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Following a significant update to the game’s official website, Destiny developer Bungie has also released a number of new screenshots and trailers for the highly anticipated shooter. Naturally, these new goodies include a wealth of information about the game so hit the jump for a full breakdown.

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We might be getting ahead of ourselves, but it appears as if the first image of this year’s Call of Duty has answered a number of questions. For months now the Internet has been speculating whether or not Sledgehammer Games’ 2014 iteration of Call of Duty would feature people or badgers. If you recall, rumours regarding the prospect of militarised badgers snatching the starring role in this year’s CoD first started at last year’s EGX show in London. This first image of the game now leaves that rumour open to more fervent speculation: are these player characters, or are they enemy models that the badgers will be mauling?

It has also been confirmed that chin straps will form an integral part in soldier equipment. For years now the Call of Duty franchise has featured a wealth of historically accurate chin straps. However, it appears as if Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty will allow players to choose between the tried and tested chin-strap-and-helmet combo, or the more casual soldier beanie, which simultaneously imbues the player character with an air of roguishness and tendency to give safety concerns the finger. There have also been rumours of more powerful chin straps becoming available via Killstreak perks.

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BioShock Infinite didn’t win very many awards for outstanding gameplay; it was a pretty generic first-person shooter that played it safe and didn’t stray too far from the BioShock formula. It did, however, perfect the AI companion. We all hate AI companions, but Irrational Games went out of their way to ensure that Elizabeth would be highlighted as the quintessential AI companion for years to come.

She did, however, go through a bunch of visual changes over the development period. Website IGN has just shared a video detailing the evolution of Elizabeth, who originally started out as a much older, mute woman who could control the weather. Nobody has seen that Elizabeth before; she was simply referred to as the “Gibson Girl” back then.

Additionally, a Reddit thread has shared a neat evolution picture, part of which you can see above in the header image. Full picture and evolution video after the jump.

Booker, catch!

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Fo’ shizzle in the whizzle my nizzle. Yeah, I don’t know, I heard that somewhere. First the Predator and now this: everyone’s favourite pot-smoking, fake-word-making, name changing rapper (or is he a hip hop artist? I can’t keep up) Snoop Dogg is coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts. He’s coming as a new announcer via a DLC pack for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Yes, Snoop Dogg as a Call of Duty: Ghosts announcer. So basically he’ll be saying stuff like: “Ballistic vest ready; those are some fine-ass threads,” and “you got dat spitfire drone ready.” I’m not sure whether this makes the game infinitely more appealing, or a little more depressing.

All the lines that Snoop Dogg has been recording with Infinity Ward were scripted by the developer. The DLC will be out on Xbox LIVE on 22 April. It’ll presumably hit other platforms shortly after that. You dig? (I’m pulling a “West Side” hand gesture right now – that’s still relevant, right?) Trailer after the jump.

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Editor’s note: Seeing as this review concerns a piece of DLC, it may contain things that could be considered spoiler-ish. If you haven’t played Infinite or the first Burial at Sea episode, perhaps go do that before reading this review.

While BioShock Infinite was a stellar game that whetted our appetites for more, the first two eagerly-awaited DLCs were a bit of a let-down. Clash in the Clouds was an ill-conceived attempt to bring some Horde-style gameplay into the world of Columbia, but the less said about it the better, especially when one considers the fact that the combat was one of the very few criticisms against Infinite. Burial at Sea Episode 1 was a far better and more ambitious attempt to reunite us with Booker and Elizabeth, but the short length, uneven gameplay and unresolved ending left many fans wanting. Luckily for us, the third time’s a charm, as the latest installment in the Burial at Sea sub-series is a satisfying conclusion to everyone’s favorite story-driven FPS.

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borderlands the pre-sequel header

Ask any of my friends what my favourite shooter is and they’ll tell you it’s the Borderlands series. The combination of witty one-liners, imaginative worlds, hilarious and sometimes dastardly villians, a cartoony aesthetic and an open world is pretty addictive and I’ve put more hours into both Borderlands games and their respective content packs than I have in Gran Turismo 5 and 6 combined. Gearbox has now announced another chapter in the Borderlands universe and this time it puts you on Pandora’s moon, Elpis.

And you can also play as Claptrap. With guns. And there are possibly no stairs. If there are stairs I’d like to see Gearbox talk their way out of that plot-related conundrum should they elect to make Claptrap able to climb stairs.

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Yesterday, some leaked internal factsheets from developer 4A Games’ studio found their way online. Those two images contained information (in Italian) about a Metro Redux, which is described as a current-gen (i.e. PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) collection of Metro titles bundled together. According to the leaked documents, Metro Redux would bundle Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light, as well as DLC.

Ordinarily companies respond to these sorts of leaks with “we do not comment on rumours and blah blah blah”, but Metro’s publisher, Deep Silver, has decided to throw caution to the wind and acknowledge that there is something coming up for Metro fans.

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If ever you were in doubt as to Call of Duty’s target market, then allow this latest trailer to remind you. Upcoming multiplayer DLC “Devastation” has been detailed in a bro-tastic new trailer featuring Eminem, liberal f-bombs and plenty of slooooooooow motion to maximise the bro-ness. Also, there’s a Predator towards the end, which at least solves last week’s rumours as to whether the DLC would feature Arnie’s arch nemesis in some sort of bizarre cross-over.

Devastation is the second helping of brawesome DLC for last year’s rather disappointing Call of Duty: Ghosts. The pack adds four new bro-maps: Behemoth, Collision, Ruins and Unearthed. It also adds another chapter of four-player co-op missions in the alien-themed Extinction mode. There are new beasties on display including the rather gargantuan Kraken.

There’s not much information as to how the Predator will be involved. Hopefully he’s AI controlled and just pops up during levels to stab random bros in the face before skinning them and hanging their corpses upside-down for some other bro to find. Yeah, that’d at least add something new to the Call of Duty franchise. But seriously, you need to check out this fratboytastic trailer after the jump; I’m not sure if it’s serious or if it’s being deliberately ironic. NSFW lyrics so crank that volume down, yo.

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Would it be crazy if I wrote that there is a South African game development studio that has cumulatively sold over one million games? Probably. It’d probably be even more insane if I told you their most successful game was based around sharks battling spear gun-wielding scuba divers, right? Definitely. What if I said they were from Durban? Oh… actually that makes perfect sense.

Lighthouse Games Studio is another of South Africa’s underground game industry success stories and they’re hoping to bring their most popular Xbox LIVE game Shark Attack Deathmatch to PC with the help of Steam Greenlight.

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Online gaming is no stranger to hacks and cheats that give players an advantage. Aimbots and wallhacks aid those people who have allowed their obsession with winning to engulf their honest participation in online gaming. But banhammers are so last-gen. There’s a new way to deal with those unscrupulous mouth-breathers who muck up online games due to cheating: lump them all in the same boat so that they can only play with their cheating, mouth-breathing brethren. Those people are scum, and they deserve each other.

Respawn is doing just that, and it’s all gotten underway on the PC version of Titanfall. They’ve done this by enabling Gameblock’s “Fair Fight” system of server-side tools to monitor player behaviour. It’s rather clever: Fair Fight monitors players’ actions and compares those actions to a set of statiscitally derived markers of legitimate player activities. If the player’s activities differ too much from the statiscial norm, then that player is earmarked as using hacks and cheats.

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