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Yep, the gentleman above, Michael Thommason, is smiling so broadly because he’s just earned himself a cool R8.1m by auctioning off his collection of over 11,000 games. The sale, which worked out to roughly $68 per game, was made with his extended family in mind as Thommason felt that they had needs which had to be addressed. “While I do not wish to part with these games, I have responsibilities that I have made to others and this auction is how I will help meet them,” said Thommason.

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professor farnsworth

Good News, everyone! Scientists with too much time on their hands from Virginia Tech have discovered a method to produce Hydrogen from a biomass with 100% efficiency. In the past, methods created to extract Hydrogen required lots of energy and weren’t 100% efficient. We can already produce Hydrogen by splitting water molecules using electrolysis but that’s a rather expensive process and requires us to use water sources like the sea to harvest it. In Egypt, some power stations produce Hydrogen, Oxygen and salt as by-products of using sea water to cool down their generators (which the proposed Nuclear power station at Thuyspunt would also do), but this process accelerates corrosion of metals and requires large amounts of heat to be exhausted. 

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Its a bit disconcerting to wake up one morning and find that overnight the entire review scene for both graphics cards and processors has changed dramatically. Together with several websites and writers in the technology field, Nvidia released their in-house frame latency testing tools to the public. Frame latency testing first took off with Tech Report’s Scott Wasson showing the world that frame latencies were to blame with jitters and micro-stutters observed in games, and that FPS averages were being used to mask the otherwise obvious issues to give graphics cards more favourable scores. Over time many sites have begun to include frame latency data using FRAPS, but Nvidia’s solution, designed with the help of PC Perspective, takes things to a different level entirely.


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For those of you living in suburbs that have been earmarked by Telkom for VDSL trials, you may be able to subscribe to the very high bitrate service pretty soon and at a good price too. Telkom plans to let customers apply for the VDSL packages beginning on the 4th of March. But what can you actually expect from the service and how much is this going to hurt you financially? Follow me after the jump to find out.


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Google Glass is a project the search giant started a while ago to create a pair of glasses that had an overlaid augmented reality interface, something that could keep the wearer connected to the outside world and giving them the option to upload video, capture photos and access real-time maps and information to help them on their journey. Here, the implementation of Glass seems to work using voice commands, something different from when we saw Sergey Brin’s pair at a Google conference last year, which used a button on the frames to activate a shutter and automatically share the captured image onto a Google+ profile.

I wrote a little while ago about how EA was doing an alpha test with Apple Mac users in the UK and US. Normally beta testing takes weeks, if not months but in a surprising twist, it looks like they had everything nailed down right from the start (pat on the back there for you). The company has now announced that the full Origin client is now available to download from the Origin online store and will feature the same user experience as the Windows-based client.


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You may remember a company that practically dominated the VGA landscape back when ATi was a smart-mouthed kid and Nvidia was still practically a toddler. 3DFX was a heavy-hitter in the past, smashing performance records year-on-year and introducing some new tech that we still use today. While their memory lives on with Nvidia, it was a company that pretty much kicked ass back in the day, but was let down by mismanagement, terrible planning and not being able to keep up with the rate of development of their competitors.


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The way mathematics continues to break out new advances into the way we understand our world and work with technology is astounding. There’s always something new being done each day and I’d argue that maths is an important foundation for anyone to build on, more so than language because you can always learn that later – having a good grasp of maths is crucial to succeed in any industry today. Today a new world record was broken with the discovery of the worlds largest prime number, standing at 17 million digits long. Not only is it amazing that we can go that far, it means a whole lot of trouble for encryption standards.

That's just the start of the damn thing. Holy cow.

That’s just the start of the damn thing. Holy cow.

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Hello NAGlings! Just thought I’d drop this by you. You remember that Alienware X51 I previewed a while ago, right? Well, since the local portal launch, we’ve had an official outlet to buy the X51 from, but at R11,000 many felt it was overpriced. Its recently taken a cut to R10,000 and looks much better as a result. While you may feel that the entry-level model using a Core i3-2120, Nvidia’s GT545, 4GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive isn’t worth the cost, you’re paying more for the brilliant engineering that went into the console-like chassis, barely bigger than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim. If you were looking for something more beefy, Alienware also offers a Core i5 quad-core and Nvidia’s GTX660 for R3000 more.

alienware x51

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Recently Apple opened up parts of their iTunes online store to Saffers who were buying music albums and singles from the iTunes service. Not only has Apple opened up their entire music catalog, but they also allowed use of the iTunes Matching service, which allows you to host your music files using the iCloud service to be streamed to any Apple device, provided you pay the yearly subscription fee. So that might be sweet, but iTunes also now offers movie rentals to local users, beginning last year December. That meant only one thing…


Apple TV was on its way!

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