Weekend Distraction™

Hello again! How are you? We missed you. You know we value your company, right? The deep, meaningful conversations we have. It’s always great talking about life, love, the universe and everything with you. Here, we baked you some flash games to play this weekend. Try the werewolf one. It’s delicious. Have you met Weekend Distraction™ yet? He’s been dying to meet you.


Meta is the new meta, it seems. Upgrade Complete has you upgrading, well, just about everything. You want better graphics? Upgrade it! You want the credits? Upgrade for it! It’s silly, yes, but kind of amusing in its own way, just like Achievement Unlocked and This Is The Only Level.


The gameplay portion of the game is very, very basic. You create a customized ship, upgrade the shooty bits and destroy some enemies that don’t even try to fight back. Earn gold, upgrade your ship (and the game), wash rinse repeat. Shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to finish the whole thing. But that’s just fine, because we’re all about distractions. Play It Now!™


Vox Populi, Vox Dei (A Werewolf Thriller) is a rare pleasure. If you look carefully, the game has a distinct Another World flavour with its single-screen puzzles, limited move-set, yet surprisingly animated sequences. We really, really recommend giving this one a try.


The plot, told in actions rather than words, involves you trying to save your girlfriend from the dominant species of the planet – werewolves. You can run, jump, and go invisible. Jumping into a werewolf makes you, well, leap on them and beat the living daylights out of them until their blood drips down the screen. It’s a bit of a puzzler, with areas requiring you to figure out how to get past the guards, or how to kill them without getting killed. It’s short, sadly, so we’re hoping for more episodes. Play It Now!™


Bunny Charm doesn’t sound like much, but it’s surprisingly fun while it lasts. How long it lasts, depends on your tolerance for tower-defence style games. In this instance, the mixer thrown in for diversity is that you’re the mobile turret wandering the level placing traps, shooting fingers and taking zones for points with which to ugprade your speed, firepower and firing rate. Play It Now!™


Yeah, we don’t get why fingers are attacking the thumb-sized rabbit either. There are a lot of things we don’t get, like why this guy has a machine that lets him punch people in the face from his crotch.


While you were distracted by that, we dressed you up in a children’s werewolf costume and made you run around in circles chasing your own tail for our amusement. You’re so cute.