It’s GDC and GAMESCOM time in Cologne, Germany, folks. So grab a beer, don your lederhosen, and start eating pretzels, because you can expect a tonne of gaming news flying at you throughout this week.

Like this little gem: Sony is adding a digital reader to the PSP. That’s not cool news? Ok, try this as well: Ira Rubenstein (the Executive VP of Marvel Comics’ Global Digital Media Group – yeah, don’t worry, I had to Google him too) jumped up on stage at Sony’s press conference to tell the world that, together with Sony and the PSN, Marvel will be bringing their catalogue of comics to this newly announced digital reader. Rubenstein added that Marvel foresees this relationship with Sony becoming their most significant in terms of their Digital Media Group.


Pic from inside Sony's presser at the announcement

And why shouldn’t it? The idea of having hundreds of Marvel comics available at the press of an X button is exciting. The PSP digital reader and Marvel catalogue was announced for North America and the United Kingdom, but considering how up-to-date our local PSN store is, it is likely that this will hit South African shores as well. If not, well, when last did no local support ever stop an SA gamer? Exactly.

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