If you’re in the replica watches uk market for a netbook, chances are you’ve considered the most important aspects when shopping in this sector – portability and connectivity. After all, a netbook is little more than a glorified mobile Web browser that has office productivity abilities thrown in. It’s important, then, when you’re spending well into the upper end of this market (over R6000), that you get not just functionality in these two key aspects, but perhaps a little something to bring the device closer to the equally-priced entry-level laptops that rival it.


msi-wind-backIt’s clear that the MSI Wind U120H is top of the line. It sports a 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor with HT, 1GB of DDR2 533, a 10″ display capable of resolutions up to 1024×600 (which means its wide enough to view this website comfortably), and a 160GB hard drive. Along with the usual collection of extras – a webcam, 4-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth and wireless LAN, this model includes a built-in 3G HSDPA modem. Included in the package is a carry pouch and a small USB mouse. Our test unit also included a 6-cell battery


If you’re the type who’s looking to buy a netbook small and light enough to fit inside your briefcase or messenger bag, you’re looking in the right direction. Excluding the AC adaptor/charger, which is smaller and lighter than most other notebook chargers (although sadly, still ends up as a tangle of wires most of the time), the MSI Wind U120H weighs in at just over 1kg with the battery attached. Using the near-full size keyboard is very comfortable, and you’ll find yourself typing close to full speed in no time. Thanks to the extra real estate needed by the 10″ screen, the rest of the device follows suit without being bulky. While I found the touch pad to be a little too small and the built-in scroll-slider inconsistent in operation, it’s otherwise not too shabby. The screen itself is excellent, and you’ll find yourself comfortably reading text even while the machine is in a low-power-usage mode.

Unfortunately, and this may just be the case with the larger 6-cell battery, the Wind has the annoying habit of see-sawing with the slightest nudge to the screen thanks to the jutting-out battery underneath. While its not too much of a hassle when you’re idly browsing with it on your lap, it does become a pain during extended typing sessions at a desk, especially if you’ve got the screen tipped all the way back (approximately 60 degrees off the surface).

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