Cape Town, the not-too-distant future. Corporate fascism is the ruling party, its self-interested protocols ruthlessly enforced by a corrupt police force, biotechnologically engineered dogs, restrictive socioeconomic mobility, and centrally-controlled 200-volt defuser discharges from your government-issue cellphone (Our Prerogative, Your Nervous System!). Meanwhile, out beyond the sunbed-dappled fringes of corporate privilege, a disenfranchised nation writhes choking on the indignity of it all. Think V for Vendetta, but with third world angst, an outrageously narcissistic trust-fund blogger, and a township soccer team with an insurrectionist agenda.

MoxylandThe prospect of reading South African literature typically fills me with a sort of mortal dread instilled by five years of terminally drab high school setwork novels. Who knew that, amongst all those tedious exile novels grasping desperately for relevance, or even just a decent story with swords and lasers and stuff, we had ourselves our very own, homegrown cyberpunk novel? Chuck out your prescribed copy of JM Coetzee’s snorefest Disgrace, and tell your English teacher you want to read Moxyland or you’ll shoot up your school. If all these years playing murder simulators has taught you one thing, it’s how to fire a spit ball out of a hollow biro.

The book is due for worldwide (re)release through Angry Robot on 25 June.

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