Remember Commandos, the series of PC games from the late 90s where you controlled several commandos, utilizing their unique abilities to avoid detection and blow stuff up? No? You missed out, actually. It was tough, no doubt about it – enemies had a ‘sight cone’ that if you strayed into, you were dead – but the feeling of achievement from successfully navigating an enemy base full of bad guys, blowing up a weapon stockpile, and then making your getaway in a truck since your driver didn’t get shot, was a warm fuzzy glow rarely felt from today’s “press A to win” games.


(Screenshot from the original series)

Well, Commandos is making a comeback. Pyro Studios, the developer of the original series, has revealed that once they’re done with their current project, they’ll be returning to their WW2 strategy franchise. Pyro even goes so far as to admit that Strike Force, the last game in the series,  was “a mistake”, and that the new game will be closer to Commandos 2. Sweet.

UPDATE: Seems the original report was erroneous.

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