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Just over a month ago, a modder (called TheWorse) located and reactivated a bunch of graphics settings that had been hidden inside the PC version of the Watch Dogs code. That resulted in said modder releasing a “mod” (really just a minor file tweak) so that all PC gamers could experience Watch Dogs the way it looked when it was first unveiled in 2012. This caused a bit of a scene and Ubisoft had to release an official statement. The graphics tweak stopped working shortly afterwards thanks to a Watch Dogs update. Good news then: TheWorse is back with a final build of the mod. It comes in two flavours: one with a built-in high-res texture pack (the work of a separate modder) and one without the texture pack. Grab the texture pack bundled option here (about 770MB) and the straight graphics mod option (about 125MB) here.

Source: TheWorse Blog


Yesterday, 14 July, was Bastille Day in France. It’s the day that marks both the start of the French Revolution in 1789 (when French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille) as well as the moment that the French people became unified a year later in what’s referred to as the Fête de la Fédération. It’s an important date in the French calendar; it’s almost like America’s Independence Day on July 4th.

It’s no coincidence then that yesterday Ubisoft released a new trailer for upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The trailer features a lot of new footage, highlights of which include: the upgraded free-running system, some incredibly dense crowds, and the highly detailed Paris streets. As impressive as all of this looks, don’t forget that this is a Ubisoft trailer, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

This new trailer also has a voice-over by, presumably, the game’s leading character Arno. He does not sound French, which is a pity considering Ubisoft has been careful to voice their leading characters with the correct accents ever since Assassin’s Creed II’s Ezio. Hear it for yourself after the jump.

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One of the most competitive games in the local online Do Gaming League, TrackMania Nations Forever, has received a big bump in popularity thanks to top player Neil “CMaster” Cross compiling a video (which lies below the break) of the drivers’ efforts. The game is 100% free and anyone can join the league at any time and compete on both the technical (slower and more intricate) and speed (full throttle precision) maps that have been selected for that week. All finished times are recorded and results are collected and posted over on the DGL website. If you think you can compete with the speeds in the video below, get on to the DGL server and start setting some times.

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One of the new aspects coming to Assassin’s Creed Unity is the addition of drop-in-drop-out co-op. You and up to three friends can tackle portions of the game’s single-player together. To do that you’ll need a multiplayer avatar; sadly an avatar that you yourself will never actually play as considering you’ll always be the lead protagonist Arno Dorian. Whoever else you’re playing with online, however, will see your custom assassin avatar.

To presumably get people excited for the customisation options in Unity, Ubisoft has opened a new section to the Assassin’s Creed website that lets you create your own Unity assassin right now. You’ll be able to choose the colour and style of his upper torso clothing, pants, hood and weapon. Don’t forget to click the left and right arrows to see more options for whatever portion you’re customising; there are quite a few things to choose from.

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Earlier in the week, news hit that a modder had dug through the PC files for Watch Dogs and had found a way to reactivate a number of graphics options that Ubisoft had decided to hide. These graphics options essentially made the game look like it did when Ubisoft first showed it to the world in 2012. The fact that there was a recent online kerfuffle about visual downgrades prior to the game’s May release, only served to exacerbate the general reaction to this modder’s discovery.

Ubisoft has now officially responded to this discovery and has issued a statement on the matter. That statement directly addresses online speculation that Ubisoft purposefully gimped the PC version of the game. No mention, however, is made of the conjecture that Ubisoft did this to appease the console hardware manufacturers Sony and Microsoft.

Full statement after the jump.

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Over on the official Far Cry Facebook page, Ubisoft has posted the first image of player character Ajay Ghale. Much like Far Cry 3, players will take on the role of a predefined character taking part in a scripted, narrative shooter. Ghale will be voiced by Troy Baker, who is rapidly becoming the next Nolan North of video game voice actors. In Far Cry 4, Ghale is native to the fictional Himalayan region of Kyrat and has travelled back to his home to scatter his mother’s ashes. While doing so he becomes embroiled with the game’s primary antagonist, Pagan Min.

Far Cry 4 looks to continue the tradition of open-world exploration and over-the-top action in a gaming environment littered with all sorts of toys to play with. If you missed the recent E3 gameplay presentation then you can catch that up after the jump. A slightly larger version of this reveal image can also be found after the jump.

Far Cry 4 will be out this November on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Well now, this is certainly interesting. A modder, who goes by the name of TheWorse over on the Gurur3D forums, has been sifting through the files in the PC version of Watch Dogs. The self-proclaimed “obsessed” individual has managed to find, embedded in the game files, a number of graphical features that are not accessible via the game’s configuration screen. With enough fiddling, TheWorse managed to activate many of the game’s graphical effects that were shown off in the Watch Dogs debut back at E3 2012.

This is basically what’s happened: Ubisoft unveiled Watch Dogs to the masses during E3 2012; the game looked incredible; shortly before release it was revealed that the game had taken a considerable graphical downgrade on all platforms; this caused a bit of a stink; Ubisoft released the game but left in all the switched off graphical features in the PC version; less than three weeks after release, TheWorse comes along with his mod and makes the game look like it originally did back at E3 2012.

And yes, you can download TheWorse’s mod for use in your own game. You can also check it out in action after the jump.

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It almost feels like there needs to be an E3 controversy each year. This year Ubisoft has provided the vocal gaming public with something to critique. If you’ve been keeping up with the E3 news then I’m sure you’re aware of what I’m talking about: Ubisoft’s decision to cut female playable characters from the co-op portion of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Now, however, in a perfect example of poor timing and developer stumbles, Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson has revealed that his game almost allowed for a choice between male or female co-op partner avatars as well.

So that’s two of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises at this year’s E3 admitting that they had thought about but later cancelled the option to play as a female character in co-op. For both games the developers claimed that this was all down to limited resources and timing. Is that a good excuse or is it just another endemic phenomenon of the corporate status of AAA gaming titles?

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In case you missed their livestream, Ubisoft has released the seven-minute walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Set during the French Revolution, players take on the role of a new assassin called Arno Dorian – a young nobleman who gets into the spirit of la révolution and starts stabbing Templars in the face. Ubisoft says he’s “stealthier, deadlier and more ruthless than any before him”.

As you will see in the gameplay walkthrough, Unity has added a number of new features to the franchise. For a start, there’s now a dedicated Stealth mode, which means it’s now possible to sneak from cover to cover in order to entirely avoid confrontation until you reach your assassination target. Ubisoft has also added a downwards parkour system, which means you can now swing and wall-run your way to the bottom of buildings instead of always having to find a convenient haystack. Finally, combat has been made more difficult, and there’s been some allusions to a character levelling system before you can fight stronger enemies.

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The Crew header

The Crew is another open-world game from Ubisoft, but this time it has cars! You can even pretend you’re in the Cars universe, although I doubt you’ll be lucky enough to have Mater as your sidekick. Although it is going to be DLC-ridden and with a few microtransactions here and there, it might be saved by the fact that Ivory Tower is concentrating on the driving experience and it is illustrated very well in this E3 gameplay trailer. Hit the jump to check it out!

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