Welcome to the new NAG Online

It’s been a long time coming (11 years to be precise) but it’s finally here – NAG Online is the place to catch up on the latest gaming reviews, discover new and incredible hardware and technology, and even learn a thing or two about making your very own games. We’ve put together a crack team of breitling replica watches writers from across the board, including NAG and SA Computer Magazine, to bring you the very best gaming content this side of the Internet.

As time moves on, expect content from all forms of entertainment: film and DVD reviews, graphic novels and comic books, anime and manga, trading card and board games, news updates, and even a few sneak peeks inside the sanctity of Castle NAG.

If you follow the ‘Links’ button on the navigation bar above this article, you’ll be able to access additional content such as the NAG cover gallery – a collection of our prized covers, salvaged and scanned from a time long past, from the very first issue in April 1998 to the present day, with new covers added as they hit the shelves. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, why not pay our forums a visit? For the Facebook users out there, click through to join the official NAG Facebook group and start chatting with other members of the community, as well as writers from our magazine.

Be sure to visit the site often; we’ll have new content on a regular basis, a massive feature article once a week, and plenty of competitions and hidden surprises to keep things interesting. We’ll also be providing a special preview of each new issue of NAG magazine before it’s available in stores. Feel free to sign up to the site so you can keep track of articles, post comments and take advantage of special offers coming at a later date. Please note that even if you have a forum account, you’ll need to re-register on the website in order to post comments.

We hope that you have a fantastic time and always find something of interest here at NAG Online. Building a website has certainly been an interesting experience for us, and is apparently not the exact science all those professional web designers claim it to be. Regardless, this marks the start of an exciting new journey for all of us at the magazine, and we’re proud to have you along for the ride.

-Geoff Burrows
Editor, NAG Online