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Splatoon is beginning to look awesome. Yesterday, Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct presentation during which the 4-versus-4 multiplayer shooter was given a moment to shine. Said shining came via a new trailer, which you can find in all its ink-soaked, colourful, squid-ey glory after the jump.

The Wii U exclusive is out in “early 2015” and will also feature a single-player component for those who shun online interaction with actual people.

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Nintendo brought their A-game to rAge this year, and by far the star of the show has to be the dedicated set-up for Splatoon, their upcoming third-person squad-based ink-em-up. I got the opportunity to play a couple of matches over the course of the first day, curious as to how well the Wii U’s controls might translate when dealing with the precision required for a competitive team shooter.

You play an Inkling, a weird child-like… thing which can transform between a human- and squid-form. This transformation allows you to hide and quickly traverse the map through the ink you lay down (mounting obstacles and walls that would otherwise be impossible), and generally be a sneaky little blighter. Die from a well-aimed ink-shot or bomb, and it’s back to the spawn point.

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Nintendo cover

The Big N has really been having a good year so far. Sales are up, games are coming out, and the Princess is in the right castle. Hit the jump to see what Nintendo will be bringing to rAge 2014.

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Nintendo has just announced a new 3DS model in their latest Nintendo Direct video for Japan. The new 3DS — to be available in both a standard and XL version — will, according to the video, feature a more powerful system and additional control inputs.

Entitled the “New” 3DS and the “New” 3DS LL, the system now features two additional shoulder buttons and a small analogue stick that replicates the functionality of the Circle Pad Pro in miniature just above the face buttons. The face buttons themselves are coloured in a manner reminiscent of the original GameCube controller. The new model will also have a built-in Near Field Communications (NFC) reader for stock Amiibo support.

The system will have upgraded system specs, supposedly boasting a “beefier” CPU to deliver a better eShop and browsing experience. It’s also going to allow for more powerful titles on the system; it’s been announced in conjunction with a port of Wii darling Xenoblade Chronicles which is – unfortunately – exclusive to the new 3DS models.

Hit the jump for a gallery of the new system.

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Nintendo (like last year) did something a little different at E3 with their “Digital Event”, as they’re billing it. The pre-recorded press conference — presented by CEO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime — highlighted a number of new projects for the Wii U and the 3DS, along with several new games that are sure to be of interest to Nintendo fans.

Opening up with a Robot Chicken-inspired puppet sequence and then choreographed live-action fight between Reggie and Satoru Iwata (You know, just Nintendo’s president and CEO. In any other business, frowns all round, but not in video games. Because video games are awesome.), the video got right into the meat of Nintendo’s projects and reveals. I’ve listed these below with a basic summary of the points as they transpired during the course of the presentation; I’ve included each announcement’s handy HD trailer where available.

A lot of this is only appearing in 2015, which is unfortunate considering the beleaguered nature of the Wii U. Regardless, hit the jump for all the details.

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“Oh no he squidn’t,” you were probably ‘inking when you read that headline. But I ain’t fin-ished yet, because this here is a kraken-looking game an—

Okay, enough of that, but Splatoon — announced during Nintendo’s Digital Event for launch on the Wii U in 2015 — looks like an amazingly vibrant multiplayer experience that isn’t gritty soldier men shooting other gritty soldier men. Splatoon is a four-on-four team game in which you and your squidron (Okay, really, sorry, last one. I promise.) attempt to cover the various maps with your colour of ink: the victor being whoever has covered the most of the walkable surface area, although you can coat walls and such as well. This is where things get tricky, however: the ink itself has a secondary function as an alternative means of travel for your secondary form as a squid.

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What does the sound of millions of potential dollars being vacuumed up sound like? It probably sounds like Nintendo’s announced amiibo system: their own implementation of the toys-to-games model popularised by Skylanders. Launching with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in October of this year, the amiibo system utilises miniature figurines of well-known Nintendo characters with embedded tech to interface directly with the Wii U. By placing it on the appropriate position of the Wii U gamepad, players can transfer information between the Wii U system and the figurine.

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If you caught last night’s special E3 Nintendo Direct briefing, then you were probably spoilt for choice on what to get super excited about. Nintendo has pretty much smashed it out of the park for Wii U owners this year. One of the nicest surprises, however, was news that all copies of Bayonetta 2 will come with a copy of the original Bayonetta at absolutely no extra cost. You’re getting two games for the price of one. It makes a lot of sense considering Nintendo faithful never got to play the original Bayonetta. It also obviates any hesitation on behalf of newcomers to the series. Nintendo also announced that Bayonetta 2 will be out this October. Finally!


After years of insisting that the popular third-generation Pokémon games Ruby and Sapphire would not be remade (in the same vein as Fire Red / Leaf Green and Heart Gold / Soul Silver), Nintendo has finally announced restyled versions of the games. Titled Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the games are scheduled for release for the Nintendo 3DS in November 2014. Needless to say the Internet has erupted in waves of overflowing Poké-joy as many gamers have been clamouring for these remakes since the Heart Gold / Soul Silver releases in 2010.

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It looks like Nintendo is getting into the lucrative collectible figurine business. Just like Activision’s Skylanders and Disney’s Disney Infinity series, Nintendo is poised to release a line of games and collectible figurines that have been codenamed Nintendo Figurine Platform. Nintendo actually alluded to this prior to the release of the Wii U, when they revealed that the Game Pad would feature NFC technology that would allow physical figurines to be transported into games.

Speaking during an earnings briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the new line of figurines will be usable across multiple games that will be designed to accommodate the figurines. Consequently, you might buy a Mario figurine, which will then level-up as you play through various game titles, bringing stats and skill points from title to title.

The collectible gaming figurine market is a new but lucrative one. The Skylanders franchise had already accumulated $1.5 billion in total sales towards the end of 2013, and Disney Infinity, which has been out for little less than a year, has already raked in $500 million. Nintendo already has the technology to tap into this market built-in to every single Wii U on the planet, so creating a new line of toys and games seems like a no-brainer.

Via: Polygon
Header: Chris Kohler on Twitter


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