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I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for a few days now and I have a confession to make. I’m stuck.

I can’t get past Haven.

Because I keep restarting the game to design a new character.

First I wanted to make my traditional favourite Dragon Age character: an Elf rogue. As much as I tried and tried and tried to make her look like a little Celtic warrior maiden, she’d just come out looking… wrong. Oversized lips, weird cheekbones and jawlines, and tattoo colours that felt like a good idea in theory and never seemed to turn out to be a good idea in practice. So I decided to try out the new playable race, the Qunari.

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So, with all the noise about some games being buggy on launch and horribly hard on even the best hardware available, how’s about tainting your Monday with some news that two of this year’s biggest hitters do not properly support dual-core processors? Eh, eh? I bet you’re confused now, but so are a lot of other gamers who bought the games for their systems, only to learn that things weren’t exactly working as they should be. This affects Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, so follow me after the jump to see what the hell’s going on here.

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Good news, Sims nerds: the free content update that brings pools back to The Sims 4, is now live and ready for you to download via Origin. It weighs in at just under 300MB.

Towards the end of June this year, EA and Maxis made the unpopular announcement that pools and toddlers had been cut from the game. They tried to follow up that announcement by saying the cut content helped them to make a better Sims 4. Shortly after the game released, EA announced that pools would make a return via a free content update.

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Hey, remember EA Access? That subscription based offerring from EA that will give you access to their games and early access to upcoming games? It’s like PlayStation Plus just within the EA stable of titles. Well, IF you’ve subscribed or are thinking about it, know that being an EA Access member will mean you’ll be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition next week provided you’re playing on Xbox One.

Inquisition is the next title to get the Early Access treatment from EA. The game is out worldwide on 18 November, but EA Access members will get it on Thursday, 13 November. This Early Access will give you six hours to spend with the game before the rest of the world. You’ll be able to create your character and start the single-player campaign. Co-operative multiplayer quests will also be accessible. Once the game launches properly on 18 November, and if you end up paying for a full copy (with the 10% discount EA Access members get), your Early Access version will click over and you’ll be able to continue your game where you left off.

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UPDATE: the new content is live and will automagically download next time you launch; it’s 2.7 GB.

For the six of you in South Africa who are playing Titanfall, Respawn has announced that an upcoming content update will bring a Horde more called Frontier Defense.

Frontier Defense will put four players together to battle increasingly difficult waves of AI-controlled enemies. Respawn has said that we can expect new enemy types alongside some variations of Titans and Spectres. In the demo that was streamed by Respawn over Twitch, Militia forces had to protect a harvester from IMC attack. Players were able to deploy fixed turrets and swap their weapon loadouts at Loadout Crates found near the specific defence objective. If you’re killed, you get flown back into the fray, but you can also fire down on the battle from the safety of the drop ship.

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Good news, Sims fans: EA has just announced a set of free content updates coming over the next three months. Starting from today, the October update brings ghosts back to The Sims 4. When your beloved digital people peg, they can now come back as ghosts to haunt homes or simply move back in and carry on as if nothing’s happened. It’ll probably get totally awkward for those remaining Sims with mortal coils still firmly unshuffled. Your spooky Sims keep all their traits and remain controllable, but because they’re, well, dead, they get new abilities for you to muck around with. There’s also apparently a way to bring them back from the dead – so, you know, yay mad science experiments!

In addition to ghosts, the October update brings new eye colours and, we guess because it’s Halloween month or something, a set of Star Wars outfits for your Sims. So now you can dress your Sims up as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Yoda.

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BioWare’s third instalment in their fantasy RPG series is out on 21 November for us here in South Africa. As such, expect the Hype Train to be pulling out of Grand Hype Central Station as the next few weeks continue.

To kick things off on our rapid journey to release date, BioWare has released a three-minute video segment showing off the rather impressive character creation tool. For many, designing the perfect RPG character is one of the biggest enjoyments to be found in sprawling fantasy epics. BioWare seems to have you covered in that regard.

Don’t forget, there are four playable races to choose from: human, dwarf, elf and qunari. You’ll get to see examples of all of them in the video. The character creation tool looks to be one of the more thorough we’ve seen in years. Check it out after the jump.

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Those of you who have already begun playing FIFA 15 may have been disappointed (or pleased) by the fact that Luis Suarez’ real-life ban from football has been included in the game. This means that not only is the player unavailable in single-player modes, but he is also completely unavailable in the game’s flagship Ultimate Team mode.

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Were YOU planning on downloading a pirated copy of The Sims 4? If you were then a) you are a terrible human being and b) you’re going to have a bad time. Developers and publishers have become increasingly creative when it comes to combatting piracy, and The Sims 4 has now added to that ever-growing collection of neat ideas.

In The Sims franchise, the moment your digital people get naked, they get a little pixelated blob over them. The moment they’re once again decent, that pixel overlay disappears – unless you’re a filthy pirate. Anyone who has downloaded a torrented version of the game will find a sneaky little addition that’s exclusive to that version: those pixels that appear over naked Sims will never disappear. In fact, they’ll continue to expand until the entire screen is pixelated and blurred out.

Naturally, pirates the world over went to the game’s forums to look for answers for this “bug”. EA then said that they have no intention to help anyone who has pirated the game, and they suggest buying a proper copy instead. Take THAT, you scurvy, barnacle felching scumbags.

Via: Joystiq


BioWare has announced plans to ship Dragon Age: Inquisition with a separate, four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. They’re likening this mode to the surprisingly successful multiplayer component that shipped with Mass Effect 3.

Hang on! Before you get all uppity that your endings for Inquisition will be influenced by your performance in multiplayer, know that the single player campaign is entirely separate from the multiplayer portion. The two will be linked in lore only: in the single player story, you’ll have access to specialists who send agents off on missions as part of your inquisition goals. In multiplayer you’ll play as those agents, with the specialists providing details on what your multiplayer mission objective might be.

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