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With The Sims 4 right around the corner, EA has decided to officially cease support for the now practically ancient The Sims 2. But before they send the old girl out to pasture, they’ve decided to let anyone have a ride (totally not a weird sexual metaphor, I swear), by giving away the game, with all its expansions and Stuff packs, for free.

To claim your prize, log in to your Origin account and redeem the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS before the 31st of July. Then it’s just a small matter of downloading the 12.5GB of data and you’re good to go!

Special thanks to Facebook fan Sebastian Cooper for bringing this news to our attention.




Two of EA’s biggest upcoming releases have been delayed. The ambitious, open-world Dragon Age: Inquisition was set to release in October of this year, but has been delayed by a month. It will now be releasing for us in South Africa on 21 November 2014. The delay, according to the game’s executive producer Mark Darrah, comes down to needing more time for polishing the experience.

“This last bit of time,” Darrah explained on the Dragon Age website, “is about polishing the experience we want you to see. Ensuring that our open spaces are as engaging as possible. Strengthening the emotional impact of the Hero’s choices. And ensuring the experience you get is the best it can be in the platform you choose to play on.”

It’s actually one of the rare occasions when a delay might be welcomed by many gamers – October was already crowded with massive releases, so spreading things out a bit certainly makes our wallets and free-time feel a little happier.

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Developer Maxis has released a 20 minute gameplay walkthrough of upcoming The Sims 4. This is the same game content that was shown off to attendees at E3 in June of this year. Maxis cautions that this is beta gameplay that is at least a month old already. Still, it’s looking good.

The video is introduced and commented on by producers Ryan Vaughan and Graham Nardone – both waste no time in showing off the new features you can expect to see. The new emotion-based gameplay is front-and-centre for most of the video, but what’s more interesting are the new Build Mode features that appear in the last half of the video. They’ve added some nice new tools and tricks, including the much requested ability to change foundation and wall height on the fly. At last!

Despite the neat glimpse at some fun-looking gameplay, the video has caused some online controversy, which is unsurprising because EA. This time the fuss is thanks to a glimpse of the game’s UI at around the 13:00 minute mark, when a prompt to sign up for a Sims 4 Premium Subscription appears on screen.

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Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble has tweeted a link to a new survey compiled by the team at BioWare. “Help us make the next Mass Effect game the best one yet,” he said. If you follow this link you can spend less than 5 minutes working through a couple of quick questions.

The survey is designed to ascertain your general preferences for role-playing games. It asks you to rate, on a scale from one to seven, how important aspects like Story, Exploration, Combat and Customization are to you when you’re playing an RPG.

Sadly, there’s nothing major in terms actual information on the game, but we’re guessing Mass Effect fans are willing to take just about anything considering how quiet things have been regarding information on the next chapter in the series. The good news is that BioWare has a Mass Effect panel planned for next week’s San Diego Comic-Con on 26 July. Expect some more information then.

Source: Twitter
Via: Eurogamer


BioWare’s creative director for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mike Laidlaw, has 16 minutes of new gameplay to share with you. This section of gameplay is what was shown off live during E3. In this recorded walkthrough, you’ll get to see a chunk of gameplay featuring a female Qunari mage in action.

The area that BioWare chose to use for this demo is expansive. In fact, it’s larger than the entire game world of Dragon Age: Origins, and this is just one portion of Inquisition’s open-world.

Combat and exploration take front and centre for the gameplay video, and you’ll get to see party members taking on various enemies and eventually a dragon towards the end. It’s all looking really good, and I’m eagerly anticipating the release of that Dragon Age Keep so that I can play catch-up after having missed the previous games.

Grab that coffee / tea / chai latte / skinny flat white with vanilla soy extract, and hit the jump.

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About two weeks ago there was an Internet kerfuffle sparked by the revelation that The Sims 4 won’t include swimming pools or toddlers. Said kerfuffle was so fuffley that it culminated in 16, 000 people signing an online petition over on Because as we all know, online petitions change everything.

Considering the level of fan dismay that this news caused, EA and Maxis have had to address the issue head on. This has resulted in Rachel Franklin (who is part of the team working on The Sims 4) writing up a post over on the official webpage for the game. In that post she explains the reasoning behind the decision to remove swimming pools and toddlers. The gist: the content was cut to make way for improvements in other areas that result in the game being better.

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Fun fact: there are at least TWO people on the NAG team that have no problem admitting that they love and have spent an unhealthy amount of time playing The Sims games. (Spoiler: I’m one of them; Geometrix is the other. Now you know. You’re welcome.) The Sims 4 is out this September, which some of us are pretty excited about. (Spoiler: it’s Geoff and me. I know, I know, you didn’t see that coming at all. Strange that.)

With the game about to top the local PC sales charts  for the next six years, Electronic Arts is starting to discuss some of the title’s aspects in detail. To that end, “Sim Guru Ryan” has written a blog post over on the official Sims website. While the tone of this post is undeniably upbeat and public relations-ey, it’s bummed out a lot of people in that it’s revealed that swimming pools and the toddler phase won’t be making it into the game.

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EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has dispelled any thoughts of Battlefield becoming a yearly franchise by stating the following to Polygon:

“The EA that I’m trying to help build isn’t an EA that needs to annualize everything. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to annualize Battlefield and that’s the way it’s going to be forever and ever. I understand that some people may look at it that way but that’s what happened. Karl-Magnus [Troedsson], who runs DICE studios, and Steve Papoutsis, who runs Visceral, basically met in Barcelona almost three years ago and they came to me [with] the idea of a cops and robbers type Battlefield game.”

In fact, Söderlund claims that a Hardline-style game has been considered for over ten years and is only now being realised.


Electronic Arts’ press event, which was held last night at about 10PM our time, wasn’t exactly that exciting. While last year they hurled game announcement after game announcement at us, this year they seemed to show off minimal new content for the game’s unveiled last year. Sadly, Star Wars Battlefront is one of those, and EA had very little in the way of further details on the game.

Instead of showing off some gameplay or early build of the title, EA opted to show off a developer diary sort of thing. While the video itself is rather interesting, it wasn’t exactly the action packed trailer people were hoping for.

Whatever the case may be, from the developer diary we have learnt that the folks at DICE are working very closely with Lucasfilm archives, and they’ve also travelled to the locations that many of the iconic Star Wars battles were filmed. I guess they’re trying to reassure fans that the series and canon is in good hands. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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We’re covering E3 2014 (semi-live) and next up is Electronic Arts! Lets see what these guys have in store.

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