After it’s announcement over a year ago, Guild Wars 2 went silent. Not a sound was heard from inside ArenaNet, except perhaps some complaints at being forced by NCsoft to work on “fixing” Richard Garriott’s failed MMO, Tabula Rasa (and we all know how that turned out). Only a few days ago, a sound was heard, and it looked a little like this:


The Guild Wars 2 website has appeared. An official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account has appeared. On the Guild Wars 2 wiki, ArenaNet head-man Mike O’Brien has been hinting at a big reveal that’s supposed to happen sometime this week. He says:

I want to thank all our fans for their patience as we developed the game to the point where we can start talking about it publically [sic]. I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting this moment. You’ll soon understand how ambitious we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished during these past two years of development. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but from here on out we’ll be able to provide you with more regular updates.

Guild Wars 2 is going to be a huge leap beyond the original. We have the best team in the industry executing at the top of their game, and I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished so far. As I said last week, I’m confident that when you get your first look at what we’ve been working on, you’re going to love what you see. Stay tuned for an exciting week ahead.

Right now, the website only has that slick “I’m a dragon, but I’m also the number two!” image (that you can fiddle with), which will be replaced with some big reveal soon. Can you feel the anticipation? Touch the anticipation. Touch it!

In case you missed it somehow, Guild Wars is an MMO with no monthly fees and a heavy emphasis on teamwork. You party up with friends in central meeting areas, then adventure off into instantiated zones (so it’s just you and the monsters). Progression is more item-based than level-based, and ArenaNet makes their money by releasing additional Chapters that contains new continents, new spells and new classes. Guild Wars 2 will also forgo the monthly fee, and this time the world will be one big open persistent area to explore.

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