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“I’d love to play a game that lets me step into the shoes of an Eastern European border post officer.” – No-one ever.

Papers, Please‘s elevator pitch is totally ridiculous. You play a border post officer working for the fictional communist state of Arstotzka. Things start out relatively simply; each day you must sit in a booth and attend to people who want to cross the border and enter your country.  Your job consists of examining their documents, so: checking the expiration dates on their passports, matching their entry Visa numbers with their passport numbers, that sort of thing. Riveting stuff right?

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Man, those old fairy tales are pretty damned grim. Torture, bestiality, rape, dismemberment, incest, murder, necrophilia, suicide, cannibalism and some truly atrocious musical outbursts? Check one, check all. (Of course these are all stories we’re meant to read to children. The world suddenly makes sense.)

It was only a matter of time before somebody put this catalogue of sordid backstory to use, and indeed if you’ve ever laid eyes on Bill Willingham’s Fables – a series of comics that injects these fairy tales into the seedy mainline of modern New York – you’ll know he’s right on the money. It’s prime material for the interactive fiction treatment. Prime, but tricky – which is why it’s heartening that the task fell to Telltale Games, who more than proved their storytelling pluck with The Walking Dead. Telltale set the bar pretty high with their shambling masterpiece, so it really comes down to one question: does The Wolf Among Us settle that score?

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The formation of a natural diamond is a process of geological specificity. They require specific conditions to form, and only three places are known to produce them: the Earth’s mantle, with its ever-shifting continents; the impact site of meteorites; and the hands of the Old Spice Man. If you want diamonds, you’ll need to take a space rock to the face or apply pressure, and lots of it.

More on this in a bit.

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Not surprising, but still exciting! Telltale Games have tweeted an ominous teaser image for The Walking Dead Season 2 with the nostalgic quip, “Keep that hair short…”, and are hinting heavily that some new information about the new season is going to be revealed on Tuesday, 29/10/2013 (which is today, obviously) at 3pm Eastern time, which converts to 10:00pm Unreasonable Standard Time for us.

The first season of The Walking Dead won more awards than there are words in this article, so the second season is obviously a highly anticipated event. Look out for more info tonight.

Source: Telltale Twitter


Maybe you’ve never heard of Aquaria. It’s okay; we don’t judge here.


Released in 2007, it’s a heady blend of tight side-scrolling action, melancholic exploration and melody set in an underwater wonderland. It made quite a splash when it first came out (o-ho).

And now Alec Holowka, Aquaria’s lead programmer, is looking to do it again. In a way, he already has. Teaming up with animator Scott Benson, the fresh-off-the-slab Kickstarter for their new game, Night In The Woods, met the required funding goal of $50,000 in just over 26 hours.

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Hoo, boy. Where do I begin on this one? Perhaps if I describe my feelings towards it, I’ll find the start of this review. I loved Beyond: Two Souls, I really did, but I’m not sure which part of me loved it. The gamer part of me – the part that loves to press buttons and wiggle the analogue sticks to avoid hazards, defeat enemies and overcome obstacles – was actually left quite unfulfilled.

I’ll just come out and say it: Beyond: Two Souls is not a game. I’m not sure Heavy Rain was either, or Fahrenheit before it – it’s only now that I’ve come to realise it. There are a few bits where B:TS almost becomes a game, but I’ll get more into that later. I guess we’ll have to go with the “interactive drama” or “interactive movie” label for now, since I can’t think of any better way to describe it.

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Daedelic Entertainment has made a solid name for itself among fans of the adventure genre. Sadly, it’s a corner of the gaming universe that never really grew with the rest of the industry, which makes it extra comforting to see a company focusing on it, and developing such great games in the process.

For the uninitiated, Daedelic is probably best known for the Deponia and Edna & Harvey series, but it is also behind some other great stuff, including The Whispered World, The Night of the Rabbit – which I recently gave a positive review – and The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, which is the predecessor to Memoria.

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This is Rime. It’s still a rather secretive project, and developer Tequila Works is staying tight-lipped for now. Judging by the game’s reveal trailer from Gamescom, it kind of looks like a puzzle adventure game thing, with a lot of exploration thrown in. It also looks rather beautiful running on the PlayStation 4, which will be the game’s home as Tequila Works has accepted Sony Computer Entertainment as their publisher.

There’s a slightly extended gameplay trailer after the jump. Quite a bit of it is what was shown at Gamescom, but there is some very intriguing new content. I’m getting a serious ICO vibe from this game thanks to the lonely little boy running around a mysterious setting, using a stick to swipe at shadowy enemies. And that bridge? Yep, Shadow of the Colossus right there. I’m OK with this, because both of those games were just magical.

Check out the trailer after the jump. It comes via the European PlayStation Blog, where Tequila Works’ creative director Raúl Rubio Munárriz briefly discusses how the team is feeling post Gamescom reveal and heading into the final stages of development.

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Telltale Games has very suddenly announced that 400 Days will be out this week across multiple platforms. The DLC for Season 1 of The Walking Dead game is meant to bridge the first season with the upcoming second season. The single-dose DLC episode will feature an all-new cast of characters and follow five different stories.

The game will be hitting the US PlayStation Network today (02 July); PC/Mac on Wednesday 03 July; Xbox LIVE on Friday 05 July; the SA and EU PlayStation Network next week Wednesday 10 July; and iOS next week Thursday 11 July.

The DLC obviously requires the first season of The Walking Dead to play, and it’ll set you back $4.99.

Source: IGN

Belying its bright, fluffy exterior is an intensity to be found in The Night of the Rabbit which I did not see coming. In the same way which Bill Waterson weaves moving undertones into his playfully constructed Calvin and Hobbes comic strip series, Daedalic has created something that is layered and often surprising with its depth.

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