TPB Review: Watchmen


It’s difficult to review Watchmen without resorting to “Just go out and buy it right now”, but keep those words on your mind at all times while reading this. Watchmen is the product of the legendary Andy Moore’s writing and Dave Gibbons’s artwork. Both are veterans in their fields and responsible for swiss replica watches titles such as V for Vendetta, From Hell, 2000AD and Green Lantern. watchmen01Originally published in 1986, the book follows the story of a group of superheroes in an alternate history (then contemporary) as they attempt to uncover the mystery behind a series of deaths within their own ranks, all while exploring the sordid history (and sometimes future) that brought the unlikely group together.

Moore’s detailed story is a masterpiece – his writing is evocative of pain and loss, bringing the reader directly in line with the mixed feelings of sorrow and hope throughout the book. Gibbons’s drawing is an extension of the writing, enhancing every frame with emotion and passion while still staying true to traditional ’80s comic book styles and palettes. If you’re still not sure whether you need to own this book, let me make it simple for you – just go out and buy it right now.

This article is a re-run from NAG Magazine October 2008.


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