Welcome to the Weekend Distraction™, where we offer up the best in Flash games or videos or funny links or whatever, to help you while away the hours while waiting for that horrible time-waste called a weekend to be over. Everyone hates weekends, right? Two days of nothing but rest and relaxation, who needs it. Real Men™ can’t wait to get back to work on Monday, so that Life™ may have Meaning™ again!


First up is Max Damage, a Flash game in which you shoot cannon balls at a variety of objects so as to accrue high monetary values of damage. Attaining a maximum amount would, of course, be optimal. At its core, Max Damage is a solid concept: each level presents a new puzzle for you to solve with force, by shooting your limited number of cannon shots (using the mouse), in ways to make sure the objects that need to be damaged get damaged.


Cause enough damage (each level has its own damage par score), and you progress! Everything is full of physics, so the later levels get quite interesting as you knock things to knock other things to knock further things. Later levels introduce different kinds of cannon balls, like ones that bounce so you have to make hook-shots under or around things. Much like Red Faction: Guerilla, part of the fun of Max Damage is finding just the right place to apply force to make the whole structure topple down satisfyingly.


Max Damage has 49 levels, so that’s sure to keep you busy, and if that’s not enough, just stare at the smile on the little bugger’s face. Now that, is one happy guy. Play It Now™!


Your Viking buddies are trapped in ice! Help them, you fool! Ice Breaker and Ice Breaker 2: The Red Clan are real gems when it comes to innovative puzzle games that really deserve your attention. The premise is incredibly simple: using your mouse, drag a line to cut the ice and get the trapped Vikings inside to their leader on the boat, who will smash the ice with his hammer. It’s just that simple and a lot of fun, especially when things get a little trickier.


Later levels require you to think with a little physics, cutting ice to plug holes so that Vikings can slide across, or slicing ice hammers that swing so they knock Vikings into the boat. Each level brings something fresh to the formula, and it gets quite tricky later down the line but never impossible if you give it some thought. The game has a wonderful pixel-art artstyle and serious charm, so be sure to give it a look.


Ice Breaker has 40 levels, and you can try to do each level with fewer slices for a higher score. Later levels introduce little goblin hazards you have to consider as well, before sending your Viking on his merry way. We recommend you play the first game before moving on to its sequel, Ice Breaker 2: The Red Clan. So go on, give it a shot. Play It Now™!

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