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Bloodborne‘s been available for play in a number of venues already, but those hankering for a vicarious hands-on experience by a Real Gamer™ can immerse themselves in an hour’s worth of footage from YouTube user Prodiguous, who is one of the lucky few who’ve been pre-selected to test Bloodborne‘s alpha. Having skipped briefly through the videos (Trying to retain any sense of mystery and discovery in the hype build-up of major titles is becoming increasingly difficult), it’s very much a Dark Souls game, down to the ponderous combat, strewn-about multiplayer notes and — if it’s possible — an even grimmer setting.

You’ll get to see some of the “co-operative” elements at work in addition to the classes, so it’s quite a nice look into the early stages of the game’s development. You can check out the first of Prodiguous’ videos after the jump.

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From Software’s Bloodborne looks so cheerful! It’s definitely the kind of game that I’m going to be playing to unwind after a long day at work. All that colour, casual gameplay, and the collection of cuddly characters are a sure-fire way to relax. Nope, nothing oppressive here at all. Wonderful family fun.

Here’s the latest trailer for Bloodborne courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show. It shows off numerous new environments and offers a glimpse of the so far undisclosed multiplayer elements. Good golly but it’s all looking impressive and tempting. That being said, I’m reluctant to get too excited considering my appalling time with Dark Souls. Tarryn recently got to play the game at Gamescom; we share similar feelings towards From Software’s previous titles, but she came away genuinely excited for Bloodborne.

Further good news: the game has a release date of 6 February 2015. That’s the US date so we’ll update with our one as soon as we can. A Collector’s Edition has also been announced; it includes a Steelbook case, the soundtrack and an art book. Hit the hump for the new trailer.

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Stay a while and hey! Listen! Or something like that; I get confused trying to keep track of all the RPG quotes these days.

When we say “Seasons” are coming to Diablo III, we’re not talking about seasonal changes in weather being added into the game like it’s some sort of The Sims expansion. We’re talking Leaderboard Seasons – it’s kind of like what’s currently keeping Hearthstone fans constantly progressing their public ranking in order to unlock unique card backs each month. However, because Diablo III is about a bajillion times more complex with intricate systems and massive scale, the Seasons heading to the game are a little more in depth than what you’d find in Hearthstone.

Over the next few days, Blizzard will be releasing update patch 2.1.0, which will add seasonal challenges into the game. Seasons have been in the pipeline for a while now, but by this week Friday they’re going to officially kick off. Get ready to lose yet more time to Diablo III.

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II takes place in Borgovia, a land where gothic meets geek and dark creatures are met with darker puns. It’s an action RPG in the tradition of Torchlight and Diablo, with a baroque style of its own. It’s my first real outing with the inimitable young monster hunter Van Helsing and his wise-cracking, ass-kicking ghost companion Lady Katarina, having played the first game only briefly. And, despite an incredibly slow start, balance issues and a couple of niggly bugs, Van Helsing II is a fun romp for the price.

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And it’s coming in the form of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. This brand new, console exclusive bundle includes Diablo III and the recently released Reaper of Souls expansion pack. It also includes all the updates to the loot system and added features like Bounties. The Ultimate Evil Edition is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, making it the first time the game will be made available for the current-gen consoles.

Four-player couch co-op returns, but Blizzard has added a new Apprentice Mode which boosts low-level player characters’ power in order to play alongside friends with higher character levels. You’ll also be able to send loot items to friends on your friends list, and there’s now something called “Player Gifts” which apparently “contain rare loot for the adventurer whose name they bear”. Not exactly sure how that will work, but perhaps you’ll find personalised items for specific friends to use?

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The first expansion pack to Diablo III is out today; Reaper of Souls brings with it a new Act and a new class, but it also heralds the end of that delightful 50% bonus XP session that saw many power-levelling their existing Diablo III characters.

To celebrate the launch of Reaper of Souls, we’ve decided to share this AMAZING cartoon version of the expansion’s introduction video. The animation might look familiar to some of you – that’s because this is a Carbot spoof, and Carbot is the YouTube channel behind those adorable StarCrafts videos.

Here’s hoping this first cartoon spawns a new Carbot series. Hit the jump for your morning dose of (Diab)lols.

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It’s a double victory for gamers today: two controversial online “features” (for want of a better term) are both officially dead as of today. Maxis today released update 10 for SimCity, which makes the entire game playable offline once you’ve installed the patch. That patch will be automatically downloaded via Origin; once it is you can play single-player cities offline, and all saves will be stored on your PC.

Secondly, Diablo III’s controversial Real Money Auction House gets it switch flipped today. While you’ll still be able to access the RMAH, no further items can be put up for auction. Current auctions are still active, but once they all end, the feature will be removed and all items and gold will be distributed accordingly. Essentially, the Auction House is dead as of today.


Our friends over at Megarom have announced that they’re planning a LAN party to celebrate the launch of Diablo III‘s first expansion: Reaper of Souls. The LAN will be held on 29 March at the Internet Solutions Campus in Johannesburg.

Here’s the deal: if you want to secure yourself a ticket to this event, then head over here and fill in an entry form. Yes, this isn’t any old LAN event: tickets will only be given away in a competition, and there are only 50 seats available at the LAN. So if you’re a massive Diablo III junkie who is counting the days until Reaper of Souls, and if you live in Johannesburg (obviously), then enter! You’ve got nothing to lose except maybe a ton of sleep while you slay hellspawn and loot corpses for hours with 49 other people.


Praying, so that you may fell many monstrous titans.

Oh hey, you. Do you know what came out yesterday? That’s right, the whole Internet was abuzz with it! I’m talking, of course, about Titanfall Dark Souls II, that earnest sequel to the wailing and gnashing of teeth that was Dark Souls. At least, in America; we’ve got to wait another three days. Tch. But at least it’s better than waiting FOREVER, amirite, EA?

So far, it’s doing pretty well for itself, having garnered an average Metacritic score of 92 at the time of writing. I am pleased by this, but not nearly as pleased as I was when I watched the new launch trailer released yesterday. Miklós has done a good job keeping up with the trailer releases and news items, and I’ve been happy to wallow in the general exuberance of it all, but no longer. Because the newest trailer, titled Locomotive Breath, is succinct, poignant, and Jethro Tull (which is both a musician and — at least in this instance — an adjective for awesome). Set to the sound of Tull’s Locomotive Death Breath, it’s a bluesy and entirely appropriate accompaniment to the fate that awaits you.

Watch the trailer after the jump, and prepare to despair one last time.

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Rejoice, Glorious PC Master Race, because you too will be able to die over and over again on the 25th of April when Dark Souls II hits your platform. FromSoftware announced the release date via the official Dark Souls Facebook page. The console versions, in case you forgot, are out on the 14th of March, which is just one week away.

The extra seven week wait will be worth it though, because your version is going to be the superior one (pfft, as if I needed to tell you that). FromSoftware has confirmed increased texture resolutions as well as an increased frame rate. On top of that, the developers have pushed really hard to perfect mouse and keyboard controls.

Anyone who opts to pre-order on Steam will get bonus content at no extra cost: you’ll get a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, a PDF of the Official Dark Souls II Artbook, a digital copy of the entire Dark Souls II Digital Comic Book, and access to the Black Armour Weapon Set, which gives you ten weapons to use right off the bat. The game is already on Steam for pre-order at $49.99.

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