So we’re just sitting, chillin’, throwing back some brewskies while grinding a few more levels in Xenogears on the PSP while waiting for Trials HD to finish downloading on the Xbox 360, when we get an email from our good buddy Nathan Peters over at Raven Software:

Hey Miktar,
We met a while back at an international event at Raven back in February. I have a little news from Raven I wanted to pass along to you. One of our designers on Wolfenstein, Manveer Heir, is offering to pay for anyone’s copy of Wolfenstein if our game outsells Madden 10 this month.

Here are his original tweets:

“Here’s the deal folks: if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August I will personally pay for your copy (keep your receipt) – SPREAD THE WORD”
“And so everyone knows I’ll be using the NPD numbers to determine if we outsold Madden 10 – but anyone can be reimbursed worldwide”
“Rules clarification since I’m getting questions: Any platform, using NPD numbers, need a copy of your receipt, you must follow me on Twitter”
“Rules clarification continued: Limit one free copy per follower”

twitter.com/manveerheir & twitter.com/RavenHuginn

Hope you’re doing well!

So we did what any self-respecting journalist would do: we double-checked the email address it was sent from to see if we could figure out who just punked us. C’mon, this can’t be legit, can it? Seems it is. If you’re willing to put down the big ones to buy the new Wolfenstein game from Raven Software, Mr. Manveer Heir is willing to reimburse you for it on the condition that it outsells the American Football game, Madden 10, come the end of August.

Even with this carrot dangling in front of gamers, how likely is it that the Wolf can beat the Madden? Very unlikely. The Madden series on Xbox 360 is, in a word, insurmountable. Even so, if you’re going to end up buying the game anyway, may as well follow the relevant Twitter accounts and keep that receipt handy just in case. Even though Mr. Heir’s money is safe, what do you think about this kind of stunt? Do you think it’ll actually increase sales dramatically, or is it just mostly for the publicity?

UPDATE: We just got word from Raven Software that this offer has been withdrawn. “Word has come down that we can’t do it anymore so the designer’s offer is no longer standing”, says Nathan Peters from Raven Software. Bummer, we were really curious to see how it would turn out.