The Nazi Zombies are back! Call of Duty: World at War‘s first map pack is now available for download for PC, for free. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the map pack have been available since March, but PC gamers have had to patiently wait for the map pack while our console brethren have been blissfully shooting holes in the Undead in the new Nazi Zombie map, Verrückt (which means “crazy”). Sure, the console version isn’t free (it costs $9.99), but PC gamers have had to pay with the tears that we’ve cried over having to wait for the map pack…

Verruckt Image 4
Let’s start with the new multiplayer maps. Nightfire is set in Berlin, which has been ravaged by the evils of war. The map takes place at night and the only light is provided by the fires burning throughout. The map has many buildings to hide (read: camp) in, but the streets of the city provide plenty of room for close-quarter skirmishes and thrilling firefights. Beware of campers hiding in their hidey-holes: the limited light sources in Nightfire make it a haven for those who like to hide in the darkest recesses to get their kills. The second map, Knee Deep, takes place in the Pacific Theatre. Expect to see more of the jungle that is so prominent in the other Japanese maps featured in the game. This map also offers numerous places to hide, but at the same time there is limited visibility thanks to copious amounts of foliage, so sniping is nerfed. The final multiplayer map is Station, which (who would’ve guessed) takes place in a bombed-out subway station. This map is essentially one long firing lane that snipers will appreciate (although the debris can hurt visibility), but it has a lot of potential for some heated CTF matches.

Verruckt Image 2Right, let’s get down to what you’re all here for: Verrückt. Simply put – it’s amazing and greatly expands on what made the original zombie map, Nacht der Untoten, so popular and exciting. For those of you who don’t know, the Nazi Zombie mode in CoD: WaW sees players locked in a building which is being assaulted by horrendous numbers of Undead. Players have to keep the barricades on the windows repaired (along with some walls that the buggers can break through) while taking down the zombies. Players earn cash (or points) for rebuilding barricades that have been torn down, and for killing zombies. The money can be used to buy new weapons, open up new areas of the building, or to play the “magic box”, which essentially randomly picks a weapon that players can either take or leave in the box. The objective is to survive as many waves of zombies as possible, and the game is divided into rounds, with breaks in between during which players can restock their supplies. Players also have the ability to revive fallen teammates, but it takes time, leaving the person performing the heroics at risk. Occasionally, the zombies that are killed will drop power-ups in the form of a nuke (which obliterates any nearby zombies when it goes off), Double Points (players earn twice as much cash), Insta-Kill and Max Ammo (both of which are self-explanatory).

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