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Next month, Bungie will release its first chapter of downloadable content entitled “The Dark Below”. A YouTube user called Mr Jester6598 just uploaded the intro video for that piece of DLC, claiming that he gained access to it via an error in the Destiny main game.

The pre-rendered intro sets the scene for the DLC. Players will be facing Crota, the closest thing the Flood the Hive have to a god. Basically, he’s a badass who has claimed the lives of all sorts of guardians. So naturally you’ll need to party up to kick his butt in the new raid.

Alongside this new raid, the DLC will bring three new PVP maps, new weapons and equipment, a new Strike (two if you’re on PS4), and three new story missions. It’s out on 09 December; hit the jump for the intro before Activision’s ninja lawyers have it expunged from the interwebs.

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Destiny! For those of you still playing (and we know there are still a lot of you still playing it), Bungie will be adding a new Sparrow called the EV-30 Tumbler. While the new Sparrow won’t allow you to keep a microblog of your journey across the Destiny universe (Ha! Tumblr LOL!) it will allow you to at least look a little cooler while doing said journeying.

In addition to sporting a super neat custom flame paint job, the EV-30 allows you to perform tricks as you glide your way across the surface of the Moon/Venus/Mars/Earth. According to the nerds at Bungie, “The EV-30 Tumbler features advanced modifications that bypass standard safety systems, disabling the stabilization and gyroscopic-force dampeners designed to keep you grounded. It’s also got a pretty sweet paint job.”

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This is rapidly becoming the norm for PC game releases: developers removing features or adding in nasty traps that trigger the moment the game is cracked and pirated. It’s been used by EA and Maxis in The Sims 4, and rather famously in Serious Sam 3’s immortal red scorpion enemy.

Now it’s Ubisoft’s turn to add to the increasing collection of pirate traps. A number of PC players have hopped online to vent frustration at the fact that the game lacks an FOV (field of vision) slider. The game’s creative director, Alex Hutchinson, sent out a tweet to tell people what was up with that.

Well, that’s awkward. The PC version of the game does actually have an FOV slider, if that’s your thing.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is newcomer Sledgehammer Game’s first stab at arguably the industry’s biggest IP. While the development team did help Infinity Ward develop 2011’s Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare is the first Call of Duty that Sledgehammer can call their own.

They’ve done a stellar job in injecting new life into the annualised series. What’s even more admirable is that they’ve made it their own, adding fundamental changes to tried and tested CoD formulae resulting in one of the more memorable Call of Duty titles since 2007’s original Modern Warfare.

While Sledgehammer has indeed set the bar high for 2015’s version, Advanced Warfare is not without some oddities and irritations, especially on the PC version we used for this review.

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You’ve got just five days to wait before you get to fling yourself from the icy peaks of Kyrat’s mountain ranges. Don’t worry though because you have a wingsuit to obviate that whole dying part. So with Far Cry 4’s release date closing in on us faster than velociraptors on a Bob Peck, it seems about the right time to spend eight minutes getting to know the game a little better. That and there’s new stuff on display here so that’s always cool.

This is Ubisoft’s official “101 Launch Trailer” for the game. Far Cry 4 is out on 18 November for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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The first thing that struck me about the Overwatch trailer, before anything else, was the fact that this game was trying to appeal to me. This is not something I’m used to experiencing.

Like many female gamers, I grew up with the understanding that most gamers are dudes and that games reflect that. I learned that hyper-sexualised female characters and male-only leads were the norm.

That said, I have always tended to like games that are in general more diverse. Games like the Elder Scrolls series or World of Warcraft, where not only can you play a female character but where there are some damn incredible female lead characters as well. Games that just feel more accepting of me in general, even if they were still very male-focused in many ways.

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Our friends over at IGN have the skinny on a third Trapper class heading to asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve. Abe is quite a bit different to his other fellow Trappers Maggie and Griffin in that his focus is on the long-term trapping. While he still makes use of the Mobile Arena to keep the Monster pinned in the immediate area, he swaps out the harpoon-type weapons for a Stasis Grenade. While Monsters are able to break tethers from harpoons in order to escape, once Abe’s Stasis Grenades go off, there’s pretty much no escaping them.

The Stasis Grenades can be lobbed directly at the Monster, or scattered about the level like proximity mines. In addition to Stasis Grenades to keep monsters pinned, Abe has a Tracking Dart in case the Monster manages to escape. What’s neat is that you can tag wildlife with the darts as well, and if the Monster eats tagged wildlife, the tracker dart sticks to the Monster instead.

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The much-loved zombie multiplayer mode is making a return in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The catch: it’s not in the main game as an added feature like it was in previous versions of Call of Duty. If you want zombies in Advanced Warfare, then you need to buy the Season Pass.

The Season Pass, which is priced at a ridiculous $49.99 (more than R500, or almost the price of Advanced Warfare to begin with) will include four map packs, with the first pack being made available on Xbox One in January 2015. Other platforms will have to wait longer.

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Microsoft has released a Halo 2 Anniversary cinematic launch trailer, offering a glimpse at the crisp quality of the remake’s new cut-scenes. The game is included as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and will include completely new cinematics created specifically for the special release. These cut-scenes will allow players to discover new story elements while enjoying the prettier, updated visuals. Hit the jump to see just how pretty they really are.

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Well then, Halo: Nightfall is looking pretty darn good. The upcoming live-action series produced by Ridley Scott will fill the narrative gap between the events of Halo 4 and Halo 5. It’ll star a new character called Agent Locke (played by Mike Colter); Locke will also be a playable character in Halo 5.

This new trailer is an extended version of the one that was released a few months ago. With the Halo: Master Chief Collection heading to Xbox One on 11 November, it seems like a good time to remind the world that Nightfall is coming as well, despite the fact that Microsoft’s TV studio, Xbox Originals, is already dead.

The new Nightfall trailer introduces a few more characters, shows off a lot of familiar weapons (which look really amazing) and gives a glimpse of an Elite. Got to admit, I kind of really want to watch this.

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