You’ve dressed them up, styled their hair, and given them a swanky pair of sunglasses, but so far there’s been nowhere to go! The Xbox 360 avatars may be kind of cool, but they’ve been entirely useless so far aside from a few Xbox Live Arcade games that use them, and for showing off on your friend’s Friends List. All that is about to change: the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 lets you be yourself (or at least the idealized virtual recreation of yourself) in the game, jamming on stage with your friends and their avatars.


If you have a Nintendo Wii, the Guitar Hero 5 for your system will also support your big-eyed simulacra, which isn’t all that new since Guitar Hero: World Tour already supported the armless Mii avatars in the “Mii Freestyle” mode, which was cool since you could make a band with Hitler on drums, Darth Vader on bass and Jack Black on lead vocals.


PlayStation 3 owners, you’re out of luck. There are no plans to support Home avatars in the PS3 version of Guitar Hero 5, so that ten-Rand t-shirt you bought for your virtual you, ain’t going to rock out any time soon.

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