Horrors of gilded age crytek header

As if Crytek wasn’t busy enough with other games in their 2014 pipeline, the Crysis developer has announced that they’re working on yet another game using CryEngine. Its called HUNT: Horrors of a Gilded Age and it’s a completely new IP for the company. Its being developed by Crytek USA (Crytek UK is working on Homefront: The Revolution) and it will be published by Crytek on the Windows PC platform.

HUNT is set in the late 1800s and pits you and three friends against an army of supernatural forces that threaten to kill you and everything else in the United States. Hey, this is beginning to sound like a olden-day Supernatural. Or The Brothers Grimm. Or Hansel and Gretel (the 2013 movie, not the fairytale). Anyway, hit the jump for more info!