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    Full disclosure: I’m writing this post partially blind. I spent the weekend playing Mortal Kombat 9 in preparation for Mortal Kombat X, and during a particularly rambunctious celebration dance (because defeating Shao Kahn ain’t easy,…
  • Impressions: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    It’s here! Warlords of Draenor is here! I’ve been playing World of Warcraft on and off since Cataclysm (earlier if you count the characters I managed to level all the…
  • Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is newcomer Sledgehammer Game’s first stab at arguably the industry’s biggest IP. While the development team did help Infinity Ward develop 2011’s Modern Warfare…
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    This year’s BIG BLIZZCON SURPRISE™ was none other than Overwatch: Blizzard’s first new IP in over 16 years. Technically speaking, StarCraft was the last new IP that Blizzard released…
  • Blizzard and Overwatch: doing diversity right

    The first thing that struck me about the Overwatch trailer, before anything else, was the fact that this game was trying to appeal to me. This is not something…
  • Review: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor one was probably an easy sell for some people. An open-ended action game set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth in which you play a revenge-driven ranger imbued with dark powers…

The little legal wrangle between Samsung and Nvidia has turned bitter, with Samsung now asking the International Trade Commission (ITC) to outright ban sales of Nvidia hardware in the United States. This comes after Samsung filed suits against Nvidia for false advertising and patent violations in their Tegra K1 processor, which Nvidia claims is the fastest mobile System-on-Chip (SoC) in the world. The request to the ITC now requests a ban on all Geforce graphics cards and all Tegra processors. Nvidia was in the process of counter-claiming that Samsung products that breach their patents ought to be banned from the country. Should this case be won by either party, it’ll set a nasty precedent for any company looking to use patents to block their competitors from taking away their market share in the US.

Source: Hexus

Here’s some refreshing news: developer Turtle Rock Studios has promised that they will not charge Evolve players for DLC maps. This news came about during a video interview with IGN during which creative director Phil Robb said that the team didn’t want to dilute the player base. “First thing we said was we can’t break the community up, so all of our maps will be free. We never want anyone to get booted off of a server because they haven’t bought something.” Hooray!

Source: IGN Africa


Double Fine Productions, the team behind Kickstarter sensation Broken Age and upcoming PlayStation 4 re-release Grim Fandango, has been hit with layoffs. The already small development team (originally employing around 65 individuals) had to let go of twelve staff members after a publishing agreement fell through for an unannounced project.

“One of our unannounced projects was unexpectedly cancelled by its publisher,” said studio head Tim Schafer in a statement, “forcing us to reduce our staff by 12 people. Our remaining projects–Broken Age, Massive Chalice, and Grim Fandango Remastered, were unaffected.”

Source: GamesIndustry.biz


Rage 2014 has long since come and gone, but for the writers at NAG we’re still sifting through all of the great items seen at the show. One of the best was the home_coded stand, dedicated to the works of local game development talent, and what a mix of titles there was on offer! Point-and-click adventures, music/rhythm, espionage, alien lobotomies – it ran the gamut. It was a vibrant gaming menagerie, and the developers are every bit as interesting as their games.

We’ll be publishing a series of articles focusing on some of these local devs and their upcoming games; if you’re joining us late and want to catch up on the entire series, simply click the following link: home_coded 2014.

Agent Unseen may have snuck its way quietly onto the home_coded stand, but certainly didn’t go unnoticed. A top-down stealth-driven roguelike-like, in Agent Unseen players attempt to achieve such lofty goals as hacking the mainframe, assassinating the traitorous guard and filing their taxes. Currently quite abstract in its presentation, it nevertheless proves to be a difficult and ever-changing challenge thanks to the various pickups you can find that carry over from map to map — items such as padded shoes, cloaking and smoke bombs change the dynamic constantly.



So, with all the noise about some games being buggy on launch and horribly hard on even the best hardware available, how’s about tainting your Monday with some news that two of this year’s biggest hitters do not properly support dual-core processors? Eh, eh? I bet you’re confused now, but so are a lot of other gamers who bought the games for their systems, only to learn that things weren’t exactly working as they should be. This affects Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, so follow me after the jump to see what the hell’s going on here.



Movies! We like to watch them. I saw Interstellar this weekend, for example, and it was grand. Just a lovely, lovely film. Wow.

On that note, we’ve got four DVDs containing films you may enjoy watching to offer you the chance to win. Hit the jump to learn more.




OK so here’s the thing: this post was meant to go live at 8AM this morning, but I passed out after watching a Kickstarter video for the concept of Blood Sport. I’ve only just regained consciousness; I apologise for the tardiness of this article.

If needles aren’t your thing, then this probably won’t be either: two guys have hooked up a blood collection machine to an Xbox 360 controller. Every time the controller’s rumble unit is triggered (normally when you’re getting shot in an FPS), the collection machine powers on and drains a little more of your red stuff. Like for reals drains some of your red stuff. That’s YOUR blood leaking out of your arm there. Blood. Needles. Tubes.

Oh man, I’m going to pass out again. BRB.



