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As Chris alluded to in his weekly round-up, Blizzard has announced a new single-player component to Hearthstone. At present, outside of battling against AI players and playing through the tutorial, there’s little in the way of single-player content.

That’s about to change with Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure. Blizzard unveiled the first single-player Adventure content last week Friday at PAX East. The good news is that it’s going to be free content – to a certain extent.

Curse of Naxxramas will bring a new dungeon to battle through in a number of card duels against AI controlled characters unique to the Adventure mode. The dungeon will be split over five different wings, the first of which will be free to all Hearthstone players. Blizzard will open up a new wing every week for five weeks.


Entelect has officially unveiled the theme of 2014′s R100K Challenge, in which scores of intrepid programmers attempt to out-AI one another with their fancy programming skills, all in the hopes of bagging themselves a heap of cash for their troubles. This year the coding competition is based on Pac-Man, and is being split into two categories: one for beginner coders and another for programmers whose skills are more advanced. The total prize pool is R165,000, with R50,000 going to the winner of the beginner section and the remainder going to the advanced section winner. The final R15,000 will go to whoever designs the best GUI (Graphical User Interface) for their game – so talented artists can also grab themselves a piece of that prize-pie. The grand final will take place on the 4th of October, on the main stage at our very own rAge expo. Check out this link for more info.


A new game in Robot Entertainment’s popular Orcs Must Die! series will be released in late 2014 and will add MOBA and collectable card game elements to the series’ excellent third-person orc-slaying foundation. Titled Orcs Must Die! Unchained (or humans must die – depending which team you are on), the game will be a free 5v5 multiplayer experience that aims to emulate the success of the free to play models of MOBAs League of Legends and Dota 2.

Instead of simply defending against waves of orcish onslaught with a maze of wicked and sadistic traps, players can now also lead waves of AI allies into battle in an effort to push through the opposing team’s wicked and sadistic traps to destroy their fortress. Intrigued? Find out more after the jump.



You know that goosebump-inducing trailer for Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth? Well, there are some interesting things that haven’t gotten nearly as much attention as that epic music or the fact that the series is finally returning to the stars – namely the technologies that the game employs. Beyond Earth is the first Civilisation game that supports OpenGL, Linux and Mantle all in a single package. Its also one of the bigger AAA titles in recent memory that will simultaneously release on Windows, OS X and Linux platforms thanks to Valve’s Steam client. PC Master Race indeed?



In a move sure to position South African game development as being more successful than our country’s soccer team, two South African games launched via Steam Early Access last week.




The next game in Sid Meier’s iconic turn-based strategy series Civilization will take place on an alien planet. It’s called Civilization: Beyond Earth, and in many ways it’s a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. The game is developer Firaxis’ first attempt at a sci-fi 4X game (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) in nearly 15 years. Firaxis has said that while the game does draw a lot from the ’90s classic Centauri, they are aiming to go in their own direction whilst still allowing players to explore, colonize, and fight other factions in an attempt to navigate uncharted sci-fi territory.


AMD’s Kaveri launch is almost complete but it is missing a key product – the A8-7600. It’s a quad-core part with 384 GCN shader cores (six Compute Units) with base clocks of 3.1GHz, boosting to 3.3GHz under multi-threaded applications. Unlike other APUs in the Kaveri family, the A8-7600 is cheaper at $119 (approx. R1250 as of 14 May 2014) and has two modes of operation – a 65W TDP for desktop use and a 45W mode for use in small-form factor chassis and inside laptops.

AMD’s official word now is that the A8-7600 will arrive in early 2H 2014, using the first six months of 2014 instead to seed the chip to OEM partners. This could be a financial play for the company as it allows for higher sales of the A10-7850K and the A10-7700K, leaving the market open for stocks of the older Richland APUs to clear out before they unleash their bargain chip. If you were waiting on this APU, you’ll either have to wait longer or settle on something less elegant.

Source: Techspot

dropbox logo

With the news just over a week ago that Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich was stepping down due to mounting public pressure over his monetary contribution in 2008 towards a gay marriage ban, the internet hate machine now sets its sights on Dropbox for their most recent announcement of a new member joining the board of directors - former United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice.

A petition against Rice’s appointment called “Drop Dropbox” has already been drawn up and outlines the reasons why some people think this is a bad idea. This time, I might actually agree with them.


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Prior to PAX East kicking off last weekend, Roberts Space Industries, the team bringing us Star Citizen, held a backers-only presentation in which live gameplay was shown off from the upcoming dog fighting mode.

During the presentation, co-founder and CEO of RSI, Chris Roberts, revealed that the upcoming dog fighting module will be the first edition, and that there are plans to release multiple iterations that continually add new features. The module is officially called Arena Commander, and it plays out like a virtual reality training simulator within the universe of Star Citizen. The first version, which will be out in about two months, will feature free-for-all modes for up to eight players as well as a 4v4 team deathmatch. A capture the flag mode has also been confirmed as have AI opponents for those who would prefer to play the game by themselves.

