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Thread: Official "Upgrade Help" Thread

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    Definitely get the extension cable, Ash, the Xtraflow's cable is really short. Plugging them all in to your board?

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    Hi. The cables are R47 each from rebeltech. Wouldn't it be better to buy a better fan with that money? Are there any better fans for the price of a xtraflow and a cable which will probably come with a longer cable. 30cm is quite long. I need something that isnt loud, is good quality and moves a good amount of air 50+
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    Under the specifications if it only shows 1 sound reading e.g 19dba instead of 2 like 20dba-30dba does that mean that that is as loud as it gets or as soft as it gets?

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    Hi. I decided to go with the Sickleflow fans. They were quiet and had a good CFM. They just told me that the model without LEDs is out of stock. They had the ones with LEDs. Would I be able to clip the cables of the LEDs? or should I get another fan? anything around R82 but nothing much more.

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    The LED cable is clearly visible and easy to clip with no impact on the fan. I work with Sickleflows - they're silent and powerful. You won't be sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxxyc View Post
    The LED cable is clearly visible and easy to clip with no impact on the fan. I work with Sickleflows - they're silent and powerful. You won't be sorry.
    what's the cable length like? Maybe I should grab me some.
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    Sufficient to route them neatly along the inside of an Antec DF-30. It's not a massive case, but it's big, and the cables are nice. Silver isolation with clear plastic - looks pretty cool but not too long. I like the fans, the most fun thing is the absolute lack of noise from them.

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    Okay guys, let it rip, your recommendations:

    Western Digital Elements 3.5" 1TB
    Western Digital Elements 2.5" 1TB
    Western Digital My Passport 2.5" 1TB
    Transcend StoreJet 1TB

    They're all 1TB externals and all USB3.0 compatible, but here are some gripes:

    - The WD Elements requires external power. External power is not really a big liking of mine, as I'm going to be moving a lot of data quite often.
    - The WD My Passport is a little more expensive than the 2.5" Elements.
    - The 2.5" Elements looks like a cool drive, but I'm not sure about the speeds (will a FHD 1080p video load well from it to, say, a Blu-Ray player?). It is on special for R899 though.
    - The Transcend is a Transcend. I tossed 3 of their 16GB drives in the past year because they simply stopped working. I don't trust them as a brand so much anymore. Also, it's purple.

    Choice to be made today still, preferably quite early so that I can order/pay by this afternoon still!

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    Go for the 2.5" drive that doesn't need external power. Blu-Ray rips will play well on a 5400RPM drive. Blu-Ray discs don't deliver data as fast as a hard drive can. Transcend uses Toshiba drives so they're good, but the controller quality is always an issue. I prefer ones made by the actual manufacturer, like Seagate, WD, Samsung or Toshiba.

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    Excellent. So, the WD Elements 2.5" then? It's marked down a little, that's why it caught my eye. I'd have loved a Samsung, but their prices are a little steep at the moment... :(

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    Hey everyone

    Does anybody know what the best value for money 256GB SSD would cost?

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    Giblets: Microsoft's Windows Blue Preview in June

    Now try say that headline three times fast! Word on the internet is that Microsoft is planning a public beta of it's "Blue" version of Windows 8, which sports a few UI tweaks and brings Windows RT closer to the desktop than before. There are leaks of the alpha builds already on the net but if you try one out, do it in a virtual machine - these kinds of things are often targeted by hackers looking to create a back door into your system. Updates to Windows 8 include support for lower resolutions, a half-size Snap feature for full-screen apps and possibly a smaller installation footprint. More details to follow this week!

    Source: The Tech Report

    Quote Originally Posted by D34thByCh01c3 View Post
    Hey everyone

    Does anybody know what the best value for money 256GB SSD would cost?
    Well there's a few options floating around right now:

    OCZ Agility 4 256GB @ R2208
    Intel MLC330 240GB @ R2177
    Crucial M4 256GB SSD @ R2249

    I'd pick either the Agility or the Intel. The M4 is good, but is showing its age lately.
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    Hey guys. Can anyone recommend a good gaming keyboard around R600-700? I need something that will be good for office work as well.

