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Ubisoft’s “last-gen” Assassin’s Creed release for 2014 was originally only heading to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The final chapter in the Kenway trilogy has now been confirmed for PC as well. The game will hit the Glorious Master Race’s platform sometime in early 2015.

Ubisoft’s open-world racing simulator, The Crew, has been delayed to 02 December. That last sentence was pretty much just an expanded version of the headline, but thanks to the constraints of journalism, I’ve got to expand on things a bit. So, I guess this is where I tell you that the reason for the delay is because Ubisoft wants to run another closed beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This will allow them to get more player feedback and fine-tuning before launch. That second closed beta will start in November; if Ubisoft is feeling particularly mean they could make it 11 November… when the game was first supposed to launch.

Ah, it’s another classic coming of age story: a mum gives a young boy his grandfather’s credit card to help her buy ebooks on her tablet. Young boy ties the credit card details to his own iTunes account and proceeds to spend a RIDICULOUS amount of money on in-app purchases. Boy gets found out and claims that he didn’t know he was spending actual money. Kids!

Still, we’re pretty sure developer Machine Zone is chuffed with the little windfall of €37, 000.00 from their in-app purchases in Game of War: Fire Age. On a side note: is there a Shutterstock-equivalent for game names or something? Because Game of War: Fire Age sounds like it should’ve been generated by some online company like that.

Via: Kotaku

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard’s digital card battling game, has just hit 20 million players worldwide. That’s a pretty fast growth rate for a game that officially launched only six months ago. The announcement was made via the game’s official Twitter account: “Thank you all for joining us in Hearthstone,the Tweet read, “We’re going to need a bigger tavern!”

YouTube gaming celebrity Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has deactivated the comments sections on all of his videos going forward. The YouTuber, who has over 30 million subscribers, has released a five-minute video explaining his reasons for choosing to silence his audience. You can watch it here. The gist: there’s nothing but spam, self-advertisers and trolls in his comment sections, so he sees it as no great loss. He’s encouraging fans to contact him through Twitter and Reddit instead. Sign of the times insofar as Internet trolls and hate-speech is concerned, or “the next step in the right direction” as PewDiePie is calling it?

Via: Polygon

Originally penned for a 28 October release, Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed Unity will now release on 11 November in the US, and 13 November for us in South Africa. The two week delay gives the team time for some last minute polishing. The previous generation exclusive, Assassin’s Creed Rogue will launch on the same day.

Just a quick PSA for whichever Molyneux Faithfuls are left: the legendary developer’s latest (and much hyped) game Godus has been released on iPad. It’s a free download of about 85MB, but it has in-app purchases. Godus went through a successful Kickstarter campaign and around two years of development. The game was also integrally linked to Molyneux’s Curiosity experiment, which saw over 4 million people chip away 25 billion cubes over seven months. The person who chipped away the last cube (a Scottish chap called Bryan Henderson) now gets to be the one main god in Godus. Who know what that means for the newly released game; you can download it from the SA iTunes store right now to find out.

Crystal Dynamics’ top-down, downloadable action adventure Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris will be out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 09 December 2014. The sequel to 2010’s Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light brings four-player couch co-op to the game. No pricing has been released as yet.

Source: IGN

Just over a month ago, a modder (called TheWorse) located and reactivated a bunch of graphics settings that had been hidden inside the PC version of the Watch Dogs code. That resulted in said modder releasing a “mod” (really just a minor file tweak) so that all PC gamers could experience Watch Dogs the way it looked when it was first unveiled in 2012. This caused a bit of a scene and Ubisoft had to release an official statement. The graphics tweak stopped working shortly afterwards thanks to a Watch Dogs update. Good news then: TheWorse is back with a final build of the mod. It comes in two flavours: one with a built-in high-res texture pack (the work of a separate modder) and one without the texture pack. Grab the texture pack bundled option here (about 770MB) and the straight graphics mod option (about 125MB) here.

Source: TheWorse Blog

The first part of upcoming Hearthstone expansion “Curse of Naxxramas” will be available on 22 July 23 July (as pointed out by R4mzy in the comments below). We realise that that previous sentence was entirely superfluous considering the headline of this article. In fact, the rest of this article is pretty unnecessary as well. So, yeah. This is awkward. A three-headed monkey would be great right about now.



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