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Evolve cover

Yep, Evolve will be at rAge 2014. And judging by what Megarom is doing to support it, it’ll be big. Hit the jump to crank up the hype.

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In case you were worried (nay, panicked… nay, terrified) that Mirror’s Edge 2 wasn’t going to make an appearance at this year’s E3, then worry/panic/be terrified no more. That image above was recently uploaded to the official Mirror’s Edge Facebook page with the tag “E32014″. E3 kicks off in, oh, about 3 hours when the first of the pre-event media briefings start. They’re pretty much being streamed everywhere if the airline ticket to L.A. was too expensive for you.


Techland, as we know, has this preoccupation with first-person zombie games. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not over the whole zombie apocalypse thing just yet. Consequently, Dying Light is a rather bright blip on my “Games of 2014″ radar.

Here’s nine minutes of new gameplay, which looks like it’s running on PlayStation 4. The gameplay shows the player character having to prime a selection of traps scattered around an infested neighbourhood. In Dying Light, your greatest weapon is agility and speed, and the result is a first-person zombie game that blends the gory close-combat of Dead Island and the parkour movement of Mirror’s Edge. A big open world and a levelling system with skills to unlock round off the whole package.

Dying Light’s hook, and the reason the game has the name that it does, is that once the sun goes down (there’s a day-night cycle) the zombies become far more powerful and aggressive. You don’t want to be outside a safe zone when the sun disappears. Hit the jump to see why.

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How was your weekend? Did you play loads of Battlefield 4 on your super-beefy PC? Perhaps you encountered some online difficulties considering the Battlefield 4 PC servers took a beating? That’s thanks to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that kicked off this last Saturday.

The reason why is officially unclear, but you can bet it’s because of some disgruntled and vocal minority in the Battlefield community; maybe a sniper rifle was nerfed or something? The DDoS attack meant that a lot of people couldn’t log in to play the game, and those who could only encountered issues like their progress being reset, which gave them all entry-level gear.

DICE is obviously aware of the situation, but there’s been no official word since their initial acknowledgement of the attack. We’ll update if we hear more, but as of this Monday morning, things seem to have quietened down. Did you have issues this weekend? Are you still experiencing issues? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Kotaku

Minecraft x Skyrim

So, it finally happened. Two of the most iconic (and addictive) games in recent history have mashed all their good parts together and made a baby. Oh bless, it’s a Minerim!

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This is Dying Light, a new zombie IP brought to you by the people at Techland – the same people who brought you another zombie IP called Dead Island. You’ve probably heard of that one. Dying Light is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and it’s due out next year on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The first-person action game sticks you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but with a couple of twists. For starters, your character is a pretty damn slick parkour runner. Consequently, the game is kind of a mash-up between Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge. The game’s title gives away the next twist: you don’t really want to be anywhere other than a safe zone once the sun goes down. If you find yourself out at nightfall, the infected become a whole lot more aggressive and powerful. The moment the sun goes down, the better option is to drop any weapons, turn tail and run.

Both RedTide and I got some hands-on time with the game at E3. There’s quite a bit of potential in the title. I particularly liked the fact that running is the better option come nightfall as it gives the parkour elements a time to shine. It also makes for some pretty tense gameplay. Hit the jump to check out the game in action.

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You guys! You guys! Now, I don’t want everyone getting too excited, but in case you haven’t inferred from the very, very obvious headline, the German branch of has listed Mirror’s Edge 2 for pre-order. Did you hear that? That was the sound of a bajillion fans squeeing in unison.

In the past, Germany’s Amazon has been pretty good at outing games before they’re announced. They were responsible for revealing that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Premium Edition a few days before Bethesda planned supposed to do the same. They’ve also just outed a possible PC version of GTA V, but that one is still up for debate.

Naturally, EA’s Department of Buzzkilling has responded to the listing with the following statement: “We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel. This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time.” Yeah, whatever Mr. Buzzkillington; just shut up. E3 is right around the corner and what with all this new console hardware flying around, it just seems about the right time for EA to unveil Mirror’s Edge 2 and simultaneously “win” E3 in the process.

Source: Shacknews


Techland, the dev team behind Dead Island and the more recent Dead Island: Riptide, has a new game in the works. It’s called Hellraid and while it was revealed a while back, we haven’t actually seen much of it until now.

Here’s the first gameplay-stuffed trailer. In the game you’ll get to pick one of four character types: a paladin, rogue, warrior or mage. You then need to wade your way through a fantasy setting while dispatching hordes of evil things that want to shred your face. According to Techland the game will feature RPG elements like quests and loot drops.

If it all looks a little familiar, that’s because it’s running on the same engine as Dead Island, only now you’re killing more than just zombies and we’re in a fantasy world instead of a sun-drenched tropical island. The game is out this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Trailer after the jump.

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In a recent interview with Strategy Informer, Eidos Montreal producer Stephane Roy has given us a little insight into what to expect from the PC version of the Thief reboot – which is currently in development – suggesting that it is getting special attention from the development team.

“No doubt on our side the PC version is extremely important,” Roy said. “Just playing Thief with a keyboard and mouse it’s different so we must make sure we support that well. For making the PC version we think like a PC gamer, for consoles it’s a different type of beast. It’s one of our goals to make sure that the PC version isn’t just a copy of the console version.”

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering that Square Enix’s last big multi-platform title,  Tomb Raider, had a particularly good PC release.

Thief is due out in 2014, and is currently confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4, and “other next generation consoles.”


Deep Silver revealed the existence of this, thing. It’s the special edition for Dead Island: Riptide and it’s being referred to as the “Zombie Bait Edition”. That’s because it comes with a 30cm tall, mutilated female torso. Naturally, every inch of the torso is dismembered, slashed and bloodied, except for the boobs because “cake and eat it” I guess?

The Zombie Bait Edition is only available for European and Australian markets, which means it would probably be available here as well. I say “it would” because it’s likely that this won’t actually be released judging by the colossal backlash Deep Silver has received since the edition’s unveiling.

Mere hours after the Zombie Bait edition was made public, Deep Silver had to issue an apology.

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