Greetings NAGuxers, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have some expert opinions on the future of the console race, a gleeful Far Cry 4 troll, and Apple makes a much-needed change to their App Store. Then we have Activision blowing smoke up our collective ass, a DayZ spin-off surfaces, Ubisoft has a new side project in the works and finally we talk sex in Dragon Age. Yup, sex! How can you not click “read more” now? What if I told you said sex discussion included a video? See you on the other side.


If you’re a Firefox user, you’re going to have to change your search engine preferences if you reinstall, or update Firefox in late December 2014. Mozilla announced recently that they are ditching Google Search as the default for their browser and instead adopting Yahoo Search as their default for new installs of the browser. The new deal with Yahoo will last five years and give the fledgling company a boot in advertising revenue and more mindshare.

With the next version of Firefox, Mozilla also plans to offer up to 61 search engines around the world with countries like China seeing Baidu as their default, while Russian users will have Yandex. Google Search will still be an option as well as DuckDuckGo, which is a useful service if you don’t want your searches logged by any one company.

Source: Mozilla


Next month, Bungie will release its first chapter of downloadable content entitled “The Dark Below”. A YouTube user called Mr Jester6598 just uploaded the intro video for that piece of DLC, claiming that he gained access to it via an error in the Destiny main game.

The pre-rendered intro sets the scene for the DLC. Players will be facing Crota, the closest thing the Flood the Hive have to a god. Basically, he’s a badass who has claimed the lives of all sorts of guardians. So naturally you’ll need to party up to kick his butt in the new raid.

Alongside this new raid, the DLC will bring three new PVP maps, new weapons and equipment, a new Strike (two if you’re on PS4), and three new story missions. It’s out on 09 December; hit the jump for the intro before Activision’s ninja lawyers have it expunged from the interwebs.



With all the focus on Nvidia’s GSync scaler and software allowing variable refresh rates, it’s been a while since anyone paid attention to AMD’s pushing of the open standard for Displayport 1.2a as adopted by VESA, also known as Adaptive Refresh aka FreeSync. AMD’s “Future of Compute” inaugural event is being held in Singapore and the company announced a collaboration with Samsung for the first Adaptive Refresh monitors with the UltraHD 4K resolution.


zalman cooler

Zalman employees can breathe a sigh of relief this weekend as their positions in the PC components company is not endangered. The company’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, released a statement this week that sought to provide relief for existing Zalman component owners, stating that the company wasn’t going bankrupt and wouldn’t disappear as a result of the South Korean government’s investigations into Moneual.




Telltale Games continues to trickle information online for their upcoming episodic take on HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series. A few weeks back, Telltale revealed that we’d be playing as five characters belonging to House Forrester – a family that originally appears in Martin’s book A Dance with Dragons.

Now we get our first glimpse at the game in action. While there’s no gameplay on show (let’s be honest, this is a Telltale graphic adventure so you know exactly what the gameplay it going to be like) there are plenty of familiar characters popping up.

In addition to this first teaser trailer, Telltale has announced a cast of characters. They did something a little odd by giving specific characters to specific websites to reveal as exclusives. Polygon has luckily rounded up most of them in a handy list that you can find over here. Hit the jump for the trailer.



If you asked me what a modern Ghost in the Shell video game adaption would possibly look like, I would’ve probably described something that was not a multiplayer co-op FPS, but here we are. Nexon, a South Korean-based company largely specialising in free-to-play MMOs, obtained the license for the popular Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex branch in 2012, and Ghost in the Shell: First Connection Online is the first product of that agreement.

Given its developer, it’s likely going to be a free-to-play FPS, but we’ll have more details once they’re available. Hit the trailer after the jump for all the hacking-shooting-camostealthing action; it’s in Korean, so you’ll just have to appreciate the visuals for now.



Another piece of free content has been added to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. One of the main characters from part two of the game, Lithariel, can now be used as a playable character during the campaign.

Note that it’s just a skin and you won’t be getting any new skills or animations, but still it’s kind of cool to be able to swap out super-emo old Talion for kick-ass Lithariel to continue your orc genocide.

The content update, known as the Power of Defiance pack, also includes a new “Test of Defiance” challenge mode, as well as a new epic ruin called “Defiant to the End”. The content is already live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No mention of the content reaching last-gen versions of the game.

Source: Shadow of Mordor


Destiny! For those of you still playing (and we know there are still a lot of you still playing it), Bungie will be adding a new Sparrow called the EV-30 Tumbler. While the new Sparrow won’t allow you to keep a microblog of your journey across the Destiny universe (Ha! Tumblr LOL!) it will allow you to at least look a little cooler while doing said journeying.

In addition to sporting a super neat custom flame paint job, the EV-30 allows you to perform tricks as you glide your way across the surface of the Moon/Venus/Mars/Earth. According to the nerds at Bungie, “The EV-30 Tumbler features advanced modifications that bypass standard safety systems, disabling the stabilization and gyroscopic-force dampeners designed to keep you grounded. It’s also got a pretty sweet paint job.”


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