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Dragon Age Inquisition

And just like that, I think I might have to finally relinquish and get into the Dragon Age series, because this new trailer for Inquisition does an outstanding job of making the third game look very, very appealing.

BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have released this new story trailer alongside the announcement that the game will launch on 07 October. That’s the only date provided so far, and it’s unclear whether that’s a worldwide release date or just the US date. We’ll update as soon as we know.

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Short of Star Wars 1313 being resurrected, this is probably the best news any Star Wars fan will read for a very long time. Amy Hennig, who recently left Naughty Dog after fulfilling the role of creative lead for the entire Uncharted series, has joined EA Visceral Games. As we all know, Visceral Games is working on a new Star Wars game now that Electronic Arts has licensing and development rights from Disney. Hennig will lead the Visceral team’s Star Wars project as creative director.

In a message published on EA’s official website, Steve Papoutsis, the vice-president and general manager at Visceral, expressed his excitement at having Hennig join the team. “I’ve always admired her approach to creative development – focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player.”

Hennig is a long-time fan of the Star Wars IP and has years of experience in the gaming industry. With rumours that Visceral’s new Star Wars is set to be an open-world game, and confirmation that Hennig will be at the creative helm, it’s a good day to be a Star Wars fan.

Source: EA


Online gaming is no stranger to hacks and cheats that give players an advantage. Aimbots and wallhacks aid those people who have allowed their obsession with winning to engulf their honest participation in online gaming. But banhammers are so last-gen. There’s a new way to deal with those unscrupulous mouth-breathers who muck up online games due to cheating: lump them all in the same boat so that they can only play with their cheating, mouth-breathing brethren. Those people are scum, and they deserve each other.

Respawn is doing just that, and it’s all gotten underway on the PC version of Titanfall. They’ve done this by enabling Gameblock’s “Fair Fight” system of server-side tools to monitor player behaviour. It’s rather clever: Fair Fight monitors players’ actions and compares those actions to a set of statiscitally derived markers of legitimate player activities. If the player’s activities differ too much from the statiscial norm, then that player is earmarked as using hacks and cheats.

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Electronic Arts has a new CEO – Andrew Wilson. He’s been driving the company for the last couple of months, and CNN recently sat down with him to discuss how things are going. Unsurprisingly, the conversation covered all sorts of topics from excuses for the debacle that was SimCity and Battlefield 4, to the potential of less frequent EA Sports titles.

More interesting, however, was Wilson’s discussion of what’s in store for their Star Wars license. If you recall, Electronic Arts signed a multi-year development and publishing agreement with Disney that will see them develop original games based on the Star Wars IP. So far, the only game announced is DICE’s reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which will only be out towards the end of next year. There are, however, rumours of an open-world Star Wars game being developed by EA Canada.

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Dragon Age Inquisition

Website All Games Beta has managed to acquire 10 new screenshots of BioWare’s upcoming fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game, being developed on the ever-lovely Frostbite engine, is certainly looking good – as you’ll see when you hit the jump and take a leisurely gander through the collection of screenshots.

There are dragons, and some rubble, and zombies, and a small person fighting a dragon with something that looks like a lightsaber but probably isn’t actually a lightsaber. There’s also a dwarf with a crossbow who (I am told) is an important character from previous games. Having never played a Dragon Age I’ll have to just accept that information on face value. That being said, these screenshots are making me question the merit of my deciding not to give this series a go.

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It’s a double victory for gamers today: two controversial online “features” (for want of a better term) are both officially dead as of today. Maxis today released update 10 for SimCity, which makes the entire game playable offline once you’ve installed the patch. That patch will be automatically downloaded via Origin; once it is you can play single-player cities offline, and all saves will be stored on your PC.

Secondly, Diablo III’s controversial Real Money Auction House gets it switch flipped today. While you’ll still be able to access the RMAH, no further items can be put up for auction. Current auctions are still active, but once they all end, the feature will be removed and all items and gold will be distributed accordingly. Essentially, the Auction House is dead as of today.

Yesterday we shared the good news that you can still get hold of Titanfall in South Africa. Late last night our pre-order key turned into a preload key, which means we were able to start downloading the game through Origin so that it’s ready to go for Friday’s release. That download is 49.9 GB 29 GB big. Yes, the DOWNLOAD, not the installation. The massive size difference when compared to the Xbox One’s 16GB has to do with the fact that the PC version uses uncompressed audio. That uncompressed audio accounts for 35 GB of data once you’ve installed the 49 GB game. Respawn tells Joystiq that they opted for uncompressed audio in order to compensate for dual core CPUs, which are the minimum requirement. A dual core CPU would utilise most of an entire core just to decompress that audio, so everyone gets uncompressed audio.

Bottom line: if you’re picking up a digital copy of Titanfall on PC (pretty much your only option in South Africa) then you better start that download soon.

SA titanfall petition

Is there a stronger “good news” meme than the Prof. Farnsworth one? If so, imagine I started this article with that, because South Africa’s Titanfail problem has turned into a Titanfall solution. You can still buy the game online, and Respawn has confirmed that there is no IP blocking on the servers.

Our friends over on Lazygamer have confirmed that Origin codes are not locked to specific regions and that South African Origin accounts have no issue redeeming them; this despite the fact that the local Origin Store doesn’t even list Titanfall as being available for purchase. Lazygamer redeemed an Australian Origin code and the game is busy downloading in their South African account right this moment.

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SA titanfall petition

If you’re one of the gamers who were disappointed today with the news that EA’s much-anticipated arena shooter Titanfall is not going to land on our shores, we have some good news! You can vent out your frustrations in a petition started by Nik Dragutinovic on, in which Nik urges EA to reconsider deploying Titanfall to South Africa despite our remote location and given the fact that we don’t have local Microsoft Azure servers to make the gameplay experience less laggy.

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News has hit that the local release of Titanfall has been cancelled. Electronic Arts South Africa has released a brief statement via Facebook saying that after consideration, and due to the lack of Microsoft Azure servers (which host Titanfall in other territories), they’ve taken the decision not to release Titanfall locally.

“After conducting recent online tests for Titanfall, we found that the performance rates in South Africa were not as high as we need to guarantee a great experience, so we have decided not to release Titanfall in South Africa at this time.

We understand this is a disappointment for local fans and will keep fans posted on any future plans regarding the release of Titanfall in South Africa.”

Considering many local gamers participated in the game’s beta and came out saying that despite high pings the game was still entirely playable, this decision is shocking. The game has since been removed from the South African EA Origin shop, and it’s likely online retailers will soon be contacting those who pre-ordered already.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Source: EA South Africa on Facebook



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