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From Software’s Bloodborne looks so cheerful! It’s definitely the kind of game that I’m going to be playing to unwind after a long day at work. All that colour, casual gameplay, and the collection of cuddly characters are a sure-fire way to relax. Nope, nothing oppressive here at all. Wonderful family fun.

Here’s the latest trailer for Bloodborne courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show. It shows off numerous new environments and offers a glimpse of the so far undisclosed multiplayer elements. Good golly but it’s all looking impressive and tempting. That being said, I’m reluctant to get too excited considering my appalling time with Dark Souls. Tarryn recently got to play the game at Gamescom; we share similar feelings towards From Software’s previous titles, but she came away genuinely excited for Bloodborne.

Further good news: the game has a release date of 6 February 2015. That’s the US date so we’ll update with our one as soon as we can. A Collector’s Edition has also been announced; it includes a Steelbook case, the soundtrack and an art book. Hit the hump for the new trailer.

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Remember PlayStation Home? I’m sure about seven of you will, but for those who have no clue: it’s Sony’s attempt to create an online virtual lifestyle system kind of like Second Life, just without all the weird stuff that makes Second Life so intriguing.

PlayStation Home is free to anyone who owns a PlayStation 3 console, as signing up for the PlayStation Network automatically gets you a PlayStation Home account. What exactly you do in PlayStation Home is open for speculation because I think I spent about 15 minutes with it before uttering an audible “¿qué?” and nuking it from orbit. (High-fives for mashing together an obscure Aliens reference with Fawlty Towers. I’m here all week.)

Anyway, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has seen fit to end the long-running oddity; it began a beta version in 2008. As of March 2015, the service will end in Japan and other Asia territories. The rest of the world (i.e. Western territories) will get to continue WTF-ing as PlayStation Home will live on in Europe and the US. That being said, Sony might decide to take the old gal out back for Western territories as well. Maybe they should; just put it out of its misery.

Source: SCEJ
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You can file this one under “H” for “Holy crap this is stupid”. A Californian bloke called Douglas Ladore has filed a class action lawsuit against Sony, stating that Killzone: Shadow Fall had “deceptive marketing” insofar as its graphics are concerned. Ladore is alleging that Sony’s claim that the game runs at native 1080p is false, when the multiplayer portion of the game actually uses a technique that upscales the resolution from 960×1080 as opposed to 1920×1080.

The reason the multiplayer portion of Killzone: Shadow Fall does this is in order to output a higher frames per second count. The single-player portion runs in native 1080p, but at a variable frame rate. As any hardcore online shooter fan will tell you, a higher frame rate is all important. Developer Guerrilla Games employed some very clever programing in order to pull this off in the multiplayer portion; you can read about it over on Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry piece.

Clearly smelling a quick buck, Ladore’s class action lawsuit was filed with attorney firm Edelson PC. That firm is no stranger to gaming industry lawsuits and is responsible for several in the past against EA, Sony, and Gearbox for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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While we were all sleeping, some very fortunate people in Santa Monica got to attend a live performance of scenes from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. With The Last of us: Remastered Edition releasing on PlayStation 4 this Friday, the game is once again at the forefront of the industry’s hype machines. This live performance, entitled The Las of Us: One Night Live, couldn’t have happened at a better time.

The gist of the show is this: writers and directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley rounded up the game’s musicians and voice actors to perform iconic scenes from the game live on stage. The evening was billed as an experiment, which turned out to be a huge success.

You can find a recording of the show after the jump; it starts around 30 minutes in. If you haven’t played The Last of Us (perhaps you’re picking up the Remastered Edition on Friday) then I strongly recommend you DON’T watch this until you’ve played through at least once. Spoilers ahead.

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Housemarque’s wonderfully addictive shoot ‘em up Resogun is a firm favourite to many a PlayStation 4 owner. The heady mix of tough-as-nails gameplay with super-explodey-voxels makes for a compelling gaming experience, and if you haven’t already tried it out, we thoroughly (thoroughly) recommend you fix that.

We’ve known for some time that Housemarque is bringing more content to the game in form of DLC, but helper team XDEV Studio Europe has unveiled a nice addition that’s hit the game via a title update: a ship editor.

