Hello! Welcome to our humble merchandise page.

So we know “The NAG Shop” is a bit of a misleading name for it, given that technically it’s maybe, perhaps, probably not actually a shop, digital or otherwise. But! At the same time, it is a portal through which you can access the means to get your hands on delicious NAG-flavoured goodies. And that totally counts as a shop. At least to us. And we love us. So there.

Below you’ll find a pair of PDFs beneath some (hopefully) eye-catching images, designed by designers who are paid in acorns and duck feathers to design things. The first is a subscription form that’ll get your hands wrapped around magazine-y goodness. The second is an order form for sexy NAG merch. Download them and you’ll find all the guidelines you need to reach an endpoint where you own many months’ worth of words on paper and/or a selection of lovely new toys. Good luck!

UPDATE: IT’S A REVOLUTION. You can now also order NAG merch online, via the power of Internets. Just follow this handy link, and all will be revealed.


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