Feature: Lian Li case roundup

lian-li-logoIt’s not often that we receive such a wide variety of cases from a single manufacturer; however, this scenario is rather different. Lian Li is synonymous with excellent build quality and innovative features in the international market, and yet locally they seem somewhat underrepresented. This is due in part to two reasons, the first of which is cost. High quality PC cases carry a heavy premium in today’s market, and often just the sight of the price tag is enough to scare optimistic buyers away. The second reason is simple: Lian Li cases aren’t quite as striking as, say, their Raidmax or Aerocool competitors. The absence of side panel windows, fake chrome finishes, and lights everywhere from the from grill to the case fans, means that most would assume that these cases are for dull office work environments. Not so, not so at all.

What we have here is a roundup highlighting two cases from each of Lian Li’s target segments. We will start off at the low end with the smaller and often cheaper cases, and work our way upwards to enthusiast level. A point to take note of before starting the review: price does not scale with case segment in every example, but more on this a bit later.