Apparently being able to design your own custom ship has been one of the most requested additions to the game. Housemarque and XDEV listened, and now you can build your own pew-pew machine (complete with custom weapon, agility and defence stats) via the in-game editor. “This really is a massive addition to the game,” XDEV’s Ian Pickles said on the PlayStation Blog, “and one that is going to stir up the competition. Being able to tweak ship attributes means the game is tactically deeper and there are tons of new tricks to make that high score bigger. If you can think of anything better than saving the last humans while piloting a flying ninja unicorn ship then I’d like to hear about it.”

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As previously live-blogged by the valiant and now-slumbering Wesley, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, announced From Software’s latest PS4-exclusive IP Bloodborne at Sony’s E3 press conference.

Grainy screenshots of the previously codenamed Project Beast appeared a few weeks ago on the Internet, fueling speculation amongst gamers and more than a small degree of scepticism. Originally shown at the press conference, you can watch the official trailer below. Set in the brooding city of Yharnam, which is caught in the throes of a plague that has left the streets empty save for roving hoards of the afflicted, you’ll play part in uncovering its origin and reason. It gives off an air of Victorian horror, and reminds me of a much, much older title that was released before the Age of Men (circa the ’90s).

Vault the jump to see the trailer in all its glory.

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Sony has lifted Uncharted 4’s skirt a little more during their pre-E3 press event in Los Angeles. First teased on the eve of the PlayStation 4’s launch, Uncharted 4 didn’t seem as if it was going to star series protagonist Nathan Drake. Diehard Drake fans can now rest easy, as judging from this new trailer for the game, our lovable rogue is back.

Uncharted 4 has been subtitled A Thief’s End, and it’ll be out on PlayStation 4 sometime during 2015. The trailer that was shown off during Sony’s press event was captured entirely on a PlayStation 4 console. The Uncharted games have always been incredible in the visuals department, and Uncharted 4 looks to continue that tradition.

In A Thief’s End, Nathan Drake is quite a bit older. He’s forced out of retirement for one last job in order to save the one he loves. According to the trailer’s description on YouTube: “With the stakes much more personal, Drake embarks on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure.” You can find the trailer after the jump.

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Want to watch a gathering of dapper gents shoot each other in the face? Don’t have access to Sky News? You could do worse than load up this new footage for The Order: 1886.

The gameplay footage — captured from Sony’s Twitch live-stream of the game by GamesHQMedia — shows The Side-Burn Squad taking heavy fire and subsequently having to rescue one of their own in a London slum.

I’ve not followed much of the news around The Order: 1886, so I was surprised (in a pleasant way) by its dour tone, but Internet pixel-hunters are already raising concerns about a perceived reduction in visual quality, highlighting discrepancies between the original build and the new footage being shown. It’s an increasingly brazen trend with modern games, and I have to wonder about the role of gaming’s media in covering show trailers and “sizzle reels” without the necessary caveats fastened firmly to their front. Regardless, watch the gameplay footage after the jump.

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Michael Knowland, the lead character artist for The Last of Us, has left Naughty Dog adding to the growing list of top level departures. Knowland had been with Naughty Dog since October 2011.

Over the last few months, Naught Dog has seen three top tier employees hand in their notice.  In March of this year, Amy Hennig, the creative director and lead writer on upcoming Uncharted 4, left to join Visceral Games. She was followed soon afterwards by Uncharted 4’s game director Justin Richmond. Earlier this month, Nate Wells left Naughty Dog to join Giant Sparrow; Wells filled the position of lead artist on The Last of Us.

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Being somewhat new to this whole PlayStation Plus thing, the approach of a new month is beginning to feel a little like Christmas. I’m assuming that feeling wears off after a while.

New month means new “free” games via the Instant Game Collection, and while May’s pickings are a little slim for PlayStation 4 owners, there are some gems for PlayStation 3, such as Sony Japan’s wonderful Puppeteer. In all likelihood, many of you didn’t pick up Puppeteer when it released late last year, so now is your chance to give the game a go. I thoroughly recommend it; it’s quirky, undeniably creative and very often hilarious even if the gameplay isn’t exactly mind-blowing. Considering it’s yours for free for the month of May, you’ve got nothing to lose so check it out.

For PlayStation 4 owners it’s another indie title heading your way with the decidedly offbeat Stick it to the Man. Payday 2 is a second title heading to PlayStation 3, and Muramasa Rebirth as well as Everybody’s Golf round off the offering for May on PlayStation Vita.

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