Brutal censoring choice power!

Not only is the upcoming action-adventure Brutal Legend, well, brutal, but it also lets you decide on your preferred level of cussing and gore in an innovative way: by asking! Straight from the horse’s mouth over at Joystiq:

Tim Schafer showed us the opening cinematic for Brutal Legend at PAX, where they revealed the band that Jack Black’s Eddie Riggs roadies for: Kabbage Boy. It’s a band full of hipster d-bags (one guy wears a Phantom of the Opera half-mask) and they think they’re metal. The only problem is that they sound like every emo-alternaband out there, much to Eddie’s chagrin. Hopefully we’ll get to reveal who’s in the band soon, until then just let your speculation run wild.

All of that inside, the cinematic included a very novel way to select if you want to hear the super-cussin’ & swearin’ version of Brutal Legend, or go the sanitized and parental-safe route. Eddie notices one of the musicians crawling around on top of his behemoth-sized, Stonehenge-on-acid set (which Eddie has already been chastised for not tailoring to their “tween” audience), and is not happy. He spouts, “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you not to crawl around up there! I don’t know what the F…..”

And then the game freezes. A menu screen pops up and you have to choose if you want to hear naughty words or not, and when you resume he finishes the word appropriately. Much better than choosing from a menu screen, eh? There is another option-setting moment like this a bit later in the scene which was cut short, but we imagine it’ll have something to do with violence and blood spurts. Thanks for making even the settings fun, Double Fine.

BrutalLegendThat’s just so rad, right? Of course, if you’re going to play with your parents around, the choice will get made for you. Bummer dude. Time to move out, huh?