It’s no mystery that we at NAG have a passion for classic games – a passion that we’d like to share. For this reason, we’ll be introducing a section dedicated to reviewing the old-school titles that made us smile, cry, laugh or, occasionally, cringe – and let you know all about them.

Our first Retro Review will be up shortly. We invite you to share your experiences with the game, tell us about how much you loved or hated it, and what made it special for you.


I’d like to thank Good Old Games for providing us with a few games to kick off our Retro Reviews. We’ll continue to use GOG as a major source for our classic titles, as they’ve managed to secure a number of high-quality games that would otherwise have dropped off the face of the planet. Whenever you see the “Get it at” icon on a review, that means the game is available for purchase (or, occasionally, for free) from – just click on the icon and you’ll go directly to the product page.

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