SLI could be a possibility on older Intel chipsets

Expreview's test results featuring SLI on an Intel socket 775 chipset
Expreview's test results featuring SLI on an Intel socket 775 chipset

Users who wished to make use of SLI on the socket 775 platform had no choice but to go for a Nvidia based chipsets like the 790i. While Nvidia chipsets worked for the most part, they were almost always inferior to their Intel counterparts. They ran hotter, and achieved lower FSBs when overclocking, however they had the ability to use two Nvidia graphics cards in SLI.

That is, until now. Firewings [CCG], a member of the Expreview forum community, managed to enable SLI on an Asus Maximus Formula motherboard, one which makes use of the Intel X38 chipset. While this is surprising to say the least, the SLI took place between a GeForce 8600GT and a GeForce GTX 260, two very different graphics cards, which will surprise even the most dedicated hardware enthusiasts. Expreview then conducted a test using software obtained from Firewings [CCG], and managed to replicate a similar result, SLI on a motherboard using an Intel based Maximus II Formula(a P45 board).

“We (Expreview) utilize 3DMark Vantage software to check out the performance, and it shows as P20483, which is very close to the SLI performance of dual GTX260.”

While many think this news has come too late, well after the release of Core i7, this will have some application for users who already own an X38/X48/P35/P45 motherboard, and feel the need to add a second Nvidia graphics to their system. While the software used for this is not currently available to the general public, and further testing is required to check for compatibility and stability, many will watch this with keen eyes.

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