The presentation was just over an hour, and if you feel like watching the entire thing (computer crashes and everything) then we’ve embedded that clip after the jump. Alternatively, if you’re frothing at the mouth to watch gameplay, a very helpful YouTuber has spliced together a 12 minute clip.


oculus rift how it works

Hello again NAGyrks, and thanks for taking ten precious minutes off from weekend catatonia to join me for This Week In Gaming. It’s been all about the VR this week, much to my disdain, and we’ll be hearing from Microsoft on what their plans are, we’ll hear from Sony about how this was their plan all along, and we’ll hear from a game developer who thinks the hardware has to reach some tough milestones before he’ll consider using it. Then we have an exciting reveal for Hearthstone enthusiasts, more details on Epic’s Fortnite than you can read in one sitting, some more attempts by EA to get into gamers’ good graces, a frankly ridiculous new Kickstarted product and some exciting new game trailers. So then, don your oversized goggles and hit the jump.



Did you get a load of those new PC specs for Watch Dogs? They’re pretty beefy, right? Well, perhaps this new trailer for the PC edition of the game will explain why.

Ubisoft Montreal has been working with nVidia (Nvidia? NVIDIA? I can’t keep up with their various stylisations) to cram a whole lot of awe-inspiring graphical doohickeys into Watch Dogs. Think stuff like extra flappy coats and extra ripple-y water and you’ll be on the right track.

In all seriousness though, Ubisoft should have just released this trailer about 20 minutes after they release THAT OTHER TRAILER that caused all the sulking about graphical downgrading. Hit the jump to see what I mean. Oh, and uh, PC Master Race? The comment section is all yours; feel free to post all of the obligatory “consolz lol!” comments you want.


AMD’s efforts for improving their Radeon branding and mindshare have been to two markets thus far – memory modules and RAMdisk software. Radeon memory modules are qualified by AMD for use with their processors and APUs at various DDR3 frequencies and their branded RAMdisk software is sold separately, enabling users to deploy RAM disks for use on their computer, giving you a super-fast temporary drive hosted on your system memory. The company is now rumored to be working on branded SSDs, partnering with Toshiba. According to Fudzilla, the SSDs would use Toshiba’s new assets acquired from OCZ which includes the Barefoot 3 controller along with 19-nanometer NAND memory made by Toshiba in-house.

Such a combination would be potent for value-orientated PC enthusiasts. Although Barefoot 3 isn’t as fast as more modern designs from Intel, Samsung, LAMD or Marvell, it does hold its own in terms of performance and OCZ drives have recently been playing the value card instead of aiming for high-end markets. If true, AMD and Toshiba would have to work together to bring up the reliability of OCZ’s technology and tailor it to be more performant than standard OCZ drives before they can think of mass deployment. Although OCZ’s SSD lines were good, many consumers had issues with reliability and reliability issues ended up undermining the work done with the Vertex 3 and 4 families.

Source: Fudzilla


Platformers tend to go in either one of two ways: elaborate fusions of experimental gimmicks that ooze style, or barebones, minimalist endeavours that harken back to a simpler time when platformers were the dominant example of the video game artform. Love is an example of the latter, taken to its logical extreme.


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Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed on the PlayStation Blog that Sucker Punch’s latest super-power infused action game, inFAMOUS: Second Son, has hit a global sales milestone of 1 million units. This includes both physical retail copies and digital copies purchased via the PlayStation Store. Not bad numbers, but probably less impressive when one considers that there are a lot of PlayStation 4 gamers out there who are eager for new titles. Our own Matthew Vice has zapped his way through the game and rather enjoyed the colourful romp. You can read about that here.

Source: The PlayStation Blog 

super retro gib friday

It’s finally Friday, and that means it’s the first ever, officially unofficial NAG Unreal Tournament 2004 Super Retro Gib Friday – and everybody is invited! Free hugs supplied by my Shield Gun all night.

WHERE: The Iteology UT2004 server, IP address: ut2004://gaming.iteology.co.za:7777

WHEN: 8pm until game over.

WHAT: There is no “what”.

We’ve also got a Mumble server set up for chat, which you can find on ts.isgaming.co.za - look for the “NAGlings” channel, and be ready for lots of girly shrieking. More info about that over here if you’ve no idea what any of that actually means.

If you don’t own a copy of Unreal Tournament, we’ll just pretend that never happened. In the meantime, go on over to GOG (cheap!) or Steam (not as cheap!) and fill this sucking black hole in your existence.

Exploding high fives to Robert Stevens at Iteology for hosting the game server for us, as well as NAG community superheroes Jeronkey and Cynikill for organising everything.

xbox one header

For the current generation of consoles, Sony and Microsoft have the same problem on their hands – both the PS4 and the Xbox One are based on the X86 processor architecture, whereas both of their previous products were based on IBM’s PowerPC acrhitecture, which is very different from anything else on the market. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One already have a decent library of titles to choose from, but both brands have an incredible back catalog of games that they could emulate or otherwise offer backwards compatibility for.

While Sony works out the kinks for PS Now and deals with PS1 and PS2 emulation on the PS4, Microsoft is doing its part in the matter and is investigating the chances of emulating Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.


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