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One thing we’ve noticed over the last couple of years, is how the standard of cosplay has improved at each rAge. Last year’s was no exception, and thanks to the passion of hundreds of local cosplayers united under the creative banner of LegionINK, we have this awesome music video to show you.

This rAge 2013 cosplay compilation was put together by local YouTuber Kyle Goulden. He’s done a stellar job at capturing as much of the incredible cosplay as possible – and really, there was a ton of awesome cosplay last year.

You can find the video after the jump. It’s great at doing two things: 1) getting us really excited for rAge 2014 and 2) reminding us that the country we live in can be really geeky when we want to be. Good job all you local cosplayers; and Kyle deserves a super-flying-high-five for the effort that went into this video.

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Roxy's Quest

You could smell the tension in the air. Or maybe that was just the LANners.

Wow, what a weekend! Showing Roxy’s Quest at rAge was one of the most uplifting, exciting experiences of my life, and I’m glad that I was pushed to get the game done in time for the show.

We had some hiccups on the Friday; with the game being practically untested externally there were bound to be bugs and glitches, and boy did they come out. We had a few serious game-breaking bugs, but I worked my ass off that night to get them all fixed. Almost. I found myself putting out another build during the Saturday morning, but by 10am the game was running well. There were still a couple of issues that cropped up but there was only a single instance of the game outright crashing from that point on. I call that a success.

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A personal highlight of the rAge expo and one that I’ve looked forward to since last year’s one was trudging through the LAN area, looking for any awesome mods, old-school tech or just things that are completely insane  -and for the most part, I found that again this year. But more importantly, I also unearthed some information that correlates with my personal view of thc computer industry and, oddly enough, to the findings of the most recent NAG Magazine survey. Although I didn’t draw the same conclusions last year as the trends were only beginning to form, this year I was paying more attention to what I was actually seeing.

rage expo lan header

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deadpool rage 2013

A week or two ago I wrote a column about my advice for those going to rAge this year, despite the fact that I’ve never actually been myself.

Well, after spending the last three days at the Coca-Cola dome I’ve put that shameful title aside, and now consider myself an expert on the subject. Okay that may be a tad extreme, but modesty clearly isn’t in my wheelhouse.

Coming in to rAge with an open mind and not knowing what exactly to expect, I wanted to write my final rAge article on what I took away from the experience.

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league of legends roccat

I hustled down to the Coca-Cola dome early this morning to beat the traffic and, more importantly, to catch the League of Legends finals happening at 9:30am.

Going in to the final there was a clear favourite; the Roccat team have not lost a game since… ever. Between last rAge and this one leading up to the finals, the unstoppable squad hadn’t dropped a single game.

Challenger Leash.LoL.DGC had quite the mammoth task on their hands, and a perfect undefeated record has to be intimidating.

Not exactly impossible however, as yesterday we saw clear favourite PandaTank get swept 3-0 in the Starcraft 2 finals; which wasn’t the only upset of the weekend either.

So at 9:30 sharp I took my seat in the DGL’s Spectator Lounge, waiting to see if David could take down Goliath.

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south park stick of truth rage tag

One game I was really keen to get a closer look at rAge was South Park: The Stick of Truth, an RPG based on the series coming out this December for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Unfortunately, every time I headed over to the booth there was an impenetrable mass of rAge-goers who had the same idea as me.

With that in mind, I snuck in early this morning before the doors were opened to get a proper look at it. The game was strictly hands-off, but I got the full demo treatment from one of the Megarom crew who walked me through the gameplay.

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nag lan rage 2013 room

I’d heard much about the NAG LAN at rAge. Having never seen it in person, I found it difficult to sort through the myth, legend and folklore surrounding this mysterious event.

Some have said a noxious gas lies over the area, ready to kill anyone who had not built up the appropriate resistances. I’d heard tales of unheard of internet speeds, people lying unconscious on the floor, brightly coloured LEDs pulsating through the night and many other unimaginable sights contained inside.

I spent the first day watching from a distance, observing, learning. But today, I couldn’t put it off any longer; I had to see it for myself.

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“Penises are funny,” are the first words that come out of Richard Pieterse’s mouth at the start of our chat about his new pet project, Wang Commander. “I like making games that make people laugh and break ice and have a good time in social situations.”

Wang Commander is bordering on a social experiment rather than a game. Obviously there’s a game here to play, but part of what’s causing all the buzz about this indie title at rAge 2013 are the reactions from those who are playing it. I’ve been wondering around the show floor for two days now, and the buzz around Wang Commander is definitely there. Many people who have found themselves on the home_coded and MakeGamesSA indie stand have been overheard saying, “Did you play that Wang Commander game?”

Richard’s game certainly has some shock-tactics in there, but it’s an intelligent game that’s been made for a laugh. And laughing is definitely part of the experience; I played a four-player match with three complete strangers (two of them women) and our laughter and cheering was loud enough to drown out the Telkom booth’s PA system.

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xbox stand rage 2013

rAge on a Saturday is a totally different animal to the Friday experience. If Friday is a quiet, respectful dinner at your girlfriend’s parents house, Saturday is the all-night party you threw when they were out of town.

The LAN was fully underway, the hall was thick with people and the DGL intensity level was cranked up a few notches.

I fought my way through the masses to get my hands on the Xbox One, to see exactly what we’ll be missing out on here in South Africa for the next year or so.

The first game available when I arrived was Forza Motorsport 5, a serious-business racer that I hadn’t had a whole lot of experience with. What I was really interested in however was feeling that new controller.

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crowd watching dgl rage

When I walked into the DGL area this morning, there were a lot more empty chairs, but everything felt a lot more tense.

Clusters of people were grouped around players who were finishing their final playoff matches; hands over mouths, sombre faces, eyes glued to the screen.

The periods of strained silence were broken intermittently with shouts, cheers and high fives. The FPS crowd were by far the rowdiest, jumping out of their chairs and trashtalking their opponents after every round. The streaming room sat neglected as crowds formed behind the players themselves.

I didn’t fight through the morning traffic for the FPS though. I was there to watch the best Starcraft 2 players in South Africa duke it out for over R20K worth of prizes. And what a final it was.

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