Some very snoopy people have uncovered new trademarks recently filed by games publisher/behemoth EA. Trademarks for classic oldies like Populous, Wing Commander, Road Rash and Theme Park have resurfaced from the darkest pits of EA’s intellectual property collection. They have held these IPs for some time, but re-filing them hints at future sequels or possible remakes.

During the early-to-mid nineties, Electronic Arts went on a developer-absorbing rampage and acquired companies like Bullfrog and Origin, which essentially handed their intellectual properties over to the publishing giant for future use. With these recent trademark filings, that future use may be drawing closer. With the current nimiety of remakes and retro releases of old gaming classics, it appears as though EA wants in on the insatiable craving we gamers have for revisiting our oldies.  And that’s fine by me – a current-gen version of Wing Commander would be fantastic, not to mention a new Road Rash, an IP that has only seen the recent light of day as part of the EA Replay collection on the PSP.


Now imagine this cuddly face with current-gen tech!

Don’t forget that these are trademarks that have only just been filed, which means any possible games to come out of them are still a while away. Regardless, the vague rumbling of a revisit of some classic titles, no matter how far away, is welcome. Now all we need is for EA to trademark the Dune RTS series and gamers from the nineties can all shriek for joy in unison.

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