Fan-made ‘Guard Dog’ for Team Fortress 2

If you didn’t know this fan-art mockup of the “Guard Dog” update for Team Fortress 2 wasn’t real, like us you’d be begging for the next patch. Team Fortress 2 forum posted Pyranodon crafted this magnificent tease with exquisite detail. Valve, the creators of Team Fortress 2, liked it so much they even sent him a letter of commendation that’s worth reading.


Pyranodon even created an entire set of hilarious Achievements for the fake class, as well as a few sets of weapons and an explanation of the “tracking” ability for the class. While the Guard Dog is far too overpowered for Team Fortress 2, not to mention people would object to shooting dogs, we think Valve would do well to give the Engineer class a robotic guard dog for protecting turrets or collecting scrap, or best of all, barking when a cloaked spy is nearby.