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Titanfall was playable at Gamescom this year, and after hearing about all the praise it received at E3, I knew that I had to get my hands on the game and have a chat with someone on the team – producer Drew McCoy, in this case. If you’re not familiar with how Titanfall works, it’s a multiplayer-focused game in which players can join in either regular online game modes like TDM, or play through a fixed, linear campaign with and against other players online. The game takes place in the distant future in which humans have travelled a great distance through space to reach the Frontier – a group of planets on which they’ll begin their lives anew. But all is not well in the Frontier; an industrialised military organisation known as the IMC has been displacing people in the effort to turn the planets into massive mining operations, and now the Militia has risen up to prevent this.

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last guardian

Greetings NAGgallians, and thanks for joining me for my very special 29th edition of This Week In Gaming. Why is the 29th special? Well, it isn’t, but maybe you shouldn’t be so nosy. This week was Gamescom, so for once the console-makers announcements of rounded buttons and rubber feet could be set aside for some actual sweet gaming news. Real announcements, teasers, new details, new videos and other stuff you’ll actually care about are all after the jump.

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The moment that EA announced the new C&C would be free-to-play, interest for the game took a dive. We all sat around the office grimacing at each other. It was a sad day, and that’s been the general feeling from most people I spoke to. With that in mind, you can understand that I was a little hesitant going in to the hands-on session at Gamescom, but now, after doing so, and speaking to Victory Games’ general manager Jon Van Caneghem, I’m actually rather looking forward to this game.

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hotline miami gamescom header

I guess game devs must get super bored of being asked the same obvious questions over and over, and when thousands of people are walking past a booth every minute, it probably just makes sense to preempt any more of that. Over at Gamescom, Hotline Miami dev Dennaton Games has put up a sign of questions you shouldn’t ask, and you don’t want to know what happens if you do because, seriously, have you even played Hotline Miami? Bad things happen to people who ask the wrong questions.

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gamescom trailers header

Videonanza? Videozilla? Videopocalypse? Damn it, I should’ve gone with videopocalypse, but it’s too late now. Anyway, if you don’t like reading and skipped all our Gamescom articles because of the complicated words, hit the jump for a lot of videos instead.

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Yesterday, Tarryn posted a ton of new screenshots and information on Bungie’s upcoming massively- single-player-sometimes-multiplayer-online-first-person-shooter, Destiny. Also, I’m hereby coining a new game genre: the MSPSMOFPS, which I decree will be pronounced as “mis-pis-mo-fips”. It’s going to be huge; I’ll print T-shirts for rAge (not really).

Seeing as we’re on the interwebs right this moment, we may as well make use of all its new-fangled technology and add to yesterday’s text-and-static-pictures by sharing this new developer diary. It has moving pictures, with sounds and actual speaking. Snazzy, isn’t it?

This latest dev diary focuses on the world that Bungie has created. The team at Bungie wants a massive game world that entices the player to explore it either on their own or with friends. To that end, this diary also touches on some of the drop-in and drop-out multiplayer features and how the whole multiplayer portion will blend seamlessly with the single-player experience. I’ve got to admit, I’m getting ridiculously excited for this game.

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the sims 4 gamescom 2013 header

I love The Sims series. There, I said it, and it’s not just because I get to build houses with no doors and pools where the floors should be and move in a bunch of pregnant teens just to see what happens although that’s probably part of it. Okay, most of it, but scientific research is a totally legit reason to play a game and how else could I know that moving a bunch of pregnant teens into a house with no doors and pools where the floors should be is a bad idea? I mean, I know now but I had to put in a lot of hard work to find out. And they say games can’t teach you anything.

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During their pre-Gamescom press event, publisher Electronic Arts wowed attendees with some updates on Battlefield 4. That wowing was simultaneously met with some groans: you see, the new feature in which the level of destruction in multiplayer maps gets dialled up to 1 million is also unfortunately named “levolution”. It’s an awkward pun you see: “level evolution”. It’s terrible; somebody on DICE’s marketing teams deserves to be slapped for coming up with that.

The good news is that the dumb name is kind of easy to overlook once you see what they’re talking about in action. I remember seeing early glimpses of this level of destruction during a live gameplay presentation at E3. A whole skyscraper was brought down thanks to a bunch of tanks shooting out the building’s foundations. It was incredible, but the IMAX sized screen probably played a role in that.

Anyway, after the jump you can see Battlefield 4’s “levolution” in action. It really looks like it’ll add an exciting spin to multiplayer matches. I particularly like the idea of being able to flood entire city maps. You can read some more buzz-loaded words about levolution over on the official Battlefield 4 webpage.

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Fable Legends, announced during Microsoft’s Gamescom press event, is set hundreds of years before the first game. It’s also being designed with both feet very firmly planted in the multiplayer side of things. Four-player co-op is the focus, with a fifth player taking on the role of a villain via SmartGlass integration. It sounds really interesting and that reveal trailer certainly was rather lovely, wasn’t it?

The inevitable game comparisons arose when Microsoft unveiled Lionhead’s new baby. When people hear “four-player co-op” the go-to title of reference is Borderlands. It turns out that Fable Legends will be taking a leaf out of Gearbox’s book when it comes to characters.

You won’t be designing your own characters like you did in previous Fable games. Instead, you’ll have a selection of pre-defined characters to choose from, each with their own unique skill sets, personalities and voices. From the sounds of things you will be able to do some basic cosmetic customisation however (think beards, hair styles etc). There will also be more to choose from than the four heroes that made an appearance in the game’s debut trailer.

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destiny bungie gamescom header

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting all week for something, anything about Bungie’s co-op sci-fi blast-o-rama Destiny out of Gamescom and today – TODAY! – is the day. Are you ready, Guardians? There’s only a whole universe out there to save.

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