealth option but for Godís sake at least spend more than 5 minutes on the mechanics.

    I have some other gameplay niggles as well. The game tries to have a bit of a focus on movement with some multi-layered level designs to take advantage of the droneís zip-line function but it is usually zip-line down from one platform then be stuck on foot for the rest of the battle. There is also a bit of platforming but it is incredible stiff. You will run and jump across a gap then seemingly plummet midway through your arc because the game wants to make you stop and grab on the ledge of something even though you were going to land perfectly fine. This combined with the level design resulted in 80% of my deaths being from jumping off of something that I wasnít supposed to and dying from a 2 metre fall. This is going to be a weird complaint but for some reason it feels like Lucas is 5-10 centimetres shorter than everyone else. I always felt like I was looking up at characters during cutscenes and during combat it always felt like I was looking at their necks rather than their faces. I donít think that it is intentional and it isnít game breaking but I found it mildly distracting. The biggest niggle is that the best moments in the game are never during proper gameplay but always during scripted set pieces, there is one point in the game where you are chasing a shuttle through a city with a wingsuit that looks great and is genuinely exciting but it is basically the only point in the game where you use those controls so it feels out of place instead of exciting. It reminded me of Call of Duty because those games also have a habit of doing completely out of place set pieces.

    Graphically the game looks great. The levels, especially the ones set on the ISA side of the wall really pop and the lighting is stunning at times. However I feel like the game has a lack of proper art direction. The most noticeable of this lack of art direction is the enemy design. The enemies do not really stand out from the environment not do they stand out much from each other. Those are the 2 most fundamental things you have to get right in an FPS and somehow Killzone: Shadow Fall got them both wrong. The Helghast black and grey, futuristic design doesnít really stand out from the black and grey, futuristic levels especially some of the more visually boring Helgan levels. Half of the time, I only spot them because of the glowing red eyes. The same problem applies when you compare the enemies to each other because having a slightly different hat but nearly identical armour and red glowing eyes doesnít do enough to change their silhouette that you can immediately tell them apart at a glance. Halo was so good at this; Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Brutes and Hunters all have distinct silhouettes so you can tell them apart from each other while they are also brightly coloured and covered in lights so that you can tell them apart from the environment. This is basic game design and I would expect Guerrilla Games to get this kind of thing right.

    Overall Killzone: Shadow Fall is an average shooter and above average launch title. It doesnít do anything well enough to be interesting and the story is riddled with problems. Play Titan Fall 2 instead.  

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    Yoh, that's a nice and detailed review. I played Killzone 2 and 3. Both were fine but not good enough to make me excited for any followups. It seems I did not miss too much.

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    Paw Patrol On a Roll - Rocking that Rubble with my son

    YS VIII Lacrimosa of Dana - With it being a slow time for game releases and nothing coming out in the next month that I am interested in it's time for me to sink some time into this amazing game. Couple hours in and looking forward to getting some good progress going.

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    Playing free version of Wow at the moment, alliance on Draenor. Anyone else playing on this server alliance side?

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