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Do you remember an old game called Tube from Bullfrog? Well, Run is a little like it, but not entirely.  The idea is simple enough – left and right arrow keys move you left and right, while spacebar makes you jump. Make it to the end of the level, you win! Levels get harder as you get further in, and you can even make/share/load custom levels. Oh, and touching a wall will flip your world, baby.


The game is by no means perfect, with some spotty collision detection and a hiccup now and then on older machines, but it’s still a good distraction, and if you’re a Kongregate member you can win some badges and a card for the Kongai card game. Worth a look if you’re a game developer, too – that old-school 3D trick the game uses is still kind of neat. Play It Now™!


‘This game is to discover a star covered in a stage’. It sounds Engrish, but it’s actually quite precise, for Hoshi Saga 3. Find the star to complete each level. Every level has its own internal logic and rules that you need to work out; sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s incredibly abstruse.


A few levels may tread the fine line between frustration and teasing, but the eventual answers have a forehead-slapping quality. Some are one-hit jokes and good-humoured pokes at what the obvious answers might be. Just remember, you’re not looking for a star in a stage – but a star covered by one. Play It Now™!


Shoot fire at things to make them burn. Burn all the things that need to burn and you profit! It’s the simplest form of distraction, kind of like playing miniature golf with a burning hamster, but better, since it’s Pyro II and you won’t go to jail for animal cruelty.


Try to beat levels in only one shot. It’s hard, but it’s possible. Don’t believe us? Who cares! We’re too distracted to care. Play It Now™!

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