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Electronic Arts said recently that the Wii U wasn’t part of their target platforms for the new Frostbite 3 engine because the console “couldn’t handle it.” There was also a noticeable lack of new EA titles for the platform, FIFA 14 notwithstanding.  However EA Labels President Frank Gibeau was frank about the situation: “We’re a rational company, we go where the audience is. We publish games where we think we can make a great game and hit a big audience, and make money. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we have an industry. From our perspective we’ll look at the Wii U, we’ll continue to observe it. If it becomes a viable platform from an audience standpoint, we’ll jump back in.

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Man, E3 2013 is shaping up to be one of the most awesome and unforgettable trade shows I’ve ever seen. Not only do we have the beginnings of the next console war, we also have some amazing games coming our way, including Ubisoft’s The Crew, DICE’s Battlefield 4 and Mirror’s Edge 2, Metal Gear Solid 5 and more, but there was also lots of support from Sony and its fans for the removal of DRM restrictions for second-hand games. Speaking of Battlefield 4, did anyone see the epic 64-man multiplayer demo they had going? Check it out, because what was happening there made things very, very interesting for PC gamers – the whole thing was powered by AMD. Hit the jump for more info.

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And not just any PCs, mind you, but the “highest-end” PCs you can buy. Brb, getting my asbestos gear and popcorn.

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AMD has been getting more and more attention in the media lately and it’s not because they’d like to be within it’s good books – the company has just been doing and announcing so many things that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Over the weekend starting late on Friday, the company showed up in lots of articles that I couldn’t do one for each topic. So hit the jump to get back up to speed and see a new direction the company is now taking in cosying up to developers.

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I wrote a little while ago about how EA was doing an alpha test with Apple Mac users in the UK and US. Normally beta testing takes weeks, if not months but in a surprising twist, it looks like they had everything nailed down right from the start (pat on the back there for you). The company has now announced that the full Origin client is now available to download from the Origin online store and will feature the same user experience as the Windows-based client.


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With the Steam on Linux beta going from strength to strength and more games ported over by the day, other software distribution platforms are looking at their OS compatibility to see if there’s other markets they can get into. Currently Valve is the only company, aside from, that offers games able to work on three different, consumer-targeted desktop platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and now Linux (mostly Debian and Red Hat-based, though). EA’s Origin has been Windows-only for quite some time but will soon take its first steps trekking into the Mac OS X bushveld.

origin mac

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Those of you currently playing Battlefield 3 have all been familiar with the system requirements because your friends keep on asking you what’s required. If they’re still on Windows XP, your answer should be; “a console or Windows 7 64-bit.” EA’s Battlefield 3 is the latest in a growing list of games that have killed off Windows XP support, only allowing gamers to play on Vista or 7. While 32-bit installs are fine, for the best experience EA recommends that players switch to 64-bit Windows with 4GB of RAM.

DICE, the developer of the Frostbite engine and a subsidiary of EA, hasn’t gone on record to state which games will be 64-bit only but has confirmed that the engine will be 64-bit only from 2013 onwards. Frostbite 2.0 will be present in this year’s Medal of Honour: Warfighter but there’s no specific bit requirement apart from the lack of XP support (inside I’m jumping for joy). The license of the engine is unfortunately proprietary and will only appear in games developed by DICE or EA, just like Codemasters uses the same EGO 2.0 engine in all its modern racing titles.

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Tomorrow marks the end of the one-month free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers. For those that don’t want to be billed, today would be the day to click that unsubscribe button. Except, according to some reports, that button has mysteriously vanished. For some. BioWare claims it’s an issue with “certain browsers”, and recommends people call their support line if they want to unsubscribe. Others claim more shady intentions on behalf of EA/BioWare.

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EA has released its own digital distribution platform for the PC. Origin is meant to stand alongside digital behemoth Steam. It’s still early days, but EA has a lot of catching up to do – something that will be somewhat easier with the launch of Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The platform does have some neat features, like being able to add your physical copies of EA games to your Origin account, thereby allowing you to download a copy in the future should you lose your discs or they become damaged. Naturally there are a few eyebrow-raising bits and pieces as well, like the price of games available on Origin. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 for example, costs a whopping R399 and yet you can buy the Premier Edition on Kalahari for (wait for it) R40.95. Wow EA, R399 for a digital copy when I can get a physical one for nearly a tenth of that price? Not sure if serious…

Another slightly dodgy element is a particularly unnerving paragraph in Origin’s Terms of Service. It was originally highlighted by Rock Paper Shotgun after a number of their readers emailed them out of concern.

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“Respawn Entertainment marks a fresh start for Jason and me,” said Vince Zampella, who’ll act as general manager. Respawn Entertainment was founded with Electronics Arts as publisher.

Frank Gibeau, President of the EA Games Label commented, “This is the start of a great publishing partnership – one that I expect will develop blockbuster game franchises. Jason and Vince are two of the top creative leaders in the entertainment industry. At EA, we’re honoured to be their partners and to give them the support they need to hire a team and return to making incredible games.”

As you may recall, Vince Zampella and Jason West, founders of Infinity Ward, were fired recently for “insubordination” according to Activision. Soon after, the pair launched a lawsuit against their former employer for US$36 million and control over the Modern Warfare franchise. Hot on the heels of their ousting, many Infinity Ward key staff members have started jumping ship, some over to Respawn, others off to start their own thing.

“For the past decade we led a great development team and poured our hearts into creating an epic game franchise. We’re very proud of what we built – and proud that so many millions of fans enjoyed those games. Today we hope to do it all over again — open a new studio, hire a great team, and create brand new games with a new partner, EA”. says Jason.

It’s worth it to note that the people leaving Infinity Ward now, before their contract is up in October, are opting to forgo their hefty royalties from the sales of Modern Warfare 2. West added: “We’re excited. Now that the team is in control of the games and brands, we can ensure that the fans are treated as well as they deserve.”

People who have left Infinity Ward so far:

* Steve Fukuda — Lead Designer
* Zied Reike — Lead Designer
* Rayme Vinson — Programmer
* Chris Cherubini — Lead Artist

* Todd Alderman
* Francesco Gigliotti
* Mackey McCandlish
* Jon Shiring
* Bruce Ferriz (for a start-up, Big Red Button Entertainment)

It may be pure irony that now the team is back at EA, who they left in the first place to go found Infinity Ward, which was then picked up by Activision.


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