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    NEC brings out its own 21:9 monitor on the cheap

    NEC is an American-based monitor manufacturer that doesn't always get love in other parts of the world. They mainly deal in budget products but occasionally they make some very nice things for professional use. With both Dell and LG releasing ultra-wide 21:9 monitors, NEC has decided it's time to join the fray with its own IPS-based offering. It looks like it may even be the best out of the three!


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    Giblets: Seagate's new 4TB 3.5" drives are out this month

    Last week Seagate quietly launched some new 4TB hard drives and they've already begun popping up on Newegg and Amazon. While we've had 4TB drives for a while, these are composed of four 1TB platters and rotated at 7200RPM, faster than the older versions which had more platters with 750GB on each one and a 5600RPM rotational speed. Sequential writes to the drive will be as high as 146MB/s and it runs on the SATA 3 interface. Seagate quotes a price of $190 and since this is a quiet launch, I expect most regions around the world already have this available.
    Source: Maximum PC

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    Giblets: The DDR3 price hike affects GPUs, too!

    Digitimes has recently reported that DDR3 prices are set to go up again (Yay, in addition to our petrol and everything else that if affects), this time for graphics cards. Several graphics card vendors in the US and Europe have begun hiking up prices for their low-end cards that still use DDR3 and GDDR3, swelling up the RRP by as much as 15%. With DDR3 prices rising because of a flooded market and SSD prices stabilising due to the limits of SATA3 and a fast-growing market, you can expect to may much more for your components before the month is over. With Intel's Haswell launch in June, the price for DDR3 desktop chips may go up even more as lower production rates clashes with consumer demand as they buy new hardware. There's no end to this vicious circle just yet guys, so hold on to your hats and wait for prices to drop, if you can.
    Source: Digitimes

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    Giblets: Google abandons Webkit, so does Opera

    Well, there's not much to say here. Google has announced that's moving away from Webkit and into a Webkit-based spinoff of it's own creation, called Blink. Blink will allow Google to improve its rendering engine at its own speed and introduce a few performance and stability improvements on the side, particularly for memory management. Opera has also announced that instead of Webkit, they're also moving to Blink, although when the process is complete is uncertain. For the moment, Google claims Blink allows for complete interoperability with Webkit and porting will be an easy process.
    Source: InternetNews, Opera Blog

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    I'm as tired as you guys are of me claiming to be upgrading and then not doing it. I have just realized however how hard I have to study for Matric now. So I guess the last day of final exams when everyone lese will go off blowing money on alcohol I will be waiting on my delivery of upgrade items. I am really tempted to buy a Powercolor 7870 right now though. Bioshock Inifinite and Tomb Raider reboot :P

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    ^ You're better off without the booze, trust me. When I was your age I only slammed the brakes when I woke up one morning after a party and started puking and crapping blood, before discovering a MacDonalds receipt for more than R800 in my car. That was a shocker for sure. Turns out a bottle of Johnnie Walker, half a case of Black Label, tequila shots and a litre or two of brandy and coke doesn't do well with your, well, everything. Specially when the line "Ek is lus vir MacDonalds! Wie wil hê, ek stick ALMAL!" is thrown into a group of dudes who's drunkenness is only surpassed by the epicness of their high.

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    Giblets: Intel's shipping Haswell chips right now

    According to CNET, Intel may be shipping it's new family of Haswell processors starting this month, with the chips and compatible motherboards being available towards the end of Q2 2013, which is the month of June. As things ramp up for the Haswell launch, we'll be seeing more manufacturers come out with their various products based on it, as well as some other new chips from Intel's designs for the smartphone and tablet markets. Along with Haswell, Intel will also be updating its lineup of Atom processors with the Bay Trail and Merrifield families for tablets and smartphones respectively, with Bay Field promising twice the performance of Clover Trail.
    Source: CNET

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