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When Sega and Creative Assembly announced the “Nostromo Edition” content for everyone who pre-orders Alien: Isolation, the reaction was split between thrilled nostalgia and vehement loathing. The content itself is wonderful as it features returning cast members and a chunk of gameplay that people have wanted ever since the Alien franchise entered the gaming scene. The loathing came about thanks to the growing condemnation towards the industry obsession with pre-ordering.

At the end of the day, pre-ordering helps nobody other than publishers, so publishers try their damndest to entice gamers into parting with their money months before a title even ships.

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Sega and Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival horror, Alien Isolation will be out on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 7 October 2014. Considering the news dropped at the UK expo EGX Rezzed, it’s safe to assume that this is our local release date as well and not some earlier date for the American market.


Survival horror games are making somewhat of a comeback of late, and after the hideously disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines, there has never been a better time for a proper Alien survival horror game. That’s exactly what Creative Assembly is bringing us through publisher Sega, but from what’s been revealed so far, it appears as if the development team is taking the task very seriously.

Horror games are only as scary as the AI allows them to be. Considering there’s only one alien hunting you in Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly has been able to invest a lot of time into ensuring the alien’s AI keeps players on their toes. And they have to ensure that, because the entire game is essentially relying on this single alien’s AI. I would argue that the alien is, for Creative Assembly, the most important thing to get right.

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Sega and Creative Assembly have officially unveiled
Alien: Isolation. A lot of the rumoured details have obviously been confirmed, but a trailer and developer diary provide in-game footage and gameplay in addition to more information. Fans of the original Ridley Scott sci-fi horror, Alien, will likely be very excited by what has just been unveiled.

Players will indeed be taking on the role of Amanda Ripley – Ellen Ripley’s daughter. At the end of the first film, The Nostromo vessel self-destructed moments after Ellen Ripley escaped. Fifteen years later, Amanda goes out in search of what happened to her mother. This eventually leads her into an encounter with one of the Xenomorph aliens.

This is not a first-person shooter; this is a first-person horror survival game, so don’t think along the lines of previous Alien vs Predator games, but rather think Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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Back in October, website Siliconera uncovered a trademark filing for a new game called Alien: Isolation. The day after that, Kotaku released further alleged details with the disclaimer that the content thereof was more than six months old. Now, however, an Xbox Game Store listing (which has since been removed) has seemingly confirmed a number of details originally reported by Kotaku.

Alien: Isolation is indeed being developed by Sega’s The Creative Assembly – the team behind the Total War series. Players will take on the role of Ripley’s daughter Amanda, as she tries to piece together the reasons behind her mother’s disappearance. The events of the game are set 15 years after the events of the film Alien.

The listing described the game as “a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and immortal danger” and that players will be “confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien.” That last bit seems to confirm initial rumours that there will be only one Alien in the game. Online and offline co-op has been confirmed with the former supporting up to 4 players. To date there has been no official word from publisher Sega.

Via: Polygon


Sonic: Lost World released mid-October, which makes this one very tardy review. There are two good reasons for that: first of all, we like to think that the pool of NAG writers is an accurate microcosm of the gaming industry’s audience. Consequently, the number of us who actually own Wii U consoles is minimal – that’s right, I went there. Second of all, those of us who do have access to Wii U hardware were tied up reviewing other things and attempting to meet magazine deadlines, which obviously left poor old Sonic: Lost World on the backburner for a good few weeks. Fret not, because we have finally stretched Sonic’s legs.

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You can file this story under “E” for Equal Parts Interesting and Depressing. During yesterday’s London Games Conference, developer Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson gave a presentation in which he discussed the issue of piracy and Football Manager 2013. According to Jacobson, the game was illegally downloaded 10.1 million times. China was the biggest culprit accounting for 3.2 million of the downloads; Turkey came in next with just over 1 million downloads; Portugal was responsible for 781, 785 illegal downloads; and Italy accounted for 547,000 downloads. Oh, and one person pirated the game in the Vatican – so much for “thou shalt not steal”.

The game was released on 02 November 2012. By 12 May 2013, the game had been cracked. Once cracked, sales of the game plummeted. Jacobson and his team, however, had embedded code in the game that sent user IPs and information back to them in the event of a cracked executable being launched.

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So Steam is having a Halloween sale at the moment. I’m sure we’re all surprised by this completely unexpected bonanza, whatever, moving on.

Hidden in the list of discounted horror titles is a gem that SEGA snuck in on the sly, following their tried-and-tested PR strategy of not advertising their best titles at all and putting all the marketing budget into the Sonic pit. I’m talking, of course, about their newly released The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, in which you kill zombies with switchblades, rail guns and UNICORNS.

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Yesterday, news of a trademark filing for a new Alien game was revealed by website Siliconera. Today, Kotaku has added more information from an anonymous source said to be working on the game. The caveat: Kotaku heard this information from this source about six months ago, which means that a lot could have changed since then.

Alien: Isolation is being developed by Creative Assembly – them of Total War fame. The game is an FPS that stars Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. The character of Amanda is mentioned during the special edition of the Aliens movie, but aside from a photograph, we never actually meet her in the films.

According to Kotaku’s source, publisher Sega was pissed about the reception of Gearbox and TimeGate’s Aliens: Colonial Marines and as a result they’re approaching Isolation very carefully. The game is apparently inspired by titles like Dishonored and BioShock. There will be an emphasis on stealth as well as horror elements.

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Sega has purchased the bankrupt Index Corp. – parent company of publisher/developer Atlus. This means Sega now owns the rights to titles like Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and the more recent Dragon’s Crown.

The bid is valued at ¥14 billion, or about R13.8 billion. Sega aims to utilise the acquired IPs to facilitate a “revenue growth for the PC Online Game Business and Content Business for Smart Devices,” which translates to free-to-play games for PC and mobile devices. They also intend to utilise the IPs for pachinko machines in Japan.

This is the second major auction purchase that Sega has made this year. In January, the company acquired Relic and the Company of Heroes IP from the dying THQ. Seems the cavernous maw of Sega knows no satiation.

Via: Eurogamer


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